PBR at The Rock 13U/14U Championships: Scout Blog

By Wisconsin Staff

From June 4 to 6, the PBR Wisconsin staff headed back to The Rock Complex in Franklin to host the third annual PBR at The Rock 13U/14U Championships. Over 40 teams made the trip to southeast Wisconsin to participate in the tournament where they met our crew of scouts to perform in front of. We’ve taken the time to compile and share notes amongst our staff to produce the Scout Blog below, featuring nearly 100 of this past weekend’s standouts.

In case you missed any of our earlier coverage on this event, click on one of the following links spotlighting the highlights inside each day’s Quick Hits story: Day 1 and Day 2.

The written analysis provided below are scouting reports compiled from players who managed to stand out to our staff this past weekend, complete with links to their PBR player profiles.


Cangelosi Sparks

Nolan Ramoley, C/3B/RHP, 2026
5-foot-10, 160 pound right handed hitter. Athletic build with projectible frame and room to fill out. Wide base, slightly bent lower half in stance. Short stride, compact swing, uphill approach. Flashed power to all parts of the field, as he doubled three times in one game.

Cangelosi Sparks North

Luke Doyle, MIF, N/A (IL), 2026
Showed as an athletic middle infielder with shortstop traits. Defends low to the ground, smooth and rhythmic approach to ground balls creates efficient funnel, exchange, plays through release. Athletic, loose right-handed swing; follow name in IL’s 2026 class. 

Landon Thome, 3B, N/A (IL), 2026
A 5-foot-4, 122-pounds, left-handed hitter. Simple, balanced setup, hands resting on his shoulder, squared feet, controlled load to a short stride. Athletic hands, compact swing through the zone, whole field approach, fluid rhythm. 

Jeremy Thompson, 3B/RHP, N/A (IL) 2026
5-foot-10, 175 pounds; advanced frame, highly projectable combination of strength and athleticism. Durable/strong lower half, physicality. Right-handed hitter, athletic setup, balanced base, hands set head height, quiet pre-pitch, calm. Simple coil load, elbow raised, leg lift stride/hang to landing. Short, efficient bat path to the zone, compact swing, barrel stays long through the zone; inherent strength generates impactful batted-ball profile. Hitterish profile and a high-follow to emerge from the weekend’s action.

Oliver Thulin, RHP, Downers Grove North (IL), 2026
Thin, athletic frame; projects. On the mound, short, quick arm action from an over-the-top slot; balls jumps out of his hand, especially for his age, creating some carry and downhill tilt that was tough for opposing hitters to pick up. Velocity sat virtually 73-76 mph throughout the ballgame; also showed the early feel for a breaking ball, and the situations to use it in.

Chicago Elite

Luke Tingley, OF, N/A (IL), 2026
Athletic, high-waisted frame; lower half projects to add strength as he matures. Hit towards the top of the Chicago Elite lineup for a majority of the weekend and roamed the outfield, too. Balanced setup in the box, high hand setup with some pre-pitch action, short stride. Loose right-handed swing, levers extend and create whippy juice off the barrel. Hit a ground-rule double over at Franklin Field, a ballpark with professional dimensions, and he also drove several more hard-hit line drives throughout the weekend.

GRB Rays Green

Josh Manchester, CIF, Mount Horeb, 2026
5-foot-11, 125 pounds; lean and lanky levers, upside frame. Right-handed-hitting infielder; crouched/wide base, somewhat static pre-pitch, short leg lift. Compact swing through the zone, level plane, showed the ability to work the whole field; went 3-for-3 with a double on Saturday.

Cal Moreau, INF, N/A (WI), 2026
Lean, athletic right-handed infielder. Simple, balanced stance, working gap-to-gap with a level swing, went 2-for-3 with a double and two RBIs on Saturday.

Hitters Baseball Navy

Gabriel Ciralsky, OF, University School of Milwaukee, 2025
5-foot-8, 130 pounds; wiry left/left athlete, thin frame. Showed advanced actions in center field, glided under control on routes, demonstrated advanced foot speed both in the outfield and on the basepaths. Offensively, balanced/athletic base, hands set high, reverse toe-tap, coiled lower half load, quiet upper; hands set shoulder height in slight bar/wrap. Short and level bat path, spray profile, burst from the batter’s box. Athletic hands showcase some hand/eye skills.

Jake Cummins, SS, Janesville Craig, 2026
5-foot-5, 130 pounds; small frame, live athleticism. Showed as one of the weekend’s most advanced middle infield defenders, regardless of age/class. Made several plays to his backhand at shortstop with advanced actions; also ranged up the middle for athletic reach, spin, and throw ground ball play, while on target, to get the baserunner at first. Sure-handed funnel, fluid glove-to-hand exchange, efficient throughout with above-average carry on throws that he’ll grow into as he matures. Offensively, top-of-the-order profile; right-handed hitter, balanced base with a quiet/loose pre-pitch rhythm. Loose hands generate fast bat speed; showed a willingness to use the whole field, patient approach.

Cade Minatto, OF/RHP, Kenosha Indian Trail, 2026
5-foot-9, 145 pounds; long levers, high-waisted frame; showed above-average control of levers for his size at his age. Right-handed hitter, went 8-for-16 on the weekend, and hit the walk-off home run in the championship game on Sunday to end it early. Tall setup, weight-shift load back, high back elbow, short path to the zone with a long barrel through it; natural loft in swing. Also stood out from the mound where he worked from a high front side, high ¾ slot; loose, quick arm speed, sat 76-78 mph in relief, finished athletically, upright.

Dominic Santarelli, LHP/1B, Kenosha St. Joseph, 2026
5-foot-6, 150 pounds; left/left two-way player who showed particularly well on the mound over the weekend. Durable build, sturdy/strong lower half. From the windup, classic overhead rock to hip turn and high knee balance point. Efficient drive down mound, high front side; short draw, loose and clean arm action from a high ¾ slot. Finishes balanced, square to target. Profiles like a strike-throwing left-hander; fastball sat 70-73 mph, up to 74.

Nehemiah Torres, INF, Glenbrook North (IL), 2026
Lanky, long-limbed 5-foot-10, 130-pound frame; arm length stands out. Body projects to fill out as he continues to mature, certainly an upside frame. Hit towards the top of this Hitters’ lineup all weekend, working out of the leadoff spot on Saturday morning. Stood out defensively in our looks with sure-handed actions on the left side of the infield, hands work over front of body, crisp funnels to an athletic release. Arm plays across the diamond, finishing out of a loose high ¾ slot. Offensively, starts tall in the box with some bend in the lower half, smooth backwards hand load, toe-tap trigger into a short stride, strong lead leg block on the front side. Simple swing without much additional movement, doesn’t try to do too much. Level plane with a flat barrel head to contact, line drive type hitter that projects as a top-of-the-order type bat moving forward. 

O’Neil Wright, 1B/OF, N/A (WI), 2026
5-foot-8, 165-pound left/left 1B/OF, thick and muscular lower half. Finished near the top of the hit leaderboard for the entire tournament. Balanced tall in the box with some bend in the lower half, active hand rhythm pre-pitch, hands slot directly backwards at load, short stride. Compact left-handed stroke, simple without much additional movement and stays on a flat plane through contact. Repeatedly worked on the barrel and to his pull-side; ambushed a few fastballs into the right-center gap for extra bases. Also sent a deep grand slam to straight away center field on Saturday afternoon. Intriguing bat-first follow. 

Midwest Halos Red

Jenuel Martinez, 1B/RHP, Milwaukee Riverside, 2026
Strong, well-proportioned 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame, defined lower half. Advanced size and build for age; young for the 2026 class as well. Hit cleanup and played 1B for the Halos for a good chunk of the weekend. Balanced setup in the box, subtle hand load, short stride. Long bat path to contact, some feel to elevate, clean stroke. Projects to be a power-over-hit type of prospect in the long run. Came in relief for the Halos on Friday night. Long arm action with a noticeable swing on the back side, finishes from a high ¾ window. Low effort, methodical tall/fall type delivery, level front side and works direct to target. Mostly threw fastballs in this outing, sitting 72-75, topping out at 76 mph. Relative ease that he was throwing with suggests plenty of velocity is still to come as he continues to physically mature. 

Matt O’Grady, OF, N/A (WI), 2026
Strong, compact 5-foot-7, 140-pound frame with athleticism in the lower half. Hit towards the top of the Halos’ lineup throughout the weekend. Starts balanced in the box with noticeable bend in the lower half, body posture starts slightly leaned over midline, simple load into a short stride. Level bat path to contact, line drive approach, sprays to all fields, scrappy-type competitor in the box. Started in CF for the Halos throughout the week, quality routes with fluid actions to the baseball, accurate arm to pair. Above-average foot speed plays on the bases and defensively as well. 

Luke Schaning, OF/3B, West Allis Hale, 2026
Athletic 6-foot, 170-pound frame that projects; well-proportioned levers that are fully capable of adding at least 20 pounds of strength as he continues to physically develop. Hit towards the middle of the Halos’ lineup all weekend and primarily patrolled the outfield. Quality athlete that moves well for his size/age, potential for above-average speed down the road. Balanced setup with some crouch in the stance, quick bat waggle, hands slot into a strong hitting position at footstrike. Twitchy bat speed, level path, gap-to-gap type hitter with an intriguing power ceiling given the present juice and future body projection. Tooled up athlete that’s definitely a follow in Wisconsin’s 2026 class. 

Naperville Renegades American

Brett Biondich, 1B/RHP, N/A (WI), 2026
5-foot-9, 145 pounds; some early physicality in build, blossoming strength. Right-handed hitter, loose, fast bat with budding bat strength as he develops and matures. Finishes balanced, two hands, and projects to develop some power potential. Started against Upper Deck on Friday afternoon, sat 70-74 mph, loose arm action, similarly projects.

PTA Cardinal

Ryan Butcha, RHP, N/A (WI), 2026
Butcha fired a complete game 10-3 win vs. Cangelosi Sparks 13U. The PTA Cardinal right-hander competed throughout his outing, working around nine hits allowed to keep Cangelosi to just three runs total. He struck out eight batters, too. 

Top Tier Americans

T.J. McQuillan, CIF, Lake Central (IN), 2026
Physical 5-foot-11, 205-pound, that translates to the left-handed batters box. The strong-bodied, middle-of-the-order bat, has a polished approach with easy, quiet takes and rarely chases out of the zone. McQuillan has a quick/strong swing that stays short and direct to the ball with easy jump off the barrel and the ability to backspin the baseball. Stood out defensively as well, making a handful of eye-popping plays at the hot corner throughout the weekend. On Saturday, McQuillan jumped over the sideline fence in foul territory to snag one as it just went over. Then, in the semi-final game on Sunday afternoon, he went full speed into the left-field foul fence to snag a near impossible grab.

Callaghan O’Connor, RHP/INF, Bishop McNamara (IL), 2026
Lanky, high-waisted 6-foot-2, 170-pound frame; thin, long-limbed athlete. Brings extreme upside to the table on the mound, emerged as a high-follow in the state’s 2026 class from a pitching perspective. Overhead hand rock initiates a slight drop/drive type delivery, sits into back hip well and rides the slide downhill. Lead leg swings to footstrike, controls levers well given his age/size, stays in line to target. Loose, whippy arm action with some downward poke on the back side, finishes from a high ¾ window. Fastball sat anywhere from 77-82 mph throughout the weekend in his multiple pitching appearances. Velocity projects well; fastball comes out clean from his hand and will continue to add ticks as he gets older. Decelerates arm action and elevates arm slot when throwing his curveball, gradual downer action, played at 56-60 mph. 

Pancho Vazquez, C/INF/RHP, Mount Carmel (IL), 2026
Wide-shouldered, strong build, advanced arm strength and flashes bat speed at the plate. Vazquez sat 73-75, T76 mph on the mound in the first game of the day and took aggressive, intentful swings throughout the day. Right-handed hitter, balanced/calm pre-pitch, hands set low. Smooth load, slight lunge to pitch, balanced through contact and in finish.

Upper Deck Cougars

Andrew Satunas, C, Lockport Township, 2026
5-foot-5, 135 pound left handed batter. Athletic frame with room to fill out. Relaxed, comfortable stance. Quick hands, level swing. Played catcher position, flashing ability to consistently keep balls in front. Very mobile, showed quick reactions on loose balls.  

5 Star Great Lakes Gold

Trent Gill, RHP/INF, Valparaiso (IN), 2026
5-foot-11, 145-pound two-way player, lean wiry frame, projects. Right-handed hitter. Arm works well on the mound, clean shorter arm action out of a high ¾ slot. Struck out four over three innings pitched allowing just one hit and one run. Batted second, an athletic body with quick hips hit a three-run home run on Saturday.

Nicholas Foust, OF/1B, Chesterton (IN), 2026
5-foot-11, 145-pound right-handed hitter, lean with some upside. Had a five RBI day on 2-for-3 hitting with two runs scored. Showed some gap to gap pop with a triple and a home run. Hard opposite field contact on triple.

Blake Kouder, C/INF, Crown Point (IN), 2026
Athletic, projectable frame, had a simple setup in the box. Strong athletic hands and above average speed for his age. Finished the game going 2-for-3 with a home run and a RBI.

Victor Villegas, SS, Lake Central (IN), 2026
Lean, wiry slick fielding shortstop. Well above average hands and feet, actions play above his age level, hands are smooth working out in front with advanced footwork through the baseball. Right-handed hitter, patient, disciplined approach.


Cangelosi Sparks

Jaden Fauske, INF/C/RHP, N/A (IL), 2025
Lean projectable left-handed hitting athlete. Hits out of the two-hole, comfortable setup, looks confident in the box. Advanced approach, takes repeated quality at-bats, advanced barrel control with ability to foul off tough pitches and work counts, showed his ability to extend at-bats. Went 7-for-14 on the weekend. Athletic delivery on the mound, high ¾ slot. While a high-level prospect as a position player, Fauske also made a couple intriguing appearances from the mound. Started on Sunday in the playoffs and sat 79-82 mph throughout the ballgame, and was up to 83 as late as the fifth inning. Pitches with a highly competitive demeanor.

Brett Bounds, RHP/3B, Morris (IL), 2025
6-foot, 150-pound two-way player, lean frame with length. Arm plays loose and clean out of high ¾ slot, arm also showed athleticism at third base when on the move. Repeatable delivery with above average feel for age. Fastball showed slight arm side action, 75-76 mph, topped at 77 mph. Above average feel for curveball, 11/5 plane at 64-65 mph, 2100 rpm. 

Brayden Simmon, 1B/LHP, Bay City Western (MI), 2025
5-foot-8, 170-pound left-handed pitcher with interesting spin rates to follow. Fastball played 72-73 mph from a ¾ slot. Curveball showed better feel than fastball; curve spin rate measured between 2,400-2,500 rpm, 61-63 mph. Offensively, compact, strong frame and has a short, quick swing with present bat speed and above-average feel for the barrel. Simmon hunts pitches early in the zone and the ball comes off his bat with authority.

Ethan Moore, INF, N/A (IL), 2025
Moore has a compact, strong frame and advanced feel for the barrel. The right-handed hitter, who bats at the top of the order, stays short and on top of the baseball and uses the whole field. Moore stays within himself, sees the ball deep into the zone and barreled up everything he saw in the zone. Moore finished 3-for-3 with a double to right-center field, single through the left side of the diamond and a hard ground ball back up the middle. Moore scored three runs and drove in one in game one of the day. 

J.D. Cumbee, OF/1B, N/A (IL), 2025
Also had a big Saturday morning going 3-for-3 with three singles, an RBI, stolen base and two runs scored. On top of his offensive output, Cumbee played an above-average center field, tracking down a number of balls hit his way, with precise reads, quick first step and showed an above-average accurate arm. Right-handed hitter; simple, rhythmic swing, loose hands.

Cangelosi Sparks North

Tucker King, OF/RHP, Lyons Township, 2025
Right-handed hitting OF/RHP. Upside 5-foot-11, 155-pound frame, high-waisted with lanky levers. Hit towards the top of the Cangelosi Sparks - North lineup as they were amongst the top teams in attendance at the 14U level throughout the weekend. Slightly tall setup at the plate, smooth hand load into strong hitting position, short stride to even. Loose hands/wrists, natural loft through contact, hammered multiple balls deep into his pull-side gap throughout the weekend. Body projects to add more strength and increase raw juice as he continues to mature. A true upside potential middle-of-the-order bat down the road.

Carter Monore, MIF, Palatine (IL), 2025
5-foot-7, 130-pound frame. Hit leadoff for Cangelosi Sparks - North 14U for a large chunk of the weekend. Savvy defender at shortstop; quick feet, made several laterally athletic plays, hands work and actions project he’ll stick up the middle moving forward. Competitive at the plate, short/compact stroke, line drive approach with feel to spray. 

Central Illinois Outlaws

Brady Booth, RHP, Tremont (IL), 2025
Lean, high-waisted 5-foot-11, 143-pound frame with upside levers attached to his body. Started on the mound for Central Illinois Outlaws against Minnesota Starters on Saturday afternoon. Tall/fall type delivery with consistent rhythm throughout, upright at balance, level front side, strides in line to target with an upright finish through release. Short, compact arm circle that finishes out of a high ¾ window; some short poke on the back side. Heavy fastball sequencing throughout this outing, sitting at 74-76 mph throughout. Velocity on heater projects as body fills out over time. Spun a few sliders in warmups that flashed above-average action; maxed out at 2,200 rpm at an Illinois showcase a few months ago. 

Tyler Humphrey, C/OF, Washington Community (IL), 2025
Strong, athletic build, listed 5-foot-11, 155-pounds, right-handed catcher. Simple, balanced stance, smooth pre-pitch load into the back leg, short stride. Athletic hands, repeatable, compact swing, gets extended after contact, feel for his swing, catches the ball on the barrel, above average approach for his age. Defensively, athletic setup, quiet feet, soft hands, plus framing, controls the game. Short loose arm action, over-the-top slot. A player to watch as he continues to develop.

Talan Hull, LHP/OF, Galva (IL), 2025
Physically advanced 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame, proportionally strong with even more room to add muscle. Left/left athlete that started in center field multiple times for the Outlaws throughout the weekend and also toed the rubber in the quarterfinal matchup Sunday morning against Hitters 14U. Tall, slightly open stance in the box, slight pre-pitch hand rhythm, hands move back in a quick motion, rapid leg kick trigger. Advanced hip/shoulder separation at front footstrike; rubber-band like stretch. Bat head travels with some lag through the zone, inside/out type swing at times, worked the other way multiple times throughout the weekend. Still consistently trying to repeat in rhythm and on time, clear upside offensively given age and frame. 

Chicago Elite

Preston Coleman, MIF, N/A (IL), 2025
5-foot-6, 120 pounds; wiry, athletic frame. Right-handed hitter, wide base, slightly open, pre-pitch bat waggle, hands set low. Abrupt load back, quick leg lift and stride; short bat path, level plane, quick and athletic hands generate bat speed. Athletic gait, above-average baserunner. Defensively, second base profile, athletic footwork on approach.

Sawyer Deering, OF/RHP, Kimberly, 2025
5-foot-9, 160-pound right handed hitter. Athletic, strong frame. Tall, open stance with relaxed hands. Toe tap, far stride. Flashed gap to gap power, hitting 2 triples in a win vs Top Tier Michigan. Right handed pitcher, ¾ arm slot, smooth, clean delivery. Flashed high fastball velocity, topping out at 82 MPH. Also has some depth to curveball. 

John McAuliffe, RHP, Marist (IL), 2025
6-foot, 170-pound right-handed pitcher, athletic and physically advanced for age. Works out of high ¾ slot. Fastball plays with slight arm side run, sat 77-79 mph. Advanced slider, throws a hard tight slider on 10/4 plane, 71-72 mph. Flashed a changeup at 68 mph. 5IP, 1R, 2H, 5K, 1BB. McAuliffe also showed a middle of the order left-handed bat, with occasional pop. Overall well above average athlete with a two-way skill set.

Encompass Expos

Max Berrisford, RHP/C, Duluth East (MN), 2025
6-foot-2, 160 pounds; thin/lanky, wiry levers. Emerged as a two-way follow name for the Encompass Expos 14U. He stood out in both games for the Expos on Friday, doubling twice in game one, including one that ricocheted off the huge fence on the Fenway field at The Rock. Then, Berrisford took the mound and struck out 12 in a complete game effort, sitting mostly 74-77 mph with his heater and touching 79-80 mph a few times.

GRB Rays Green

Aiden Arnett, RHP, N/A (WI), 2026
Athletic 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame with some strength in the upper half/chest area. Played up a level for GRB Rays 14U all weekend as a 2026 graduate and hit cleanup for them a handful of times. Balanced/controlled posture at the plate, subtle load, short stride to even. Barreled up several baseballs throughout the weekend, including a triple over at Franklin Field on Friday afternoon. Boasts well above-average arm strength for age. Started on the mound Friday afternoon for GRB Rays 14U against Top Tier Nationals. Athletic drop/drive type delivery, works across body some, front foot lands closed to target and front side stays level. Did have a tendency to pull off glove side or miss up when hands didn’t separate on time. Fastball 78-80 mph, plays with straight action into the zone, still harnessing full all-around control of it to corners. Mixed in a short wrinkle, low-spin breaking ball at 64-66 mph that spun off an 11/5 plane. Regardless, cemented himself as a high-follow 2026 name playing up a level throughout the weekend.

Preston Yaucher, SS/RHP, Edgewood, 2025
5-foot-7, 135 pounds; athletic frame. Right-handed hitter, top-tap stride; loose hands, whippy bat speed, hit a triple to left against STiKS Academy Black. Flashed quick feet, soft hands, and quick transfers on throws across diamond from shortstop. Athletic defender with middle infield actions.

Hitters Baseball Navy

Zachary Ausburn, 1B, Warren Township (IL), 2025
6-foot-4, 170-pound, long-limbed, highly-projectable right-handed bat who took a couple quality at-bats and found some barrels for Hitters. Ausburn stays short to the ball and looks to control the barrel, an impressive feat given his extremely long levers. Ausburn finished 1-for-3 with a walk, RBI single and run scored.

Ethan Bauerschmidt, MIF, Kenosha Tremper, 2025
5-foot-11, 145 pounds; highly projectable frame, long levers, athleticism. Right-handed hitter, went 7-for-18 on the weekend with four doubles. Swing especially projects; tall/balanced base, hands set low, quiet/calm pre-pitch, open stance. Soft, smooth load, strides to even, hangs to sync timing, quiet and simple swing. Short, easy path to the zone, barrel stays long through it; whippy swing with upside as he adds muscle.

Jaxon Clayton, RHP/INF/OF, N/A (WI), 2025
5-foot-11, 175 pounds; compact, strong build. Started on the mound for Hitters Navy on Friday night against Cangelosi Sparks North. Starts centered on the rubber, tempo’d side-step initiates a controlled tall/fall type delivery, upright posture at balance point, level shoulders to footstrike. Works in line to target, lands square with an athletic follow through release. Short arm circle finishes out of a near over-the-top arm slot. Fastball worked on the corners at 75-78 mph, straight action. Curveball flashed swing-and-miss action with downer spin, spotted it up down in the zone, capable of burying it below barrels at a 2,200-plus rpm average. Right-handed hitter, quiet and simple in the box and creates easy jump off the barrel thanks to his strong/quick wrists

Daniel Hauboldt, MIF, Muskego, 2025
5-foot-10, 155 pounds; proportional build, wiry strength. Tall/balanced stance, front foot slightly open, bat rests on shoulder. Quiet pre-pitch, smooth load back, simple leg lift stride to even. Short, compact swing through the zone with some inherent strength on impact, some natural loft in swing. He collected five hits over the weekend, and even more barrels; hit one of the hardest balls of the tournament, a hard-luck single that ricocheted off the top of the tall fence on the replica Fenway field at The Rock.

Carter Kutz, C/INF, Hartford Union, 2025
6-foot-1, 160 pounds; strong, lean, athletic frame. Has continued to solidify himself as one of the top incoming freshmen in the state. Hitting out of the three-hole for Hitters Navy, Kutz went 11-for-18 last weekend for his team; struck out only once. Intelligent on-field instincts; made several high IQ defensive plays in the field. Plays with effort and hustle; saved a run backing up first base while playing catcher. Athletic and mobile blocker with a short, efficient arm action on his catch-and-throw; throws carry to the base. Also looked comfortable at third base, but more natural from behind the plate.

ISA Stars Royal

Christian Collins, OF, Notre Dame Academy, 2025
5-foot-6, 145-pound left/left athlete. Hit towards the top of the Stars’ lineup and roamed the outfield, primarily center field. Top-of-the-order offensive profile, short/compact stroke with some line drive feel and quality contact skills. Controls the outfield grass well, clean feet and showed some route running feel working underneath the baseball. 

Trevor Vande Hey, RHP/OF, Wrightstown, 2025
5-foot-10, 170 pounds; broad shoulders, high waist, physical for age. While Vande Hey has upside to tease out from the mound, he showed best this past weekend from the right-handed batter’s box. Tall/balanced pre-pitch setup, rhythm in hands, open front foot, patient and confident approach. Strides to even while hands load back in a bar, pulls handle on short path into the zone, whippy barrel through it; demonstrated hand/eye skills, barrel feel, physicality in build made for loud contact at impact.

Lake County Lightning

Caden Earing, RHP, Mundelein (IL), 2025
Athletic 5-foot-6, 125-pound frame and loose, quick, upside arm action that plays clean out of a high ¾ slot. Earing ran his fastball up to 77 mph and should continue to see plenty of velocity gains as he matures and gets into high school.

Charles Meister, RHP/3B/C, Hersey (IL), 2025
Started on the mound for Lake County Lightning in game one of this tournament against Ecompass Expos. Drop/drive type delivery, athletic stack at balance point, high hip prior to riding the slope downhill. Strong front side with level shoulders, stays directly in line to target, repeats well in rhythm with a controlled finish through release. Internal confidence on the mound; trusts his stuff. Short arm window, high ¾ slot. Worked three innings, where his fastball sat 77-81, T82 mph, some downhill action, works corners and lower quadrant of the zone. Curveball flashed sharp spin off an 11/5 plane at 69-72 mph, thrown for strikes. Ability defensively to play all over the field but looked most natural behind the plate where he is ultra quick and athletic out of the chute, for his age. Meister showed a plus arm with an in-game pop time of 2.08 on a caught stealing. Meister, a right-handed hitter, doubled twice in game two of the day.

Jackson Piggot, Lake Zurich (IL), 2025
6-foot-1, 175 pounds; started on the mound on Saturday and his right-handed bat was on the barrel all day long. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound, high-waisted Piggott creates leverage in his swing and controls the barrel. Piggott went 3-for-4 in game one with three RBI, two runs scored and a double. On the mound he ran his fastball up to 77 mph, working across his body and from an over-the-top slot, creating a tough angle and look for the hitter. When Piggott was at his best he was pounding the fastball to the glove side and working his 11/5 breaking ball off of it at 65 mph.

Aidyn Mueller, MIF, Muskego (WI), 2025
5-foot-10, 135-pound, lean, high-waisted frame with all kinds of room for added physical development. Mueller takes loose, athletic aggressive swings from the left-side of the plate. Mueller creates barrel-whip through the zone and works uphill. Mueller's offensive profile should only continue to ascend as he gains strength and continues to polish his approach, using the whole field consistently. Defensively, Mueller has easy range and an accurate arm at shortstop.

Sean Sanderson, OF, Mundelein, 2025
Lanky, highly projectable 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame. Left/left athlete that hit leadoff and patrolled the outfield for Lake County Lightning throughout the weekend. Starts tall in the box, hands slot back into a strong hitting position, short stride with loose hip/shoulder separation at front footstrike. Quick hands/wrists, level bat path to contact, natural barrel feel and works all fields with line drive feel. Spread multiple doubles across the yard throughout the weekend, high offensive ceiling given present feel to hit and projectable levers. 

Midwest Halos Red

Jack Lutz, SS/2B, N/A, 2025
Lanky, loose-levered frame, high-waisted with upside, too. Started at shortstop for Halos 14U Red throughout the weekend - where he projects best long-term. Sure-handed actions, soft hands that work out front of body, clean funnels inward to midline, quick hand transfer to release. Some length in the arm action, finishes from a high ¾ window; comfortable dropping down to a lower angle on the move. Left-handed hitter that starts tall in the box, slightly open front foot, active pre-pitch rhythm that stops prior to load. Short/smooth hand load, level bat path, line drive type approach. Advanced bat-to-ball skills for age, fouled multiple balls off and worked competitive counts all weekend without much swing-and-miss. Went 3-for-4 on Saturday night with four barrels and tripled to the RF wall. Top-of-the-order profile that will have enhanced value because of his glove and left-handed prowess. 

Jack Poellet, RHP/INF, Lake Country Lutheran, 2025
5-foot-11, 160 pounds; athleticism in build with definition/muscle in lower half. Started on the mound for Midwest Halos 14U on Saturday night against Central Illinois Outlaws. Sets up balanced on the first base side of the rubber, quick side step initiates a tall/fall type delivery, high posture at balance, works across body and lands closed to target. Easy, low-effort operation with controlled athleticism through release. Quick/loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot; hides the ball some behind back hip. Fastball sat 81-83 mph early, settled in at 76-78 in the fourth and fifth inning. Straight action, will occasionally cut the seams for late glove-side action, primarily thrown for strikes. Developing feel to spin breaking ball at 69-71 mph, 11/5 shape, did flash slurve-type spin at times that paired better off arm-side fastball. Also a sure-handed middle infielder, athletic lower half arrives to ground balls fluidly and in rhythm, armed with the arm strength to fit on the left side. Switch-hitter with quick-twitch hands from both batter’s boxes.

Adam Urban, INF, Wauwatosa West, 2025
Proportional 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame, left-handed hitting infielder that started at third base and hit towards the top of the Halos’ lineup all weekend. Starts tall in the box with some bend in the lower half, quieter pre-pitch rhythm than we’ve seen in the past, hands coil downward at load, short front foot stride. Some line drive feel in the box, peppered a few barreled balls middle-away. Drove a triple to deep right field at WLC against Top Tier South. Arm stood out across the diamond at third base; throws played accurately and true across the diamond with some carry, topped out at 81 mph across the diamond at an event this past April. 

PTA Cardinal

Jackson Menzel, C, Lake Country Lutheran, 2025
Twitchy, high-waisted 5-foot-11, 155-pound frame. Thin, lanky levers that project; should get taller and fill out his body as physical maturity continues. Narrow base, slightly open front foot, hands start high/back and rarely move at load, short leg lift trigger to even. Loose hands/wrists, short bat path with a slightly uphill attack angle, consistent line drive approach. Upside offensive profile given present skill set and physical projection in the body. 

PTA Timberrattlers

Mitchell Semancik, OF, Franklin, 2025
He went 2-for-3 with a single and double offensively, all while making a handful of quality defensive plays in center field. Semancik is a noteworthy athlete with above-average speed, solidified by the 7.21 60-yard dash he ran at our Future Prospects Milwaukee event a few weeks ago.

Rhino Baseball

J.T. Augustyniak, MIF, Plainfield Central (IL), 2025
Compact, athletic build; lead-off type profile. Right-handed hitter, patient approach; simple, loose swing. Doubled twice in his team’s comeback win against Top Tier Michigan on Saturday afternoon.


Quinn Schambow, RHP/C, Libertyville (IL), 2025
5-foot-10, 165-pounds, average athletic frame. Even stance at the plate, quick hands, can use the entire field. Behind the plate, he is aware of runners, above average arm for his age. On the mound he works out of a high ¾ slot with a loose arm action, under control leg lift, drop and drive delivery, 75-78 mph fastball topped at 79 mph, 11/5 slurve-type breaking ball at 64-68. Has control of both fastball and off-speed.

Joshua Holst, LHP/1B, Libertyville (IL), 2025
6-foot-2, 190-pounds, big muscular lefty. Clean-up type hitter, slightly open stance, smooth load and weight transfer. Has the ability to use the whole field and adjust to low pitches, is disciplined at the plate. In the semi-final game against Hitters he went 2-for-2 with a walk and two RBI’s. On the mound works out of an over the top slot, long arm action. Fastball plays with feel, mostly straight four seam type, 73-75 mph. Curveball played soft at 55-57 mph, with depth and landed for strikes.

Cole Lockwood, SS, Libertyville (IL), 2025
5-foot-5, 110-pound left-handed hitting shortstop. Advanced defender for age with quick confident glove work, hands are soft and plays easy, savvy defender, above average feet. Top of the order hitter out of the leadoff spot, feel for the barrel with spray singles type contact, handles the bat well and will drag bunt for hits.

STL Dynamite Black

Ryker Benz, RHP/INF, Vianney (MO), 2025
Oklahoma commit. 6-foot, 165 pounds; lean strength in athletic build. Got the start in Dynamite’s first game of the weekend, Friday against Hitters. Fluid to balance point, drops and drives down mound with closed lead shoulder; short draw that’s quick to release point. Lands square to target, works out of a low ¾ slot, loose, quick arm. Release height and arm speed generates a carry, arm-side run fastball, sat 77-79 mph all game; earned consistently late swings and misses on fastball. Slurve-type breaking ball with above-average spin feel that kept opponents off guard; changeup is most effective secondary, featuring fade/run at arm speed. He struck out seven in 5.2 innings. Also an athletic right-handed hitter who generates some bat strength. In the infield, plays with soft hands and fluid feet. 

J.D. Dohrmann, INF/RHP, Vianney (MO), 2025
5-foot-10, 160 pounds; lanky, long levers, athletic. Swings an athletic, loose right-handed bat; fast bat speed. Hit from the two-hole all weekend for Dynamite; athletic all-around player with a follow frame and projectable swing. Dohrmann also K’d six in three perfect innings pitched in his team’s game two victory.

Gavin Richars, RHP/SS, Vianney (MO), 2025
Oklahoma commit. Highly athletic left-handed hitter, well-proportioned frame with projectability in the lower half. Balanced setup, tempo’d rhythm in the box, smooth hand load into a short stride, controlled posture through contact. Loose, easy bat speed, quick wrists, short path to contact that flashed an uphill attack angle through the zone. Consistently worked on the barrel all weekend, doubled off the center field wall at Fenway Park on Friday afternoon with ease. Clocked him at 4.18 out of the batter’s box down the line on a bunt single in that same game, too. Made multiple athletic, rangy plays up the middle at shortstop; glove plays there and he has the arm strength to stick on the left side should he eventually move over. Also worked in relief multiple times throughout the weekend. Loose, lively arm with advanced arm speed for age, finishes out of a high ¾ window. Older brother is committed to play baseball at Coastal Carolina and has one of the quickest arms in the 2022 class, nationally. Fastball consistently sat at 84-86 mph with vertical ride and lively action. Ripped off several swing-and-miss sliders as well; tight, bullet spin that flashed late break. One of the more impressive 2025 prospects we’ve seen to date.

Peter Visconti, C, N/A (IL), 2025
5-foot-9, 168-pound right handed hitting catcher. Impressed on both sides of the ball. He looked the part as a confident receiver with sound blocking skills defensively. At the plate, his swing is compact and strong, lifting a long home run over the tall Fenway replica fence in left field. Showed off gap-to-gap power against STiKS Black, hitting an inside-the-park home run to left-center field and a bases clearing triple to right-center field. Finished that game 2-for-3 with 5 RBI. 

Top Tier Americans

Karlos Ortero, SS, N/A (IL), 2025
5-foot-6, 130-pound shortstop. Right-handed hitter, hits leadoff, prototypical lead off approach, went deep into counts and worked his way on base, line drive swing short to the baseball, spray singles type hitter. Defensively plays with confident actions, hands are soft with advance body control and footwork.

Andrew Kouris, CIF, Oak Park-River Forest (IL), 2025
5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitting third baseman. Strong build for age, right-handed hitter; short path to the zone, uphill plane through it. Physicality in frame helps him project for pull-side power potential long-term, complementing his bat path.

Matthew Zebrauskas, SS, De La Salle (IL), 2025
5-foot-9, 130-pound left-handed hitting middle infielder. Athletic body with room for projection. Started at shortstop and batted in the second spot in the lineup. At the plate sets up in a balanced stance, short stride trigger with natural loading actions. Short and compact swing that drives the ball to all fields. Knocked 3 hits against Midwest Halos Red to help jumpstart the offense. In the field, plays with natural middle infield actions. Soft hands, clean footwork. 

Top Tier Michigan

Evan Munoz, OR/RHP, Harper Creek (MI), 2025
5-foot-10, 147-pounds,right handed hitter. Projectible frame. Slightly crouched stance, leg kick, keeps weight on back leg throughout entire load. Level swing path. Pitches right handed. High ¾ arm slot, clean arm action, stays balanced throughout the entire delivery and finishes all the way through.

Top Tier South 

Jackson Natanek, SS/RHP, Brother Rice (IL), 2025
5-foot-8, 135-pounds, right handed hitter. Small, quick frame projectable to fill out. Profiles as a lead-off type hitter, even/balanced stance, short stride, quick and short swing. Has a 2-strike approach with discipline. Clean transfers at shortstop with quick hands and above average accurate arm, is agile and able to cover a lot of ground. Has the ability to make the big plays in the hole, up the middle and in front of him. At the plate against Chicago Elite went 2-for-2 with a pair of RBI. Offensively, he totaled 16 hits on the weekend in his team’s seven games, en route to the championship. On the mound, he showcased a clean arm with long and loose action. His arm speed is quick from a high ¾ window. Fastball sat 76-78 mph, topped at 80, and plays with life in the zone. He mixed in a breaking ball with 11/5 shape at 67-68 mph. Final line: CG, 0 R, 1 H, 4 K.

Conor Essenburg, LHP/1B, Lincoln-Way West (IL), 2025
6-foot, 153 pounds; long levers, high waist, present athleticism. Came in relief to strike out nine over five innings to secure the win on Friday night. Upside arm, ¾ slot with a loose/quick arm speed, touching 79 mph with the fastball; 2/8 slider at 64-67 mph, clear feel to spin it, advanced for his age, measured around the 2,100 rpm range. Right-handed hitter with an aggressive presence in the box; gap-to-gap hitter. Quiet, fluid pre-pitch, simple and short to the zone, loose hands, all-fields batted balls. Launched several hard-hit baseballs into both gaps, up-the-middle approach offensively. Drove in 12 runs over the weekend, including five in the team’s championship game victory.

Joey Arend, OF, St. Charles East (IL), 2025
5-foot-9, 130-pound L/L outfielder, lean frame with upside, loose lively levers. Two-hole hitter, athletic setup, long stride at times, with line drive, middle of the field approach. 

Upper Deck Cougars

Cameron Armstrong, RHP, Providence Catholic (IL), 2025
Fired a complete game win for the Upper Deck Cougars in a 4-1 win over Chicago Elite. Armstrong pounded the zone for seven innings striking out three and allowing three hits with a quality three pitch repertoire.

Eddie Olszta, SS, Providence Catholic (IL), 2025
5-foot-8, 140-pound infielder, smaller build, with above average instincts. Above average runner. Right-handed hitter out of the three-hole. Balance approach with plate discipline, takes quality at bats, gamer type with above average barrel control. Defensively showed ability to make all routine plays, also can range and make plays off-balance, showed above average baseball IQ. 

Velocity Baseball

Drew Bruckner, MIF, Bay Port, 2025
Athletic, well-proportioned 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame. Hit in the middle of Velocity’s lineup and played shortstop for them as well. Balanced posture in the box, short hand path as they slot backwards at load, tempo’d leg lift timing trigger. Strong hands/wrists, compact stroke, some juice off the barrel. Impressed primarily at shortstop throughout the weekend; made a handful of highly athletic plays, working over his shoulder for a few grabs and snagging a line drive out of mid air on Friday afternoon.