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Class of 2018

Rank Name Position
1 Jonathan Childress LHP
2 Matt Rudis RHP
3 Simeon Woods - Richardson RHP
4 Adam Kloffenstein RHP
5 Braxton Ashcraft RHP
6 Jordan Groshans SS
7 Grayson Rodriguez RHP
8 Hunter Watson 3B
9 Riggs Threadgill RHP
10 Mason Englert RHP
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Zachary Davis

07.18.17 - Davis has a long-limbed, athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds. From the right-side of the plate he has a balanced, neutral set-up. Quick load into a short stride, hips slide forward at foot-strike. Quick hands with good strength at contact, level path and explosive bat speed (88 mph off the tee). From the left side, Davis loads his hands down and back, generating lift and power to the pull side. In the outfield, he has average hands and footwork, with a clean exchange into a long, high-¾ arm motion with accuracy and carry at 80 mph.