Luke Kalfsbeek
Luke Kalfsbeek
Luke Kalfsbeek
Luke Kalfsbeek




Colusa (HS) • CA
6-3 • 172LBS • R/L
Travel Team: Chico Aces


2024 National

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Body: 6-2, 172-pounds. Long and lean build. Higher waist. Present athleticism. Highly projectable.
Hit: RHH. Relaxed in stance with lower hanging hands. Load starts early as he uses a simple lift and stride. Loads hands/bat into a solid launch position. Barrel works on a more upward path. Balanced and stays connected with his backside. Used the whole field throughout the BP round. Had 2 hits in Game 2 of the weekend where he kept his hands inside on an inside FB and drove it to center for an LD single. Then he dropped the barrel on a low and in FB and drove it to left for another LD single.
Power: 88 max exit velocity
Arm: LH. INF - 81 mph. Showed a clean and easy arm action during defensive workout. All throws were accurate. Slower to release at times.
Defense:  Solid around the bag. Showed decent ability to stretch for balls. Picked a few balls as well. Wider base with feet when fielding. Let the ball come to him.
Run: 7.86 runner in the 60.

Delivery: Simple and repeatable delivery. Smaller knee tuck. Keeps the front side in good direction. Lower and upperbody move in sync. Bent front knee at landing with momemtum still taking him forward.
Arm Action: LH. Full arm circle in the back. Ball gets shown to second. Glove hand workouts up which cause more uphill shoulders. Pulls down. Arm accelerates late in the action. H 3/4 release. 3 shutout innings in his outing with 6 Ks.
FB: T81, 76-80 mph. Flashes of good spin for velo at around 2100 rpm. Thrown to all quadrants. Extension at 6.6 ft is above major league average and gives his FB some added perceived velo.
CB: 67-70 mph. Present HB break gives it more of a slurvy profile. Average around a 3:00 tilt. Worked well down and in against RHHs. 
CH: 71-76 mph. Only threw 3 in the outing and none for strikes. Showed more armisde run than FB with some fade as well. Kept same armspeed as FB. 


Bay Area World Series Underclass (6/4/21-6/6/21)

Pitching notes: Hands stay at chest with average front knee and small tuck on body. Strong actions into the frontside and good line down the hill. Full swing arm, compact to H-3/4 with easy effort and control. Was able to dial up speed as needed and find cruising range when he didn't need a swing. FB with good run and ability to get angle or ride; used it mainly armside with life in zone. CHG turns it over well producing run armside and ability to throw for strikes or swings. CB loose 1/7 with slurvy bend; times where he could get cross the plate with it and best one was tightly spun and deep. Frame and armspeed to project as one of better LHP's in class and two strong outings over weekend. FB 77-82 / CB 70-71 / CHG 74-76

Offensive notes: Slight open stance with lower, even hands. Slight foot lift staying balanced and letting the back hip drive the swing. Strong sequence allows quick hands to get on plane and drive through contact. Easy gap-to-gap carry with balls jumping to LCF and RCF. Showed an aggressive approach in games looking for his pitch and letting it fly. Heavy barrel and chance for more out of the frame as he matures. 60-yard - 7.52 / EV mph - 80

Defensive notes: Plays back and able to utilize his strong glove and athleticism to make plays. Strong arm and able to make all throws for the position. Able to pick it and uses glove on the bag well. 1B mph - 83


HitRHH. Squatted stance, keeping flat barrel on back shoulder before hand pump in load. Gets to the front foot early allowing handspeed to take over. Steeper barrel/hands working to backspin ball through middle. Handspeed present and ability to get on plane. Best contact was low liners. 75% On Plane Efficiency, 22.9 Max Handspeed, 67.5 Max Batspeed, 12.8 gs Max Rotational Acceleration.
Power75.00 mph exit velocity
ArmLH. INF - 82.00 mph. Loose and quick arm action especially on DPs. 3/4 accurate throws in defensive workout.
DefenseGood footwork as he is light on his feet and keeps his rhythm when fielding. Is good moving around the bag.
Run7.96 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Side steps into a medium knee tuck. Average stride length and extension. Seperates as his knee comes down. Everything works in line with home throughout.
Arm Action: LH. Loose, full swing arm circle that comes out of the 3/4 slot. Drops his slot slightly on offspeed pitches.
FB: T80.3, 75-80 mph. His FB worked more north/south. Had some good armside tail that helped him miss bats.
SL: 63-68 mph. His highest spin pitch. Was effective both in and outiside the zone. Lower slot than FB.
CH: 71-73 mph. Flashed decent armside fade. Slowed down armside a bit to get that lower velo. Trouble locating it in the zone.


Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 6-0, 150-pounds. Long, lanky, lean body.
Defense: Smooth feet, glides around the area gracefully, agile, works bag well, soft hands.
Arm: LH.  INF - 75 mph. Loose clean arm, strong arm that would also play in the OF.
Hit: RHH. Slight hunch, wide feet, wraps barrel load w/back elbow above shoulder, closes off small stride. Wristy stroke, barrel a bit in and out of zone, has hand speed, inconsistent barrel control, 50% fly ball%.
Power: 81 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.97 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Keeps hands at waist until separation, easy lift, slightly closed stride, falls off to 3B line during finish though avg extension (5.93) is quite good.
Arm Action: LH. Clean long circle, easy arm, highly projectable arm action.
FB: T76, 73-76 mph. Lively in the zone, flashed considerable (plus) run, high IVB numbers, pounded zone.
CB: 58-62 mph. Showed two plane shape w/feel of the zone.
SL: 69-73 mph. Small break w/minimal depth, fingers didn't quite get to the front of the ball.
CH: 63-68 mph. Significant fading action w/abundant pace off the FB.
CUT: 73 mph. Plays similar to slider.

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