Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin
Taylor Tomlin




Deer Creek (HS) • OK
5-10 • 155LBS • R/L
Travel Team: Sandlot 16u


2023 National

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2023 State

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Body: 5-foot-10, 155-pound lean and athletic frame with room for added strength and size in the future.

Hit: RHH.  At the plate starts with a neutral stance and narrow base with an athletic posture.  Hands get set at shoulder height with a high back elbow and flat bat angle.  Short leg lift stride with linear drive in the lower half to a firm front side.  Level bat path and line drive approach.  Gets the lower half underneath the ball well on pitches down in the zone.   Lets the ball travel deep into the zone with hands working hard to the inside part of the ball.  Very strong rotational acceleration metrics and shows some current strength in the hands at contact.

Power: 80 mph exit velocity off the tee and 89 mph exit velocity in BP.

Arm: LH.  OF-85 mph.  High ¾ arm slot with long and clean arm action.

Defense: In the outfield does a good job of working behind the ball on fly balls to create rhythm into the throw.  Attacks the ball with shorter steps and good body control.  Utilizes a step behind crow hop technique with good momentum headed towards the target.  Is able to cover a lot of ground in the gaps with good foot speed.

Run: 4.50 runner to first base.


Positional Profile: OF

Body: 5-foot-10, 155-pound lean from with room to add strength. 

Hit: RHH.  Uses small leg kick for a slow load into the lower half.  Does a good job of using strong rotation out of the core to maximize his potential power.  Gets wide in his stride and has a natural lift to the swing.  Does a good job of matching plane with the pitch and utilizes a line drive approach.

Power: 84 mph exit velocity from the tee and 85 in BP. 

Arm: LH. OF - 84 mph.  Above average hand speed and tilts the ball down with good trajectory.

Defense: In the outfield charges the ball well and fields it in rhythm with the feet.  Has good crow hop mechanics and does a good job of using the whole body in the throw to maximize arm strength.  Very aggressive but does a good job of maintaining control of his body. 

Run: Above average 6.79 runner in the 60.


Taylor Tomlin: OF/LHP, (2023) Deer Creek, OK. 5-foot-10, 150-pound athletic and lean frame. In the box, Tomlin had an exit velocity of 78 mph. Begins in a balanced stance with a small wrapping load, then uses a toe tap to start his swing. Some bat speed, used flat swing plane and a back foot finish. Barreled up some balls during the round. Line drive approach. An advanced defender in the outfield, recorded an outfield position velocity of 78 mph; has developing feet, firm hands and a lengthy exchange. Showed a ¾ slot with a long arm action. Performed well in the 60-yard dash, clocking a speedy time of 6.89.


Taylor Tomlin: OF/LHP, (2023) Deer Creek, OK. 5-foot-10, 145-pound athletic frame. At the plate, Tomlin's best exit velocity was 81 mph. Began in an athletic stance with a controlled small load, then used a toe tap before his swing. Showed flat swing plane and level finish. He Barreled up multiple balls with some loud contact. Gap to gap approach. Athletic in the outfield, his best position velocity was registered at 80 mph; developing feet, soft hands and a developing exchange. Had a quick arm action with a ¾ slot. Showed his athleticism during the event with a sub-seven 60 time of 6.82. Solid on the mound, used a ¾ arm angle and a long arm action while showing good arm speed. Up-tempo type pitcher and shows some effort. Lands square with an athletic finish. Threw his fastball 74-76 mph. His 2/8 curveball (66-69) has sweeping action and some command.


Showcased a lean and athletic 5-foot-8, 135-pound frame with room to fill out as he matures. Demonstrated a quiet, even setup with hands on the shoulder to start while utilizing a controlled leg-lift with coil around the back hip to initiate his swing. A fluid and twitchy lower half generated some barrel whip through a flat path into the hitting zone finishing into a stiff front side. Advanced flexibility and control of the barrel allow for repeatable swings while registering a 79 mph bat-exit velocity. Recorded a 6.92 60-yard dash. The primary outfielder showed advanced, fluid movements with noticeable momentum towards the plate. Feet arrived on time consistently and played through the ball with a soft glove hand and easy transfers. Notched an 80 mph arm-strength from his position out of a quick, high ¾ arm-slot with some carry. 


A 5-foot-8, 135-pound frame. Offensively, the right-handed OF hits with a crouched setup, uses big leg lift, loads heavy on the back side. Front foot lands heavy and closed, some stiffness in lower half rotation, small upper body collapse at contact. Long path, negative attack angle with short extension through the baseball. Line drive, contact hitter, 69 mph exit velo.  Runs a 7.14 60. Defensively, OF shows twitchy, loose motions with easy glove action and active feet. Throws with loose arm action, ¾ slot, small glove side pull, some carry at 78 mph.


A 5-foot-8, 135 pound developing frame with lots of room to add size and strength. On the mound the left-hander works from an up tempo delivery with a quick up, down, and out leg kick before gliding down the mound and finishing to the dish. Arm action is long and quick in the back, getting  behind him before pulling it through a ¾ slot. Fastball shows some arm side run at 70-72 mph mostly strikes. Curveball has slurvy shape with rolling action at 58-62 mph, mostly strikes. Changeup is thrown with full arm speed and shows some fade at 62-64, almost all strikes.

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