Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink
Reid Mengerink




Olivet College
Teays Valley (HS) • OH
5-11 • 215LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Ohio Independence


2020 National

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2020 State

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Body Type:  5-foot-10, 215-pound prospect.
Hit: Athletic, fluid swing that works well. Balanced launch with a path the runs into contact often. Easy juice. A guy who projects to hit for average and occasional power.
Power: 85.4 off the bat in BP.
Offensive Projection: Middle of lineup.
Field: Corner infielder with smooth actions and hands that play at either spot.
Throw: Clean arm with respectable jump out of the hand.
Defensive Projection: 1B/3B.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 215-pound physical frame.
Hit: Easy stroke that generates impressive jump off the barrel. Balanced swing with feel for contact. Has a knack for running into the barrel and can do damage when he does.
Power: 88.9 was top exit velocity in BP. Gap abilities with loft power to pull.
Offensive Projection: Middle of lineup type.
Field: Corner infielder with smooth actions at both spots. Hands are reliable/ball skills are above average for class. Lateral mobility gives a slight lean to first base at the next level.
Throw: Arm is an above average tool/plays at both positions.
Defensive Projection: 1B/3B. 


Body Type:  5-foot-10, 215-pound physical frame.
Swing Mechanics:  Open stance with a smooth load into his back leg that features a bat tip that gets everything in sync.
Hit:  Level bat path with a pull side approach.  Works inside the baseball well, and produces backspin to the pull side.
Offensive Projection: 
Field: Corner infield there plays with good feel at both spots. A little further along from the first base position but more than adequate at third. 
Throw: Easy velo. Arm plays at both spots. 
Defensive Projection: Corner Infield.


Body Type:  5-foot-10, 215-pound physical frame.
Swing Mechanics:  Open stance with a smooth and simple load into his back leg.  Keeps his hand loose and loaded through contact.
Hit:  Level bat path with natural loft off his bat.  Produces good bat speed.
Power:  Pop gap to gap.
Offensive Projection:  Middle of the lineup guy.
Field: Corner guy with controlled, easy footwork in his approach. Soft hands with ball skills that play at either spot. 
Throw: Arm plays at either corner spot. Ball jumps out of the hand. 
Defensive Projection: 1B/3B.


Body Type:  5-foot-10, 215-pound physical frame.
Swing Mechanics:  Open stance with a small leg kick and bat tip that gets his entire body in sync.
Hit:  Produces above average bat speed to the middle of the field.  Level bat path that creates backspin and causes the ball to jump off his bat.
Power:  Pop to the middle of the field.  True ball flight up the middle. Ball comes off bat very well.
Offensive Projection:  Middle of the lineup guy.
Field: Corner infield that plays with feel and solid ball skills. Picks it each time we see him. 
Throw: Above average arm with accuracy. 
Defensive Projection: Corner Infield. 


Body type: 5-foot10, 215-pound big physical frame.
Swing mechanics:  Slight bat tip that engages his entire body.
Hit:  Powerful swing that produces above average bat speed.  Pull side approach with a slight uphill bat path.
Power:  Pull side juice.  Ball jumped off his bat during BP.
Offensive projection:  Middle of the lineup.
Field: Corner type in the infield with smooth actions and above average ball skills. Not flashy but sure-handed. Looked the part at first base. Plays the position with feel and confidence. Solid across the board. 
Throw: Clean arm with well above average strength. 
Defensive Projection: 3B/1B. 


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 215-pound prospect with physical build.
Swing Mechanics:
Open stane, early bat tilt. Works on an slightly uphill path.
Worked the middle of the field, gets on plane and stays thru the zone.
Gap to gap power, generates some loft on the ball. Exit velocity of 88 mph.
Offensive Projection:
TBD. Could fit somewhere in the middle of a lineup.
Moved well laterally to both sides. Sat back on the ball from time to time. Glove is solid, needs to improve quickness in his release.  
Showed accuracy on throws from third. Arm strength is slightly below average presently with a velocity of 77 mph.
Defensive Projection:
Presently projects as more of a corner infielder.
Additional Comments:
Bat is best overall tool. Will need to focus on improving on the defensive side moving forward. 


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 210 pounds. Sturdy built athlete.
Swing Mechanics: Hits from an open to balanced stance after stride. Uphill bat path shown prior to contact.
Hit: Middle-opposite field approach shown often through his round.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity. Power potential bat with more to come.
Offensive Projection: Multiple roles.
Run: 8.25 seconds 60-yard.
Field: Glovework presented playable actions. Footwork shown is improving as he works the baseball. Good sized athlete with more in his tank.
Throw: 76 mph across the diamond. 
Defensive Projection: First base.


Body Type: 5-foot-10 210-pound prospect.
Swing Mechanics: Starts in an open stance and uses a toe tap load. Barrel stays through the zone with natural lift and shows quick, strong hands.
Hit: Good barrel control.
Power: 91 mph exit velocity. 
Offensive Projection: Shows some natural lift with quick hands and natural raw power. Could be a guy who develops into a power threat at the next level.
Field: At 1B he shows decent feet and feel around the bag. Took good angles to the ball and showcased an accurate arm.
Throw: 79 mph across the diamond.
Run: 7.93 60 yard dash.
Defensive Projection: Checks the boxes defensively for a 1B at the next level.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 210-pound physical frame.
Swing Mechanics: Starts in an upright setup from the right side. Hands show fluid back load during toe turn timing trigger.
Hit: Aggressive yet controlled stroke that plays to all fields. Lifts the ball naturally with some authority behind stroke. Swing works and path plays.
Power: 82 mph exit velocity. Physical kid with bat speed. Ball jumps. Hammered balls in BP.
Offensive Projection: Run Producer Type.
Run: 4.85 H-1st.
Field: Feel for the spot. Light on his feet with the ability to create angles.
Throw: Big arm across the infield for position. Topped at 80 mph across the infield.
Defensive Projection: 1B.


Swing Mechanics: Very fluid load, incorporating a rhythmic barrel during his leg lift and controlled stride.
Hit: Middle of the lineup frame with a ton of feel for the barrel. Consistently squared balls up to all fields in BP. One of the top BP rounds we saw on the day.
Power: 91 exit velocity. Effortless pop with natural lift to both fields. Could see him even having more in the tank if bat speed catches up to strength.
Offensive Projection: Middle of the Lineup
Run: 7.97 60-yard dash.
Field: 1st baseman with feel for the spot. Moves off the bag well and possesses above average ball skills for the position.
Throw: 80 mph from 1B, big arm.
Defensive Projection: 1B.
Additional Comments: Reid has proven time and time again that he can really swing it. Today he had one of his better showings, consistently driving the ball to all fields with backspin. Hit tool carries to the next level. Defensively he is an adequate defender at first base with unusual arm strength for the position.


Body Type: 5-foot-10, 120-pound strong frame.
Swing Mechanics:
Easy, fluid movements that create energy/balance.
Hit: Smooth swinger with a very level path. Feel hitter that square up everything. Strength plays as a louder tool than bat speed presently. All fields approach.
91 mph exit velocity. Physical swing. Middle of the lineup.
Offensive Projection:
Middle of the lineup guy who also projects to hit for average.
8.0 60-yard dash.
Showed above average abilities across the board at first base.
80 mph. Big time arm for the position.
Defensive Projection:
Additional Comments:
Continues to show impressive abilities at the plate. Hit tool carries to the next level.


A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Goes with a leg kick for timing with a slight back load to hands. Nice, balanced launch prior to an intent driven swing on a level path. Run producer bat that can do damage to either gap. Loft power shows up to pull side. Took one of the louder BPs of the 1st session. A first baseman with feel for the spot. Does a nice job creating throwing lanes with his feet. Ball skills are above average for position. Solid defender over there. Two-way prospect. On the bump the righty has a slower paced tempo to a delivery that requires some effort. Near over the top slot with a drop and drive load. Strike thrower that has feel for all his offerings. Fastball will show occasional action to either side of the plate but stays true for the most part. Sat 75-77 mph with the heater. Spins a tight breaking ball that works on an 11/5 plane at 62-64 mph.

Home to 1st: 4.9
Infield Velocity: 75
Exit Velocity: 89


Physical right handed arm with quicker pace to the delivery. Takes a lot of momentum down the mound created during leg lift while working directionally toward home. Arm  works through a high ¾ slot. Fastball stays true, while 2 seam shows good ASR at 76-78 mph. Good feel for a breaking ball while being able to throw for a strike. Curveball has 11/5 bite spun with confidence at 67-68 mph. Changeup is mixed in with downward action at 66-68 mph. Ability to command the zone with each of the three offerings. As a defender continues to show an above average ability to play the position. Moves well, accurate feeds all over the diamond, and awareness around the bag. A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Athletic load into a balanced launch. Intent driven swing on a level path. Well above average strength to swing with more than respectable bat speed. Ball comes off well. Middle of the lineup frame and skill set.

60-yard dash: 7.91
Infield Velocity: 78
Exit Velocity: 90


A right-handed hitter that starts in a tall stance. Glows through a leg kick load with simple hands until launch. Strong kid kid with a nice path through the zone. Has feel for squaring up the baseball. Ball comes off well to both gaps. His natural lift creates regular backspin. Middle of the lineup type. Checks all the boxes at first base. Plays with feel and fluidity. Ball skills are more than adequate for the spot. The 5-foot-10, 210-pound right hander with a strong, physical build. Uses a rhythmic pace to the delivery to stay smooth throughout the leg lift until foot strike. Small tuck at the top of the lift to help incorporate the lower half. Arm action is clean through a high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 74-78 mph.Curveball is spun with 11/5 break at 61-65 mph. Also flashed a changeup that had some dive to it at 66-67 mph.

Home to 1st: 5.0
Infield Velocity: 76
Exit Velocity: 88


Two-way prospect in the 2020 class. A physical bat from the right side with athletic actions in the box. Slightly downhill path with a swing that offers obvious strength. Although strength is the loudest tool, batspeed is also an above average tool. Intent driven swing that generates gap abilities. At first base he brings an above average skill set across the board. Feel, athleticism, ball skills are all ahead of the curve for class. On the bump he works with fluid tempo to a delivery he can repeat. Rolls through his waist high leg lift into a drop and drive load. Arm is relatively clean through a high-¾ slot. Fastball will stay mostly true through the zone at 74-76 mph. Filled up the zone with the offering. Compliments fastball with an 11/5 shaped breaking ball that shows gradual action at 66-67 mph.

Home to 1st: 4.9
Infield Velocity: 76
Exit Velocity: 82


The Teays Valley product stood out for his hit tool. Movements start early as he flows through a leg kick load. Hands are simple and loose prior to launch. Path is mostly level with some lift to swing. Took one of the more impressive BPs of the day. Natural tools are well above average and he feel for the barrel, generating regular backspin. Definite bat to follow. Also offers an above average skill set over at first base.

Home to 1st: 5.12
Infield Velocity: 77
Exit Velocity: 76

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