Updated Elite 8 Rankings (Week 3)

By Greg Williams
WV Director of Scouting

This week's Elite 8 Rankings include eight new teams making a first appearance. Improved weather conditions allowed for many teams to begin the process of catching up on a laundry list of cancellations with some teams playing as many as six games in the past seven days.

Following is a look at the new teams that have entered the rankings by classification. CLICK HERE to see the complete Week 3 rankings.

Class AAA

#3 Nitro (8-0), #4 Jefferson (6-1), #5 Huntington (6-2), #6 Washington (5-0), #8 Musselman (9-2)

Class AA

#5 Wyoming East (4-1)

Class a

#5 St. Marys (6-0), #6 Gilmer County (7-1)


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