Prep Baseball Report

Seattle Preseason ID - Session 1: Preview

By: Isaiah Glidden
Staff Writer

This Saturday, Jan. 28th, the PBR Washington team is hosting the Seattle Preseason ID at the EL1 Sports facility in Puyallup, WA. This is an open event for all high school classes (2023-26), and gives our staff an ample look at the area's top players.

For a closer look at the showcase details and the technologies we'll have on-site to assist our in-person evaluation for all in attendance, click here. For a complete look at those registered to attend this event, view the most up-to-date version of the roster by clicking here.


Our staff is excited to be hosting the first-ever Seattle Preseason ID on Saturday, Jan. 28th. Our Preseason ID events serve as early identifiers for prosects before the high school season gets underway and they are also a way for prospects to earn invites to invite-only events, like the Future Games. With this being the innagural event in the area, there are a lot of 'new faces' making their PBR event debut, but there are also a handful of 'well-known' names that are set to make the trip to the EL1 Sports facility.

OF Nicholas Barac (Eastside Catholic, 2024) is an intriguing prospect who has caught our staff's attention previously and he is set to attend Saturday's event. Barac is an athletic ranked prospect in the state's '24 class as he is a sub-7 runner and has also recorded mid-90s max EVs, too.

Nicholas Barac (7/21/22)

MIF Quinn Burnham (Shorecrest, 2025) is another name who has impressed our staff before and he will be in attendance on Saturday. Burnham earned a spot in our 2025 rankings after a handful of impressive looks at him in the past and after a full offseason of training, we are excited to get an updated look at this young prospect. 

Perusing the event roster, we’re set to meet a large-majority of players who’ve not yet attended a PBR showcase, and we’re eager to add more names to our follow lists.


Because of the high number of prospects set to attend Saturday's event, it is imperative that you read our adjusted showcase itinerary below, which will allow our staff to swiftly and efficiently educate and evaluate the players set to attend.

Additionally, in an effort to continue and develop contactless check-in strategies, upon arrival, players will scan a QR Code with their smart phone camera that will lead them to a Google Form. On that Form, players will enter their name (matching the spelling on their PBR profile) and hit submit. Upon submission, players will be prompted to click a link that will direct them to their jersey color and number, located next to their registered name.



+ Infielders:

  • Check-in: 8:30 AM

+ Catchers and Pitchers-Only:

  • Check-in: 11:15 AM

+ Outfielders:

  • Check-in: 12:30 PM


Click here to learn more about our tech partners that have enhanced our players showcase experience. Partners like TrackMan, Vizual Edge, and Blast Motion have helped both our in-event evaluation process, as well the compilation of our post-event scouting reports – and they're also a tool for our players to learn more about their measured and collected data, that can be applied to improve upon their game. Finally, wear baseball clothes; assigned and numbered PBR jerseys will be provided.

Also, with this being the first-ever Seattle Preseason ID, we didn't expect the attention it would receive as it is currently sold out. With that being said, we did add another event to our winter calendar, the Seattle Preseason ID - Session 2, which will take place on Feb. 18th, at the same EL1 Sports facility.