Milwaukee Rising Stars ID: Takeaways

By Wisconsin Staff

On April 5, the PBR Wisconsin traveled to the MOSH Performance Center in Franklin, Wis., to host the annual Milwaukee Rising Stars ID event. This event featured prospects from the 2026 and 2027 graduating classes and has consistently provided our staff with the names of players to consider inviting to the PBR Junior Future Games where they’ll represent Team Wisconsin at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA., at the end of the summer.

Now, at the event's conclusion, our staff will begin to compile some of our takeaways from this event while also hitting on some of the day's stat leaders. Below you'll find which players popped to our scouts, as well as which prospects headlined our respective statistical categories.


+ OF Luke Schaning (Nathan Hale, 2026) was a physically advanced outfielder (Nathan Hale, 2026) in attendance. Schaning put together one of the more impressive performances all around at the event. He clocked a 7.41 60 yard dash which was the second highest mark of the day. From the outfield he threw 82mph from a high slot with strength and carry. He ranges well during his defensive round and showed athleticism, quickness, and some feel for adjusting to tough hops. What probably stood out most for Schaning was his advanced physical presence in the box. Working out of a crouched setup, and swinging with violence, he generated quality pop when he was synced up. Schaning provided high intent swings that can be difficult to find at these ages.

+ OF/RHP Cameron Carter (Arrowhead, 2026) is a lanky athlete listed at 6-foot-1, 145 pounds, and he moves with intent during baseball-specific moves. In the box, he set up wide with balance, made an up-down stride, and swung the bat with quickness and intent. The barrel lagged from inside, and produced high degrees of backspin. In the outfield, he generated a longer loop motion that travels tight to the body and works with downhill action to release. Carter looked athletic throughout the defensive portion, showcasing quickness in his highly projectable stature. His throws home topped 78 mph, but they carried to the target and project for considerably more as he matures. That arm projects well similarly from the mound, where he was up to 73.9 mph.

+ RHP Jonathan Urban (Wauwatosa West, 2026) demonstrated advanced feel for spin from a loose arm that projects as he’s obviously only just beginning to develop as a prospect; listed at 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. His ‘pen on Tuesday evening was among the most impressive we’ve seen across our Rising Stars ID events. There, Urban reached a 79.6 mph high while averaging a spin rate over 2300 rpm. And his ability to spin to different kinds of breaking balls effectively is a skill that’s already way beyond his years. Urban uses both a slider and curve that look a little different from each other – the slider is more aggressive, 67-70 mph, with sharp horizontal action that reached a max spin rate of 2408 rpm. The curve features slightly less spin, but greater vertical movement, and he spotted both pitches particularly well for a player his age, handling that kind of spin.

+ RHP/3B Dylan Jeske (Muskego, 2026) is a physical 5-foot-10, 160 pounds, with broad shoulders and advanced arm strength. Jeske’s fastball spins just under 2000 rpm, but it particularly projects, as it showed signs of authentic hop through the zone as he continues to mold his stature and strength, already reaching a 77.4 mph max. The fastball, 76-77 mph, averaged an induced vertical break (IVB) of 17.6 inches and also generated some natural arm-side action that flashed hard. He demonstrated offspeed feel for his age as well, with a 65-70 mph slider that swept sharply off a horizontal plane (2127 rpm on average); the changeup played off the fastball effectively, too, with some late sink/fade from a similar slot, 65-66 mph. In the box, Jeske set up wide and balanced with a soft upper and wiggle. He attacked with aggressive rotation and threw his hands through impact with some pop and consistency. On the defensive side, he threw 75mph across with a long loop, and some solid actions. 

+ SS/RHP Brayden Alivo (St. Thomas More, 2026) authored another one of the day’s top bullpens. Listed at 5-foot-8, 135 pounds, Alivo spins his fastball well (2,035 rpm max) for both its velocity (73-74 mph) and his age, so the pitch naturally projects. It, too, showed some carry/run characteristics and he was attacking the zone with it consistently. He showed repeat confidence in his changeup, as its sinking action that flashed late really added to the pitch’s deception, given its similarities to his fastball out of the hand and on its way to the plate. Alivo’s curveball feel is also above-average for his age; a short wrinkle type that spun at 1782 rpm on average on Tuesday. Alivo was one of the most polished and well rounded skillful players in attendance. In the box, he stood balanced with athletic rhythm, and and made tight rotational attacks to the baseball. He changed planes well, worked from inside to all pitches, and was short to impact. On the infield he had fundamental actions through the entire defensive segment. Fielding and throwing looking reliable and advanced for his age.  

+ C/RHP Dieter Pommer (West Bend West, 2026) looks like a two-way player to keep an eye on as he enter his high school years. From the mound, Pommer showed feel for three pitches, with a fastball up to 74.5 mph that spun at an average rate of 1945 rpm, with above-average vertical action that add to its projection. Pommer snapped off a couple sharp curveballs, 58-61 mph, that also project as he adds strength and continues to develop – his feel to land it in the zone was equally impressive. And he had a similar zone feel and confidence in his changeup, 62-65 mph. Pommer offers an interesting look as an advanced catcher for his age. He popped 2.20 down to second with a skillful appearance, and did this with 68 mph arm strength. From the box, Pommer stood tall in the box with a big drop to plant, and worked his swing from high to low through the zone. He spun balls to all fields with a flat path, and will offer more pop as he ages. 

+ SS/RHP Cruz Ramirez (Muskego, 2026) has a short, quick arm and budding athleticism to pay attention to on the mound. He reached a 73.6 mph high with the fastball that projects as a sinker-type, leaving a higher slot, creating some angle to home. He showed some feel to spin an aggressive curveball, too, in the 1900 rpm range, and his changeup was another quality one on the day, with sink/fade traits that work well alongside his fastball. Ramirez showcased skillfully in the field. Smooth actions around the diamond with a clean ¾ action that plays quick on the infield. From a fielding perspective, Ramirez showcased feel for footwork, momentum capture with direction, and easy actions overall. From the box, Ramirez worked tall with a toe tap and hit low flights to all fields with a tight swing. 

+ INF/RHP Van Vogler (Sun Prairie, 2026) has long levers in a wiry frame that projects over time, and the looseness he showed on the mound suggest a substantial velo uptick in his high school years. His fastball projects as a heavy, sinker type with large horizontal action for his age, sitting 72-73 mph on Tuesday. Vogler showed above average feel for hitting and hit low line drives from gap to gap. On the infield, he ranged well with athletic rhythm, and has some feel for the plays.