Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games MKE: Quick Hits

By Wisconsin Staff

On July 12, the PBR Wisconsin team hosted the Top Prospect Games at The Rock Complex in Franklin, Wis., featuring many of the top uncommitted players in the state’s 2023 and 2024 grad classes. As we begin to dissect the data and our own scouting reports recorded at this event, we’ll begin to publish our findings, including within stories like this one, Quick Hits, featuring some of the most notable takeaways from the showcase.

This event will also help us fill out the remainder of the Team Wisconsin roster that we’ll be taking with us later this month to compete at the PBR Future Games down at Georgia’s LakePoint complex, featuring the top uncommitted players across the entire nation.

Each of the players below are currently uncommitted.



+ INF Brock Lulewicz (Muskego, 2024) is fresh off a solid sophomore campaign for Muskego and he continued to impress while at The Rock on Tuesday. At a proportionate and projectable 6-foot, 190-pounds, Lulewicz started his day off by running a 7.24 in the 60. After this he followed it up with a consistent round of BP. From the left side, Lulewicz works from a tall setup and utilizes a small weight transfer load coupled with a direct swing to spray line drives to the entire field. On the infield, showcased his sure-handed infield actions and coupled it with a strong arm, one that topped at 88 mph on his throws to first. Lulewicz will represent Team Wisconsin at the PBR Future Games next week as one of the top-ranked members on the roster, making him one of the highest rated uncommitted players headed to the event.

+ INF Eddie Peters (La Crosse Aquinas, 2024) is a long 6-foot-2, 180-pound middle infielder with the frame that’ll comfortably support even more added strength. Peters, who we saw for the first time since the winter of 2021, showed especially well on offense, including both his BP session and in-game action. Peters was the Class of 2024 leader in average exit velocity (91.5 mph) and he tied for the max exit speed as well, reaching a 96.2 high from his right-handed swing. These stats translated to the game, as Peters hit two doubles in his four at-bats, one of which drove in two runs. Before his turn of BP, Peters ran a 60-yard dash time of 7.13 seconds and he reached a max speed of 19.2 mph during it.

+ OF Roman Sienza (Mukwonago, 2024) is a name who popped during the winter showcase circuit after putting together a strong performance at the South Milwaukee Preseason ID. Tuesday was our first time seeing Sienza since and he definitely did not disappoint. Sienza’s athleticism is truly something that sets him apart and he showed it quickly as he registered a 89.6 cm vertical jump via our brand new Swift EZE Jump mats. He then would move over to the 60-yard dash station and clocked a 6.96 time. From the left-handed batter’s box, Sienza gains leverage from the ground up and while using the entire field he averaged an 87.8 mph exit velocity (92.8 max). While roaming the outfield, Sienza’s athleticism works in the outfield, and his tools automatically mark him as a high-follow player to circle in the months ahead. Here, Sienza reached an 85 mph high to home, with accuracy, tied for the tops on the day.

+ OF RJ Thomae (Hartford Union, 2024) was another one of this event’s biggest winners. He brings to the ballpark some of the class’ best overall athleticism and he makes sure that it translates into gameplay, too. He’s a 6-foot, 175-pound prospect with a simple, repeatable right-handed swing that allows him to routinely and effortlessly land barrel after barrel. He peppered the left-center gap casually in batting practice, as he was one of just four players to earn a Sweet Spot rate of 90 percent, as measured by our TrackMan unit stationed behind home plate. Thomae ran a 6.95 in the 60-yard dash, measured by Swift tech, reaching a max run speed 19.8 mph, which was among the day’s fastest. That foot speed plays exceptionally well on defense, as well as the basepaths, too, making Thomae a well-rounded, must-see player in the state’s ‘24 class.

+ OF Noah Latham-Woodruff (Madison Memorial, 2024) presents a lanky 6-foot-4, 190-pound frame with high projectability and room to grow. Also had one of the loudest BPs of the day, as he maxed out at an exit velocity of 96.2 mph, and he recorded the quickest average bat speed among all hitters (75.6 mph). During his exciting round of BP, Latham-Woodruff showed the ability to elevate the ball, as around 89 percent of the balls he hit were lofted, one of which traveled an estimated 365 feet, according to TrackMan. Those tools translated to the live gameplay, as Latham-Woodruff had two hits in his three at-bats, one of which was a home run out of Fenway, driving in three runs. He’s previously showcased serious arm strength, too, having reached highs of 88 mph to home back in March, with mid-80s velocity on the mound where he’s also a prospect, though he did not pitch at this event. Latham-Woodruff raised his stock and was one of the main offensive winners from Tuesday’s showcase.

+ C Hunter Carlson (Hudson, 2024) is an advanced defender inside of an upside 6-foot, 175-pound build, and the promise he has in his left-handed bat combine to make him one of the most intriguing players in the state’s incoming junior class. Carlson popped efficiently and effortlessly in the low 2.00s, attached to 78 mph arm strength, and it’s a skill set that should seamlessly translate in-game. Offensively, Carlson swings a pretty, smooth left-handed bat that meets pitches on plane well. While his overall strength is lacking in the batter’s box currently, it’s easy to foresee a future in which Carlson is making more authoritative contact, and that will only uplift the prospect status he offers because of his excellent defense.

+ C/OF Jonah Roloff (Kettle Moraine, 2024) has blossomed into a real prospect in the state, as an athletic and versatile player with two-way potential. While he just caught and played the outfield at this event, you’d never know that Roloff is somewhat new to both positions. Behind the plate, he’s quick-twitch both inside of his transfer as well as out of the crouch defending his position on the bunt attempt. That quickness resulted in a pop range of 1.94-2.00 with 76 mph arm strength, and as you might expect, his athleticism and arm strength worked in the outfield too. There, he topped 85 mph to home and roamed the outfield grass smoothly, with above-average foot speed, measured at 19.2 mph during his 60-yard dash (7.25). Roloff’s left-handed bat is equally athletic, and he’s gained significant strength since he appeared at a March event. Here, Roloff reached a max exit speed over 90 mph – and given his presently slight 5-foot-10, 155-pound build – signals a bright future at the plate as well.

+ MIF Jack Bauer (Greendale, 2024) is a muscular, twitchy 5-foot-9, 165-pound prospect in the state that has caught the attention of our staff over the past year-plus. At this event, Bauer showed us more of the same impactful right-handed contact that results in low-lying liners that he connects primarily to his pull-side. He measured a max exit speed of 95.8 mph, which is significant for his stature, class, and position, and Bauer also showcased as a smooth, quick-footed defender during infield evals. His explosive athleticism – 19.8 mph top speed – finds ways to influence the game often, and he’s a ranked member within the state’s Class of 2024 as a result.

+ OF Issei Takahaski (Arrowhead, 2024) is a strong 5-foot-8, 172-pound athlete who had a quality showing on Tuesday. After being referenced as one of the top outfield prospects in the West Milwaukee Preseason ID earlier in the spring, Takahaski proved once again why his name was mentioned. From the left side of the batter’s box, Takahaski consistently drove the ball in his BP session, averaging 279 feet, one of the top distances for the 2024s. In gameplay, he got two hits in his three at-bats, including an RBI. 

+ C Joshua Gilroy (Arrowhead, 2024) presents a solid 6-foot-1, 210-frame from his position behind the dish. Gilroy continued to show well offensively on Tuesday, as we saw at the Madison Preseason ID in the spring, as he had one of the top exit velocities during his BP session in the 2024 class, at 95 mph, and he’s one of the few players in the state, regardless of class, who’s showcased triple-digit exit speeds in previous showcase performances. Gilroy flashed a quick bat as well, as he averaged 72.2 mph barrel speed, traced by the Blast device. Gilroy has frequently shown the ability to reach that bat strength in-game, too, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him send a no-doubt home run to the deepest part of Fenway during live gameplay later in the day.

+ C Lincoln Ascher (Kettle Moraine, 2024) has established himself as one of the top right-handed hitters among the state’s backstops, which has helped him earn attention on the radar from a very early stage. Here, Ascher did well to reiterate his pull-side power potential, recording a max exit speed of 94.0 mph and a max distance of 355 feet, all while creating some top-of-the-charts metrics on the Blast device. Defensively, he gets the most out of his arm strength (71 mph), optimizing on a consistently quick exchange with throws that are often accurate to the bag.

+ C/OF Peyton Ryback (Nathan Hale, 2024) has made some noteworthy gains in between showcase performances. The wiry strong 5-foot-10, 168-pound athlete improved upon some of his measurables at this event since his most recent appearance at a February PBR showcase. And on top of that, Ryback recorded a sound round of BP that saw him land one barrel that left the bat at 94.7 mph and the ball he struck the farthest traveled an estimated 330 feet. His right-handed swing and improved athleticism behind the plate, where he recorded 1.96-2.19 pops with 78 mph arm strength, make him an arrow-up follow in the state.

+ MIF Landon Zeuli (Hudson, 2024) is yet another Hudson-area prospect who stood out at this event. Listed at a lean 6-foot, 165-pound frame, Zeuli showcased true barrel accuracy at The Rock, with a simple and quiet right-handed swing. He’s a late-bloomer candidate, as his barrel skills and budding strength could transform his batted-ball profile over a diligent offseason, in conjunction with his presently quick feet and glovework that profile up the middle of the infield right now.

+ MIF JJ Wolbert (Kettle Moraine, 2024) emerged as a follow prospect in the state’s incoming junior class last week, following this performance. Listed at 5-foot-5, 130 pounds, Wolbert actually strikes the ball from the left-handed box with some surprising strength, courtesy of a fluid swing with some hand speed to the zone. He sprays sound contact to all fields, and Wolbert is also a reliable, athletic middle infield defender with above-average actions.


+ RHP Kyle Alivo (St. Thomas More, 2024) seems a couple of inches taller than his previously listed 6-foot and with extra long limbs and plenty of room to fill out the projection for this uncommitted arm is through the roof. Alivo is a name who has proven himself in front of our staff a handful of times before and during Tuesday’s talented event he did it once again. On the mound Alivo is an athletic mover and despite his long levers he surprisingly syncs them up nicely. During his one inning, Alivo ran his fastball up to 85.7 mph and sat in the 84-85 range throughout. He also showcased an above average three pitch mix which included an almost sweeping type breaking ball with nearly 18 inches of horizontal movement and also showed feel for a hard fading changeup. 

+ LHP Easton Bobb (Chippewa Falls, 2024) stands 6-foot, 165-pounds with more strength gains coming.  Bobb pitches with an up-tempo, smooth, loose free and easy delivery that allows him to consistently repeat the move through the baseball and the release point from his 3-quarter arm slot.  The FB 82-84 mph plays to all areas of the zone especially to the upper third showing extra carry and hop. His curveball 64-67 mph has 2/8 shape and tilt with sharpness and finish in zone and below the zone for chase. Easton also showed feel for a useful change-up 76-77 mph with arm side run which deceives hitters with excellent arm speed.  Bobb impressed in the game with solid pitchability, aggressiveness in the zone with an impressive repertoire to get hitters out.  

+ LHP Brady Koester (Kimberly, 2024) recently came away as a name to follow after his performance at the Green Bay Preseason ID and after getting some experience on a talented Kimberly squad, he seems poised for a big summer circuit. At 6-foot-4, 190-pounds Koester’s projectability is real and he already has a talented skill set to boot. During his inning of work, Koester reached highs of 85 mph with a straight fastball from a higher slot. His breaking ball plays really well off of the high fastball with late 12/6. Overall, Koester put together a solid outing against some formidable competition and walked away as a name to follow as he continues his prep career. 

+ RHP Ty Rechner (Stevens Point Area, 2024) is built at a imposing 6-foot-6, 245-pounds, Rechner twirled one of the cleaner innings over on Phillies field during the simulated gameplay portion of the event. Utilizing a tall and fall type delivery, Rechner ran his fastball up to 88 mph, an event high, and showed the ability to go in and out with it. Throughout his one inning of work, Rechner relied heavily on his fastball, as it seems he is still developing a tight spinning breaking ball and a changeup. Nonetheless, Rechner’s inning was an impressive one and despite his large stature, he still possesses some major upside while on the bump.

+ RHP Wyatt Rushing (Elkhorn Area, 2024) owns a fastball with prominent potential, capable of becoming a swing-and-miss offering on its own, as he further hones his control of it. It sat 85-87 mph at this event featuring notable vertical action and ride through the zone, and he flashed a biting breaking ball that spun at over 2,200 rpm on average. He’s a strong 6-foot, 175-pound follow in the state with a high ceiling on the mound.

+ RHP Tyler Suttner (Waukesha North, 2024) is listed at 6-foot-2, 153-pounds with a long wiry frame with sloped shoulders and high waist which indicates more size and fill is coming in the future. Tyler has a clean, loose, balanced delivery showing easy to repeat moves through the ball.  Has some cross-fire deception with a slightly closed landing. Has a quick repeatable arm stroke and a high three quarter arm slot driving the ball down hill.  Arm is consistently up on time and displays repeatable release point pounding the zone with a fastball 82-84 that shows finish through the glove.  Suttner also displayed a slurvy slider 68-73 mph with two-plane break and ability to manipulate different shapes to the pitch. Has a business-like demeanor on the mound and pitches with competitiveness and intent.

+ RHP/OF Easton Arendt (De Pere, 2024) is one of the most athletic members of the state’s incoming junior class, complete with two-way abilities. While his future might ultimately be on the mound, Arendt is a legitimate center field defender with some of the best bat-to-ball skills in the state from the left-handed batter’s box. Still, he possesses a quality fastball that projects especially well, as a high-spin offering measured in the mid-80s here. He reached an 85.6 mph high at an average spin rate of 2,145 rpm, featuring carry through the zone. Arendt’s short curveball, 70-72 mph, also spins at an above-average rate, and his general athleticism grants him some genuine promise from the mound – but don’t count out his skills as a position player, either.

+ RHP Ben Moser (Sussex Hamilton, 2024) is another sophomore arm with an imposing stature at 6-foot-5 230-pounds. In his one inning of work, Moser ran his fastball up to 87 mph but sat in the lower 80’s throughout his outing, flashing both cutting action and sinking action as well. He also spun in a few breakers in the 2200-2300 rpm range, and was able to effectively kill spin on his changeup. 

+ LHP Bradyn Bezanson (Hudson, 2024) is a stocky 5-foot-8, 185-pound pitcher who impressed in his one inning of work on Tuesday. One of his more impressive stats from the day came from the movement on his FB, showing the ability to miss barrels. There was -22.2 inches of horizontal movement on Bezanson’s FB on Tuesday, ranked as the most horizontal movement among all of the pitchers at Tuesday’s showcase. In gameplay, he struck out one batter and did not give up a hit. FB sat 79-81 mph, topping at 82 mph. Also mixed in a SL between 65-67 mph and a CH in the low 70s.

+ RHP Ryan Sopha (Pewaukee, 2024) features an XL frame at 6-foot-4, 215-pound that is advanced for his age level. Coming off a strong spring season with Pewaukee, including a WIAA state appearance, the to-be junior had a quality outing in his one inning of work. The righty struck out the side, while working around a HBP and hit. From a high ¾ arm slot, Sopha brought a FB-SL-CB combo that featured swing and miss material. FB sat 82-84 mph, maxing out at 85 mph. The SL, between 72-74 mph, had the highest velocity in the 2024 class. CB brought 12-6 movement from the hand, and sat in the high 60s and low 70s. Advanced ability to throw all pitches for strikes, and was a riser as a class of 2024 pitcher. 

+ RHP/INF Cooper Kamlay (Franklin, 2024) is a prominent athlete in the state’s incoming junior class, inside a strong/compact 5-foot-10, 165-pound build. His athleticism creates some two-way capabilities, but Kamlay has especially impressed on the mound to this point. At this event, Kamlay sat 84-85 mph and showed the feel to spin an above-average curveball (2,139 rpm on average) in the 75-77 range. With the help of his aforementioned athleticism, Kamlay raced to a 6.95 time in the 60-yard dash, which was the day’s fastest among ‘24s.

+ LHP/OF Tyler Wille (Kettle Moraine, 2024) is an athletic and strong 5-foot-11, 185-pound prospect in Wisconsin. While still harnessing his live arsenal, Wille’s fastball is highly aggressive, featuring huge arm-side movement (20.5 inches on average), sitting 81-84 mph. He’s still developing his offspeed, a changeup and a curve, but each has flashed potential, just inconsistently for the time being. But Wille has some must-follow metrics attached to a noteworthy mix, and he’s a quality athlete, too.

+ RHP/OF Henry Bishop (Edgewood, 2024) has two-way potential in a 6-foot-3, 200-pound build, though his upside on the mound appears to be especially intriguing. While his velocity has not yet popped, Bishop shows every sign of an uptick in velocity that’ll only make him a tougher at-bat than he already is. He sat 79-82 mph at this event on a fastball that spins at an above-average rate for that velo range (2,025 rpm), as a true four-seamer that flashes carry through the top of the zone. Bishop also utilizes a short curveball that he has spin feel for, as well as an effective changeup that works well as a useful third pitch.



+ INF Marco Falletti (Wilmot, 2023) is a name that has caught our staff’s attention multiple times due to his natural feel to hit. Falletti started his day off by running a 7.07 in the 60-yard dash, which is in the top-10 from this talented event. He then moved over to his BP round where he really separated himself. While in the right handed batters box, Falletti works from a stock setup with high hands, then aggressively attacks the baseball with the ability to drive the ball hard to all fields, registering his hardest hit ball at 100.4 mph. His swing then transferred over the gameplay portion of the event as well, as he recorded a pair of hits, one of them being a double, and also used his twitchy athleticism to steal a base as well.

+ OF Parker Wyatt (Marquette, 2023), who recently committed to Dayton in the days that followed this event, had a successful showing in all facets of the game at The Rock last Tuesday. To start, Wyatt ran the fastest 60-yard dash of the day at 6.76 seconds. Next, he moved into the BP portion of the showcase, and flashed the fastest bat speed in the 2023 class, at a max of 78.2 mph. A compact swing paired with a short stride allowed Wyatt to get behind the baseball and barrel it, in which he had the second highest barrel percentage among hitters at 85 percent. All of these tools came together in live action, as Wyatt sent out one of many home runs at Fenway Park during the scrimmage. 

+ INF Caden Popp (Appleton North, 2023) was a winner from the showcase on Tuesday, as he put on one of the best shows of the day during BP. His hard hit percentage was at 100%, leading all hitters. Popp’s hits led all bats in average distance traveled as well, as he averaged 328 feet per ball he hit. At a 5-foot-11, 180-pound frame, Popp has a quiet body in the batters box, and a bat path that allows him to launch the baseball. His BP session translated to gameplay as well, as the uncommitted to-be senior went 2-for-3 with a triple, walk, and two runs scored. Popp helped raise his status as an offensive power in the 2023 class.

+ CIF Ethan Brown (Waukesha West, 2023) is nearly back to full health after an elbow injury, but that hasn’t prevented Brown from making gains offensively in the meantime. Brown authored one of the best BP rounds of the day, swinging an aggressive – yet controlled – right-handed barrel that repeatedly struck the ball with triple-digit EVs, including an event-high 102.7 mph max. Brown is a strong 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect who’s previously showcased third base actions and arm strength, so if he’s back to 100 percent soon, he’ll have plenty of pop to profile at the hot corner at the next level. He generates big barrel speed (73.2 mph on average), and it produced an average exit speed of 95.5 mph and a max batted distance of 377 feet.

+ OF Charlie Jackson (Waukesha West, 2023) is an upside 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete with a loud set of tools. A strong left-handed hitter, Jackson’s fast bat combined with his size and levers to produce some of the loudest and farthest contact of the event. He averaged an exit speed of 89.0 mph (95.5 max) and the majority of the balls he struck traveled at or over the fence to his pull-side, the farthest of which landed an estimated 363 feet. His tools in the box and even more intriguing when factoring in his 7.08 time in the 60, as well as his 19.3 mph top speed, creating one of the top speed/power combinations among uncommitted ‘23s in Wisconsin.

+ MIF Jake Schaffner (Janesville Craig, 2023), a 2021 PBR Future Game participant, began his day by running one of the faster 60-yard dash times, at 7.02 seconds. At 6-foot-2, 185 pounds, the middle infielder brought an athletic body with some room to fill out. Schaffner really stood out on the offensive side during live game action on Tuesday, as he finished at 2-for-3 with a home run, triple, two walks, and three RBIs. The to-be senior featured a short, quick swing with the ability to find barrels in every at bat. Schaffner’s work in live action proved him to be a quality hitter coming out of the Wisconsin 2023 class.

+ C Maxwell Kalk (Kimberly, 2023) is a strong 6-foot-0, 190-pound catcher who had a multi-hit game at our showcase on Tuesday. The lefty looked very comfortable in the batters box, as he began with an upright and open stance. A falling load with a short stride allowed Kalk to barrel and elevate the baseball, as he showcased at our Madison Preseason ID earlier in the year. The uncommitted catcher had two hits, an RBI, and a run scored in the game. Defensively, Kalk had consistent pop times that ranged between 2.03-2.13 seconds, which were some of the fastest among catchers. The to-be senior raised his stock on Tuesday and will be a player to watch for at the 17U PBR at the Rock Summer Championship this weekend. 

+ OF Nick Argersinger (Westosha Central, 2023) is listed at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds with athletic build and more fill coming. He is a smooth moving athlete with excellent body control. He hits with a wide base and high hands. Nick has a short consistent natural trigger showing the ability to see and react to the baseball allowing him to have consistent quality at bats and make solid in zone decisions. Argersinger displays the ability to barrel line drives to all fields. He is an instinctual center-fielder showing the ability to read and react quickly to balls off the bat and take appropriate routes to the ball. Also displays an accurate arm with carry and easy to handle long hops to the fielder on the receiving end of his throws. Argersinger is a winning-type baseball player with a high baseball IQ, always competitive in between the lines.

+ INF Jackson Hunley (Sun Prairie, 2023), coming off of a WIAA State Tournament appearance in mid-June, strutted his stuff at The Rock on Tuesday. At a long and lanky 6-foot-4, 180-pound frame, Hunley flashes projectability and room to fill out. His bat had the highest on-plane efficiency in the 2023 class at 92, which helped him succeed in the game later on in the day. Hunley went 3-for-3 with two doubles and an RBI in the game, leading all players in hits. After a strong prep season at Sun Prairie and a successful showcase, Hunley came out as one of the main winners from the 2023 class on Tuesday. 

+ 3B/SS Garrett Hietpas (Appleton North, 2023) is a dependable athlete, listed at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. He demonstrates a knack for the barrel in-game and he made a smooth play on a slow-roller during live gameplay, with a steady set of tools that should keep him on the left side of the diamond long-term. Hietpas also generates some violent hand speed that could promote a more impactful batted-ball profile down the road, in college, providing some sleeper potential in the class at the next level.

+ MIF Keli Grennier (Menomonee Falls, 2023) consistently performs in front of our staff, and this event was only the latest example. At The Rock Complex, Grennier ran one of the day’s lowest 60-yard dash times (6.95), measured by our Swift devices, and he demonstrated some sound right-handed barrel feel, which is in line with what we see from him in-game often. More notably, Grennier showed reliable middle infield actions with above-average arm strength and accuracy.

+ 1B Eli Pantzlaff (Waukesha West, 2023) is regularly a standout at our events for the ease in which he generates loud right-handed contact on repeat. He repeatedly showcases bat-to-ball skills and inherent strength that makes the most of that hand/eye coordination; listed at a stout/strong 5-foot-11, 215 pounds. His Blast Motion metrics are at the top of the charts, as he records serious bat and hand speed, and his average rotational acceleration (23.2g) led all 2023s.

+ C/1B Trenton Feucht (Freedom, 2023) has huge right-handed strength in a 6-foot-3, 190-pound build. And despite those long, lean levers, Feucht ranges around behind the plate well. He measured pops in the 2.01-2.16 range at this event, with arm strength recorded at a 77 mph high to second base. But there’s no doubt, his best attribute is his power potential. At this event, Feucht reached a max exit speed of 96.4 mph and he’s only going to grow into greater bat strength. Blast helped recognize Feucht as a high-follow hitter, someone who creates both bat and hand speed, and also rotates quickly.

+ MIF Landen Lozier (Notre Dame Academy, 2023) gets the most out of his lean 5-foot-10, 155-pound stature, with strength attached to his fast left-handed bat that he’s able lift to his pull-side effectively. His max exit speed reached a 92.1 mph high, and he’s a quick lateral mover, too, which shows on defense where he profiles best at second base, though he flashes the potential to bring real value at the position on defense.


+ RHP Edward Eveland (Lake Mills, 2023) is listed at an athletic 6-foot-1, 175-pounds with plenty of room to fill out. During his inning of simulated gameplay, Eveland arguably pitched one of the best innings of the entire event as he struck out all three batters he faced. While on the hill, Eveland showcased a fastball that he ran up to 87.8 mph, with not a single one dipping below 86 mph. Not only was this slight jump in velo since we last saw Eveland during the high school season impressive, but his ability to spot up with his fastball was also something that gave hitters problems throughout his inning. As for his offspeed offerings, Eveland did spin in a handful of hard thrown breaking balls in the high-70s mph that he spun in the 2,300-2,400 rpm range. Throughout his stress-free inning, Eveland did not allow a baserunner and walked away from this talented event as a major winner.

+ RHP/MIF Noah Dreier (Brookfield Central, 2023) represented Team Wisconsin at last summer’s Future Games and he remains one of the state’s top-ranked uncommitted players. Dreier’s mid-80s fastball carries through the zone with some of the top spin metrics in the area, averaging a rate of 2,331 rpm, and that spin works as a separator within his offspeed offerings. Both his slider and curveball record spin rates over 2,500 rpm, and each generate big horizontal action. While Dreier looks the part of a high-leverage arm at times, he’s also considerably athletic, and it works very well up the middle of the infield. His added strength over the past year or so have helped him increase the strength at impact from the right-handed batter’s box as well, resulting in a few home runs in BP at this event, and his average bat speed (74.3 mph) was the highest among 2023s.

+ RHP Tristan Arnold (Mukwonago, 2023) stands 5-foot-11, 145-pounds with long levers and thin waist that should add some in the future. Tristan impresses with loose, easy, athletic delivery with a quick arm and a balanced finish. He has multiple pitches for strikes.  He can spot the fastball 83-84 mph to edges and can elevate with intent. Has a legitimate cut fastball 78-80 mph that he uses off the same spot of his well commanded fastball getting weak contact and swing and miss on the pitch. Has a two plane breaking slurve 72-73 mph with two-plane break and 10/4 shape. He works quickly and attacks hitters early and often with a confident and fearless presence on the mound.

+ RHP Elijah Niemiec (St. Thomas More, 2023) was one of the most effective pitchers across the WIAA this spring, and the data attached to his arsenal makes it easy to see why. Niemiec’s fastball sits 85-87 mph with rise and run through the strike zone, and he mixes in one of the state’s best breaking balls, too. Combine this mix with his sturdy 6-foot-5, 205-pound stature, and Niemiec looks like one of the top uncommitted arms in the state’s ‘23 class.

+ RHP Samuel Wronski (Marquette University, 2023) pitched a clean, memorable inning at this showcase. While sitting 83-85 mph, Wronski’s fastball really jumps out of his hand and sneaks up on batters, and that’s courtesy of a spin rate that creeps into the 2,300 rpm range at times. His slider and curveball profile somewhat similarly, but his spin feel created sharp, late action on each, and polishing them up further will only add to the number of swings and misses he was getting in gameplay here.

+ RHP Leo Berger (Rufus King, 2023) is a raw 6-foot-3, 195-pound prospect with big potential. On a fastball that sits 85-87 mph, Berger generates well over 2,220 rpm of spin on average, and it runs and carries through the zone effectively. He flashes a sharp curveball as well, 70-75 mph, that also spins at a high rate. His size and room for development create significant untapped potential that’s worth monitoring.