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15U National Championship

Event Info


Date: 07/22/21 - 07/28/21
Class of: 2024 (15U)
Game Guarantee: 5
Type: National
Bat Type: Wood


15U National Championship

The 15U National Championship will be held Thursday, July 22nd - Wednesday, July 28th  in 2021.  

This event will be cashless for all transactions on site.


  • 144 Teams - Invite Only
  • 5 Game Guarantee
  • Games will begin at 8:00 AM on Thursday, July 22nd
  • A game a day with pool play ending on Monday, July, 26th
  • 24 pools of 6 with bracket winners moving on to bracket play (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • Top seeds of 1-8 will get a bye in bracket play

Age Groups: 

  • 15U (Class of 2024)

Cost: $2,000.00

Game Guarantee:  5 Games

Bat Type: Wood


    • 124 LakePoint Pkwy, Emerson, GA 30121
  • Allatoona High School
    • 3300 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW, Acworth, GA 30101
  • Other Surrounding High Schools


  • $13 General Admission per day - $55 Multi-day pass 
  • Senior Citizen (65+ Years) / Military Discount - $8 a day - $40 Multi-day Pass
  • 14 & Under - Free

Live Stream & Video-On-Demand

  • Live Stream & Video on Demand will be available at https://web.playsight.com/facility/lakepoint-baseball/home
  • Live Streaming is available in single day, three-day, and monthly subscription packages
  • Video on Demand contains the ability to clip highlights and download clips and full games

In PBR fashion, the event will be highly scouted by the college and professional community.  The event will feature top baseball programs and athletes from around the country.  Through various media and social media outlets, Prep Baseball Report will continue to shine the spotlight on the future of the game of baseball and create an atmosphere and platform for the athlete looking to gain national exposure.


  1. If Zero Games are played 75% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments.  
  2. If 25% of your guaranteed tournament games are played 50% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments  
  3. If  33% of your guaranteed tournament games are played 40% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments  
  4. If you play 2 or more of your scheduled games, that is considered a full tournament.  
  5. Credits are valid for 12 months from the time of the cancelled event.  

Gate Fees are non refundable. PBR Tournaments will do everything we can to play all scheduled games.  

Teams that pull out after an event is sold out will not receive any refund or credit.  

Teams that pull out with 90 days of an event will not receive any refund or credit.

*Teams traveling to PBR tournaments will book their team hotel through our housing partner, Connections Housing.  The Stay-&-Play program requires each team book a minimum of eight rooms to qualify for admission into the tournament.  Once you have registered, a Par Avion Meetings and Convention associate will reach out to you to collect information on your hotel needs. 



PBR at LakePoint Sports
124 LakePoint Pkwy
Emerson, GA

Allatoona High School
3300 Dallas Acworth Hwy NW
Acworth, GA

North Cobb Christian School
4500 Eagle Dr
Kennesaw, GA

Woodland High School
800 Old Alabama Rd
Cartersville, GA

Cass High School
1000 Colonel Way
White, GA

Hiram High School
702 Virgie Ballentine Dr
Hiram, GA


Prep Baseball Report Tournament Playing Rules

Prep Baseball Report and the on-site tournament director reserves the right to amend these rules at any time for specific tournament play. NFHS rules will be enforced with the following exceptions. All teams and coaches need to review their event rules prior to the start of each tournament.

Age Restrictions: Either/Or

  • 14U and Up
    • Your high school graduation year.
    • Or age, your age is determined by the May 1st date of that year 
  • 14U and up players must be rostered before the first pitch is thrown of current game
  • No player can appear in a tournament game for more than one team, per division. 
  • Playing a non rostered player will result in removal of the player from the contest, cannot participate. If a team has multiple non rostered players participate, this could result in a fine.
  • Each manager is responsible for all aspects of his roster and must carry photocopies of birth certificates and/or high school transcripts to provide proof. 
  • An illegal player may be suspended until documentation is provided or removed from the entire tournament if proven illegal.

Mercy Rules:

  • 15 runs after 3 innings
  • 10 Runs after 4 innings
  • 8 Runs after 5 innings

Coin Flip:

  • 14U and above in pool play games, home and away will be pre-determined by tournament operators.
Field Dimensions:
  • 14U-18U: All games will be played on 60’x90’ fields with a time limit of 2 hours.

Time limits:

  • 13U and UP
    • Pool Play will have a strict 2-hour time limit with no new inning starting after two hours. Time will be announced and kept by the home plate umpire and/or the PBRT field manager. If a game is tied after complete 7 innings, then the game will end in a tie. In the case of a tie, each team will receive ½ a loss and ½ a win.
  • Time will begin on First Pitch
  • Playoff games will continue to follow the 2-hour time limits, except for Championship games. Rule is subject to change. 
  • The higher seed is the home team throughout the ENTIRE playoffs.

Extra Innings (Playoff Only):

  • Last hitter from previous inning @ 2nd base
  • The hitting team starts 1 out and every hitter has a 1-1 count
  • Normal substitution rules apply
  • Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of the inning
  • Semi-Final and Championship will be played with regular extra innings.
    • Tournament Director has right to decide to move the game to Extra Inning Rules stated above if the games go beyond 2 extra innings

Complete Games and Extra Innings:

  • In the event of inclement weather, all rainout games may not be made up due to time constraints and/or field availability. 
  • If rain or weather suspends a game in a 6 inning contest, 4 innings (3 1/2 innings if home team is winning) could be considered a complete game. 
  • If rain or weather suspends a game in a 7 inning contest, 5 innings (4 1/2 innings if home team is winning) could be considered a complete. The host facility and tournament director will make the final decision on all complete games.
  • In the event of a delay, games that cannot be resumed within 1 hour will be considered an official game.  The tournament director can extend the 1 hour deadline if there are extenuating circumstances - working on the fields, lightning delay, etc.


  • The MLB balk rule will be enforced and will be LIVE, not a dead ball. 
    • 13U and under MLB Balk rule will continue to follow NFHS rules, which results in a dead ball
  • 3rd to 1st pickoff move is ILLEGAL.
  • Coaches are allowed a total of TWO (2) mound conferences per pitcher, on the third conference the pitcher must be removed.
    • The second conference of an inning, a pitcher must be removed.

All teams in PBRT events are strongly encouraged to follow the USA Pitch Smart guidelines that are displayed below. PBR Tournaments officials will not police these, they are simply guidelines to take care of your pitchers arms.


Daily Max

0 Days

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days






















Hitting Lineups: 

  • All coaches/teams must turn in a lineup card to the umpire at the plate meeting prior to the start of each game. 
    • Lineups must include player name, number and position
    • Substitutions are not required to be listed on the lineup card
  • Once the first pitch has been thrown, the number of batters must stay the same for the entire game and the lineup is locked in.

14U and Up you will have three lineup options:

  1. Hit 9 hitters with a DH or no DH. We will honor the High School DH Rule.
  2. Use one EH and hit 10 with or without a DH
  3. Use one EH and XH and hit 11 with or without a DH.

14u and up will play by a modified College DH rule where the pitcher can be P/DH. (This means that once you pull the pitcher out of the game he can remain in the batting order as the DH.) (Can DH for anyone, not limited to the pitcher)

Intentional Walks: 

  • Head Coach needs to inform the umpire of the intentional walk and the hitter will be awarded 1st Base. No pitches need to be thrown.

Courtesy Runner: 

  • Courtesy runner is optional for pitcher/catcher of record at anytime. 
  • The courtesy runner must be a legal sub 
  • If you are hitting a continuous lineup that last batted out will be your courtesy runner
  • Same player is allowed to run for the Pitcher and Catcher
  • If an error is made on a courtesy runner, it is a correctable error and the runner will be replaced with correct runner
  • The courtesy runner will never be mandatory.

Number of Players/Forfeits: 

  • A game can start with 8 players. However, if a team drops to seven or less, the game will become an automatic forfeit.  The tournament director and committee reserves the right to look at and rule on all forfeits. 
  • If you start game with 8 the 9th place in the lineup will be an automatic out.
  • A forfeit score will be scored as 7-0.
  • Tournament Director has the right to amend forfeit scoring.
  • If a team forfeits a pool play game they will not advance to championship bracket play.

Pre-Game Infield/Batting Practice:

  • No pre-game infield or batting practice on the field will be allowed during any tournaments unless noted by the tournament director.

Tie Breaker and Advancement Rules:

  • Winning Percentage
  • Head to Head 
  • If three or more tied, if one team has defeated all other teams they are tied with, that team advances.  If not, next tie breaker applies
  • Runs Allowed
  • Runs Scored
  • Runs Allowed, subtracting the game with the highest runs allowed
  • Runs Scored, subtracting the game with the lowest runs scored
  • Coin Flip

Pool Winners will always be the higher seed than a non pool winner.  From there all wild card teams will be determined based on the rules below. After Pool winners, pool seed will have no barring on who advances, i.e a 2-0 team who finished 2nd in there pool will be seeded behind a 1-1 team who wins their pool.


  • A protest is only available for a violation or misapplication of a rule, not for coach/fan/player disagreement with an umpire’s judgement call (ie. ball and strikes, out and safe, interference, etc). Pitching limitations are not eligible for protest. Protests must be filed and ruled on before the next pitch if during a game, or before umpires leave field if after a game. The team protesting must make cash payment of $200 at the time of protest and the protest will only be heard and ruled upon by the tournament committee. If the protest is ruled in the protesting team’s favor, the $200 will be refunded to the team.


  • It is required that all teams, coaches, and fans comply with all tournament and facility rules. Team managers/head coaches MUST have full control of their players and parents at all times. This means “on” and “off” the field. 
  • Tournament directors and hosts have the authority to eject a player, fans or team anytime during the tournament for threatening with physical harm, physical attack, abusive language, destruction of property, or failure to pay. 
  • The tournament committee reserves the right to eject any person from the site for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior. 
  • Any physical altercation between two teams before, during, or after a contest could result in the removal of both teams from the remainder of the event and future events.


  • Any player, coach, manager, spectator and fan that is ejected from a game shall be suspended and removed for the remainder of that game. Any individual ejected must leave the complex and exit to the parking lot. 
    • *If a team is hitting a continuous lineup, the ejected player’s spot in the lineup will remain and his team is forced to take an out. 
    • Any player or coach that acts maliciously or performs an act with intent to injure, the tournament committee has the final say in the penalty for that individual(s). 
    • Tournament Director has final say in penalty for any individual that gets ejected for a second time in a tournament.


  • 14u - 18U 
    • BBCOR  Only
  • Some events are Wood Bat ONLY - please see event description for bat types allowed
  • Baum Bats are legal

Banned Bats:

  • These bats will be legal if Retooled.
WTDXCBR 2129-17  2017 CF Zen Balanced 2 5/8″ (-8) – (29/21, 30/22, 32/23, 32/24)
WTDXCBZ 1828-17
2017 CF Zen SL 2 3/4″ (-10) – (28/18, 29/19, 30/20, 31/21, 32/22)
WTDXCBZ 1929-17F1
2017 CF Zen Zero Dark  2 3/4″ (-10) – 29/19 30/20)
2018 Easton Ghost X 30/20 (USA Bat only)
DSBK08  2018 Dirty South Kamo (30/22, 31/23, 32/24, 31/21, 32/22)
2018 Mattingly Balistk BBCOR
2018 CX2 Nike BBCOR (Light Grey, Dark grey and Blue)
Vector TLS
2018 Reebok Vector TLS (32/29, 33/30)
Marruci Cat5  2018 Marruci Cat 5 (33/30, 34/31)
Marruci Black
2018 Marruci Black (33/30, 34/31)
2018 TPX Dynasty -12
WTLBBMTB330 2020 Meta Prime BBCOR 33′ /30 oz

Illegal Bat Penalty:

  • It is the responsibility of each team's head coach to monitor bats that are in play. If a player uses an illegal bat. The umpire must be notified prior to the first pitch of the next batter or before all defensive players leave fair territory.
  • If the bat is found illegal, the batter will be ruled out and runners will not be allowed to advance.
  • Using an illegal bat is defined as stepping into the box with said illegal bat
  • If a team has three illegal bat rules infractions the Head Coach will be ejected for the rest of the tournament.

Skunk in the Outfield Play - 

  • Play where the runner on 1st creates his own path in the baseline by backing up in the outfield WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Runner must take a lead with a direct line from 1st base toward 2nd base.
  • First Offense, Umpire will call time and issue an official team warning putting all players back to their starting base.
  • Second Offense, Runner will be declared out and any pitch or action by other runners will be nullified.


  1. If Zero Games are played 75% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments
  2. If 25% of your guaranteed tournament games are played 50% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments.
  3. If  33% of your guaranteed tournament games are played 40% of entry fee will be returned as a credit for a future event run by PBR Tournaments.
  4. If you play 2 or more of your scheduled games, that is considered a full tournament.
  5. Credits are valid for 12 months from the time of the cancelled event.

Gate Fees are non refundable. PBR Tournaments will do everything we can to play all scheduled games.

Teams that pull out after an event is sold out will not receive any refund or credit.

Teams that pull out with 90 days of an event will not receive any refund or credit.

Teams that pull out prior to the 90 days of an event will receive a refund minus their deposit.


Registered Teams


  Team Name City State Roster
1 .9ers Baseball Club Wall New Jersey View
2 15U Texas Twelve Black College Station TX View
3 3n2 Sticks Baseball 15U Texarkana Arkansas View
4 5 Star Carolina Newcomer Charlotte North Carolina View
5 All Star Baseball Academy West Chester Pennsylvania View
6 Athletes Lab 15u maiden North Carolina View
7 Barrett Braves 15U Cumming Georgia View
8 Batter's Box Young Guns Bowling Green Kentucky View
9 BC Athletics 2024s Knoxville Tennessee View
10 BCC Prospects 2024 - Navy Bethesda Maryland View
11 BCC Prospects 2024 - Red Bethesda Maryland View
12 Bo Jackson Elite Columbus Ohio View
13 Bodyshop Baseball 15u Lexington South Carolina View
14 BTL HORNETS 15u Rivera Shawnee Kansas View
15 Building Champions UA 15u Boyd Overland Park Kansas View
16 Building Champions UA 15u Gorden Overland Park Kansas View
17 Building Champions UA 16u Gold Overland Park Kansas View
18 Building Champions UA Navy 16u Overland Park Kansas View
19 C35 2024 West End North Carolina View
20 Cadets Baseball Silver Spring Maryland View
21 Canes Kentucky Morton Lexington Kentucky View
22 Canes Prospects 15U Fredericksburg Virginia View
23 Canes Showcase 15U Fredericksburg Virginia View
24 Canes Southwest 15U Dallas Texas View
25 Cangelosi Sparks North - Black 2024 Bensenville Illinois View
26 CBC Xpress Blue Lexington Kentucky View
27 CCB 15u Platinum Los Gatos California View
28 Chicago White Sox ACE Chicago Illinois View
29 Complete Game 15U Augusta Georgia View
30 D Las Vegas 15U 2024 BLOOMFIELD HILLS Michigan View
31 Diamond Baseball 15U Blue Knoxville Tennessee View
32 Diamond Baseball 15U Orange Knoxville Tennessee View
33 Diamond Deacons 2024 High Point North Carolina View
34 Dingers Athletics 15u Buford Georgia View
35 Dirtbags 15u Platinum Danville Virginia View
36 Dirtbags Gold Buffalo New York View
37 Dirtbags Gold 15U Sedalia North Carolina View
38 Dirtbags Mid Atlantic Miller Towson Maryland View
39 Dirtbags Steel 15U Sedalia North Carolina View
40 Dirtbags White 15U Sedalia North Carolina View
41 EBC 15u-Baker Olive Branch Mississippi View
42 EBC 15u-Foster Olive Branch Mississippi View
43 Edge Baseball Greencastle Pennsylvania View
44 Elite Baseball of MD National Columbia Maryland View
45 Elite Squad VA - Carpenter Richmond Virginia View
46 ESP Select 15u Red (2024) Oswego Illinois View
47 Game On Vipers 2024 LaGrange Georgia View
48 Gatorball 15u Gainesville Florida View
49 Indiana Mustangs 15u Barrientos Westfield Indiana View
50 Indiana Twins INDIANAPOLIS Indiana View
51 Invaders Baseball Charlottesville Virginia View
52 ISA Stars 2024 DePere Wisconsin View
53 KC Prodigy Prime Parkville Missouri View
54 Legacy 15U Powered by Stinger Fort Mill South Carolina View
55 Louisville Legends 2025 National Louisville Kentucky View
56 Louisville Legends- Regional Sellersburg Indiana View
57 Memphis Tigers 15u - Hall Memphis Tennessee View
58 Memphis Tigers 15u- Griggs Memphis Tennessee View
59 Mid Atlantic Orioles Henrico Virginia View
60 Mid Maryland United Thurmont Maryland View
61 Midland Outlaws Batavia Ohio View
62 Midland Swarm Southeast Navy 2024 Wesley Chapel Florida View
63 Midland Swarm Southeast Red New Port Richey Florida View
64 Midwest Futures 15U lake saint louis Missouri View
65 MSI 2024 Black Garnet Valley Pennsylvania View
66 Nelson Baseball School 15u Black Marietta Georgia View
67 Nelson Baseball School 15u Red Marietta Georgia View
68 NJ Rising Rebels 2024 Morristown New Jersey View
69 Nomadic Baseball Gilbert Arizona View
70 PA Shockers Quakertown Pennsylvania View
71 Pauer Baseball Dayton Ohio View
72 Precision Showcase Baseball Marshall Greenville North Carolina View
73 Prime Time Aces 2024 Alexandria Virginia View
74 Rawlings Prospects NC 2024 Oxford North Carolina View
75 Rhino Baseball- Darling Shorewood Illinois View
76 Richmond Braves 14U Platinum Richmond Virginia View
77 Richmond Braves 15U National Richmond Virginia View
78 RISE 15u Martin Midlothian Virginia View
79 Route 2 Blue Sox 2024 Meo Arlington Massachusetts View
80 Sandlot 15u tulsa Oklahoma View
81 SBG Sox Auburn Prime Opelika Alabama View
82 SBG Sox Elite 2024 Jackson Mississippi View
83 SBG Sox Prime 2024 Jackson Mississippi View
84 SEB PRIME Bluffton South Carolina View
85 Showcase Baseball - 15U Rose Franklin Tennessee View
86 Slammers Austin Broomfield Colorado View
87 South Jersey Young Guns Erial New Jersey View
88 STiKS Academy Black 15u Waukesha Wisconsin View
89 Team Carolina Indian Trail North Carolina View
90 Team Elite 15U Futures Auburn Georgia View
91 Team Elite 15U Prospects Auburn Georgia View
92 Team Elite 15U Select Auburn Georgia View
93 Team Elite 15U Steel Auburn Georgia View
94 Team XP 15u Baltimore Maryland View
95 Titans Baseball 15u Blue Kennesaw Georgia View
96 Top Tier 2024 McCook Illinois View
97 Top Tier Americans 15U McCook Illinois View
98 Top Tier Batbusters Sherman Illinois View
99 Top Tier North 2024 (Gragnani) Chicago Illinois View
100 Top Tier Roos National 2024 Tampa Florida View
101 Top Tier South 15U Romeoville Illinois View
102 TPL National Birmingham Alabama View
103 Trifecta West Chester Pennsylvania View
104 UA St. Louis Prospects Scout 2024 St. Louis Missouri View
105 USA Elite Scout Team 2025 St. Cloud Florida View
106 USA Prime Coastal 2024 Clemmons North Carolina View
107 USA Prime Michigan Swanson Waterford Michigan View
108 Virginia Cardinals 2024 Midlothian Virginia View
109 Zoned RedHawks Elite Bridgewater New Jersey View