Uncommitted '21 Seniors - NW Pre-Season Invite

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Earlier this year we hosted our 1st ever NW Pre-Season Invite at the Sports Hub down in Centralia, WA. The first day of the event featured 2021-2022 grads. 

Today we're spotlighting 8 uncommitted prospects in the senior class from the event. 

Showcases help identify which prospects have asserted themselves towards the top of their class as well as who might be one of the next youngsters to emerge onto the scene. They also serve as potential identifiers for invite-only events such as our Future Games and Junior Future Games

All of the data is hosted on a player's profile page. To see an individual player, click on their name in the list.

To see a full statistical release from the event of all prospects, click HERE

uncommitted '21 grads

NW Pre-Season Invite

Maximiliano Alvarado C / OF / O'Dea, WA / 2021

5-foot-10, 180 pounds with a lean frame and pound for pound strength. Similar set-up to our previous look, staying mostly tall with some slight bend on his backside. Short, subtle forward stride. Hands were more relaxed on this look & showed more rhythm prior to swing. Uses mostly an up-the-middle approach in BP but will flash lift to his pull-side. Posted solid rotational numbers on Blast, reinforcing his movements/sequence are dialed in and help him deliver the barrel efficiently. Defensively, remains an athletic receiver behind the plate & his quickness translates well to his actions. Fast, active hands on the exchange. Throwing motion stays tight into high ¾ release. Backside comes around after each throw. Solid footwork when recovering after a block or working to field a bunt.

Daniel Cypher C / 3B / Naches Valley , WA / 2021

6-foot, 185 pounds with a sloped upper half and proportional build. Sets up in the box with a narrow, bent stance and upright posture. Feet aligned towards pitcher. Barrel starts in a flat position resting on back shoulder. Shifts weight back with a knee-knock load and low leg lift. Hands adjust barrel angle prior to launching swing. Short, direct barrel path to the ball with a level finish thru contact. Keeps front leg strong/posted. Defensively, used a tall set-up for INF at 3B with weight on the balls of his feet. Keeps posture up while ranging laterally then drops hips to get down to the ball. Glove-tap exchange for rhythm as he gets into throwing motion. High ¾ release. At C, had a staggered stance with his lower half and angled his glove side toward the pitcher. Keeps flexion in glove hand while receiving. Tight, short arm action into a slightly higher release than we saw in the INF. Ball flight out of hand stayed true towards the bag.

Dominic Gray LHP / OF / Lake Stevens, WA / 2021

6-foot, 140 pounds with a wiry build and wide upper-half. Works from the 3rd base side of the rubber with some slight cross action in delivery. Stays tall on backside with an up-down-and-out leg lift. Stays back as hands break and he gets separation between his throwing arm and glove side. Arm action shows full extension with a continuous path into a very low ¾ release. Borderline side-arm. Whippy finish  out front. Stays upright and gets rotation around front leg at finish. Shows the natural ability to create significant movement with all of his offerings. Nothing out of hand is straight. FB has considerable sink/run with late tumble to his arm-side. Slider spins up to 2387 with up to 39 Bauer units, which indicates his breaking ball has well above average spin for its velocity. Has the chance to be an especially tough match-up for LHH.

William Linden 3B / 2B / University Preparatory Academy , WA / 2021

Compact build at at 5-foot-6, 165. Sturdy, developed lower half. Offensively starts with an open stance in his lower half with tall posture. Strides forward into a toe tap to get into a wider hitting base and close off his direction. Hands keep barrel angled upward with minimal movement prior to swing. Shows some quickness in his hands & moves very well thru his core. Barrel covers depth in the zone and finishes in a high, lofted position. Creates solid leverage for size. Defensively has short, quick footwork in the INF. Keeps a low center of gravity as he ranges laterally. Works to get around the ball then funnels in with some momentum working towards the target. Short levers in his upper half allow him to have an easy exchange into his arm action. High, over the top release. Throws with intent and has backside come thru on throws across the diamond.

Evan McCarrell C / 3B / Henry M. Jackson , WA / 2021

Strong bodied at 5-foot-8, 180 pounds with a mature frame. Showed off improved athleticism from our last look back in Sept. Ran well in the 60 while also taking a step forward on the defensive side of the ball. For the INF, moved with consistent, deliberate tempo at the hot corner. Starts tall pre-pitch with a wide lower half. Drops hips down to the ball while keeping torso upright as he receives ball in. Quick arm slot from ¾ release. Behind the dish, made a jump in arm strength and lowered pop time. Works below the ball while receiving and has some natural quickness getting out of the crouch. Hands exchange easily at chest height. Tight, compact arm action. Offensively we saw a similar set up with his slightly open stance and low leg lift. Timing/rhythm was more consistent on this look which allowed him to deliver the barrel on time and work to the middle of the field. Finishes with an uphill path after contact which should help him consistently elevate the ball.

Blake Tablazon SS / 2B / Lynnwood, WA / 2021

Lean and athletic at 5-foot-6, 150 pounds. Switch hitter at the plate. As a RHH, starts with flexion in back leg in an open stance before taking a low, controlled leg lift. Not as much lift on this look compared to what we saw in the fall. The lower forward move helps him land soft & maintain control of the barrel. Loose, whippy barrel into contact. Taller, more centered set-up from the left-side with direction towards pitcher. Hands use a short, compact load then work uphill into contact. Moves well in the INF defensively, showing confident pace and consistent body control. Gets to the stop in rhythm with the ball then works thru the play. Short levers allow him to funnel in easy then exchange into throwing motion. Bend arm action with a ¾ release point.

Kyle Tran 3B / 1B / Federal way , WA / 2021

6-foot, 190 with a sturdy lower half. Solid size and strength for a corner INF profile. Offensively, sets up with a balanced, open stance. Closes off direction with a low forward stride to get into a wide hitting base. Hands push back slightly below rear shoulder to create separation. Upper half stays quiet and lets barrel work quickly into the zone. Rotates well & creates bat speed easily. Head stays quiet throughout. Mostly gap-to-gap power but can lift to pull-side when he catches the ball out front. Defensively starts tall with a narrow base. Works forward with slower, deliberate pace prior to contact. Shows solid actions when working down to the ball and coming through the play, especially to his glove side. Keeps posture over the ball while funneling in. Feet stay active on the exchange into a short arm path and ¾ release.

Jaden Trombello RHP / OF / Prairie , WA / 2021

High waisted frame at 6-foot, 150 pounds and length throughout frame. Offensively starts slightly crouched with an open stance. Shifts weight back with a knee-knock load then gets into lengthy forward stride. Lands in wide hitting base with weight centered. Hands stay connected & keep barrel inside of the ball. Swing stays behind the ball and covers depth in the zone. Has some lift when he connects out front into a high, uphill finish. Defensively has strong carrying tools for the OF with his speed and arm strength. Shows both short, choppy footwork and longer strides when he needs to cover more ground. Comes thru the ball aggressively then uses a step behind shuffle to get momentum behind the throw. Long, full arm path with a high ¾ release. Loose arm action that produces true ball flight. On the mound, repeats his mechanics and maintains a consistent, steady tempo throughout. High leg lift at balance with a slight coil into his back hip. Hands come set just above shoulder height and upper half shows some inward rotation prior to hand break. Gets down the mound with intent and clean direction towards target. High glove side at separation but keeps shoulders level into landing. Same, long & continuous arm path that we saw in the OF. Braces up well with front leg and legs backside come thru after release.