George Gines
George Gines
George Gines
George Gines




Pittsford Mendon (HS) • NY
6-0 • 185LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Diamond Pro


2018 National

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2018 State

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April 2018

6-foot, 180-pound right-hander is consistently down in the zone with two-seam that shows late action, induces weak contact, effectively changes eye level of hitters, can work both sides of plate, shows confidence to use breaking ball in fastball counts; At the plate displays excellent coverage, uses all fields with power, short to the ball with level bat plane through the strike zone, power that has to be respected; strong instincts on the base paths where he shows high game IQ.


NY Games (June 25-27, 2017) 

Athletic 6-foot, 185-pound RHP, ran a 6.95/60.  Pitching - clean arm action out of a low ¾ slot, late, sinking movement on fastball at 77-79 MPH, stays consistently down in the zone, keeps hitters off balance with 2-to-7 curveball, effectively changes eye level, consistently induces weak contact. Offensively - out of a nearly upright stance, keeps hands inside ball and bat on a level path, makes consistent barrel contact with an exit velocity of 87 MPH; repeatable motion, comfortable staying middle third of the field, lower body engagement will add to power. Defensively - agile footwork, uses extra steps into crow hop, accurate arm at 84 MPH, tenacious competitor who plays his best in biggest games, above average defender off the mound.

May 2017

At 6-foot and 160 pounds, Gines commands three pitches with little to no recognizable difference in arm speed between them. Late run on fastball creates confusion for hitters, easily spots change up. Impressive at the plate with power to all fields, makes two-strike adjustments and doesn’t try to do too much. Average speed on the basepaths.

April 2017 

6-foot starter controls the strike zone, throws upper-70s fastball that he deftly uses to change eye levels, at his best commanding secondary pitches, comfortable throwing breaking ball in fastball counts, makes good decisions when ahead in the count. Impressive contact hitter, uses middle third of the field to drive the ball, gap power, smooth and level swing through the strike zone, can turn on inside fastball.

Diamond Pro Workout (January 14, 2017)

Gines has a strong, athletic build at 6-foot, 180 pounds. Recorded a time of 4.36 seconds from home to first base. Offensively- Begins with a wide stance and front foot open. Knees have slight bend with hands at shoulder height. Loads weight over back leg as front foot slides back and forward for his stride. Hand path is direct and works hard to stay inside the ball. Strong extension through contact. Finishes high above front shoulder. Exit velocity of 90 MPH, just below previous high of 91 MPH. Defensively- In the outfield, fields ball inside frame of his body with right foot forward. Footwork was inconsistent on throws. Had a throwing velocity of 83 MPH, matching his previous best. As an infielder, takes short and choppy steps to the ball. Sets up with a wide base and catches ball with hands in front of body before funneling to mid section. Utilizes a double shuffle to initiate momentum towards target. Throwing velocity of 81 MPH across the diamond. Pitching- Begins with feet together on first base side of rubber and hands in front of stomach. Has a small side step to allow right foot to pivot onto rubber. Front knee lifts to just above waist as he turns his back to home plate simultaneously. Stride is long and lands closed on 3B side of rubber. Has a clean arm action with full circle motion on the backside. Traditional ¾ arm slot with hand extension towards home plate. Fastball was up a tick from previous events to 80-82 MPH. Also threw a changeup at 74-75 MPH with similar arm speed to fastball.Potential dual prospect at the next level.

NY All-Star Games (September 17, 2016)
Lean yet highly athletic 6-foot-0, 180 pound frame. The OF/RHP ran an improved 6.91 60. Offensively- Starts open with feet shoulder width apart; bat waggles into a loaded position with barrel pointed towards 2B with back then forward stride. When on time with stride, lower half works well and is able to repeat swing path. Some length in swing, possibly due to several pre-pitch movements. Athletic enough to produce some bat speed and an  exit velocity of 91 MPH. Flyball, line drive results. Defensively-Aggressive approach in the OF, fielding flyballs off of glove side shoulder and groundballs outside lead foot. Would benefit from having this happen closer to center of the body (flyballs) to allow for a cleaner transition into his crow hop. Body gets ahead of arm at times. Suitable arm strength at 82 MPH and footspeed is there. Pitching- Sets up center rubber with an angled drop step up to a mid chest balance pint with a slight coil. Shorter arm action with glove arm/front side opening up early; 3/4 arm slot. Works up and over front side well. FB sat 79-81 MPH with down action; commanded to both sides of the plate. CB was of the spike variety with some late teeth at 65-68 MPH. Change up was above average with some sink and arm side fade at 70-71 MPH. All-around athlete who can project as a dual player. 
New York Games (June 27-29, 2016)
Gines has a nice athletic build and is 6-foot-0, weighing 180 pounds. Runs a 7.1 60. Offensively- Upright stance, slightly open, hands shoulder level. Good hand separation, slight leg kick and solid stride to allow power to be generated from lower half. Smooth rhythm when loading, bat at a 45-degree angle. Exit velocity: 88 MPH; Defensively- Comes through ball well in the outfield and improved momentum forward on the throw can increase velocity. Arm strength check in at 83 MPH (7 MPH more than it was in July 2015). Pitching- stays tall pre-windup, good leg kick, stays tall on back side. Throws slightly across body from ¾ slot, over bent plant leg landing. FB sat 76-78 MPH with the CB at 65-   68 MPH with some 1-to-7 action.
Western New York Open (July 23, 2015)
Stands at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, with an athletic body build.  He ran a 4.44 Home to 1st from the right-hand side.  Defensively- He has a smooth approach through the ball, with smooth, soft, quick hands, throws with a high 3/4 arm action, plays through the ball nicely, with lots of range, and has accuracy on the target.  His arm strength was 76 MPH. Offensively- At the plate his setup is relaxed and balanced stance, short stride, with a back load.  His hands are very compact and strong, plane is straight to the ball, and has shoulder high finish with nice extension through the ball.  His exit velocity was 82 MPH.

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