Prep Baseball Report

PBRT Indiana Open

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Alex Acosta IN Perry Meridian High School 2025 SS
Justin Adams IN Franklin Central HS 2024 OF
Garrick Addison IN Noblesville High school 2024 RHP
Luke Albrecht IN Brownsburg High School 2025 LHP
Preston Alger WI Chippewa Falls 2024 3B
Landon Allen IN Penn 2025 C
Braeden Andrews IN New Palestine High School 2026 RHP
Collin Ash IN Roncalli 2026 OF
Bige Asher IN Columbus East 2026 1B
Jayden Atkins IN Ben Davis 2024 OF
Kenny Ayala IN Mississinewa High School 2025 RHP
Owen Backofen IN Fishers 2024 RHP Indianapolis
Brendan Bailey IN Greenwood 2024 RHP
Kohen Bailey IN Mississinewa 2024 SS
Charlie Baker IN Roncalli 2026 CF
Jacob Baker IN Noblesville High School 2024 1B
Zane Baker IN Roncalli 2026 C
Sammy Bardach IN Bishop Chatard 2025 OF
Emmett Cale Barger IN Scottsburg 2026 OF
Logan Barnes IN Marion 2026 CF
Jackson Baskett IN Lutheran 2026 CF
Lucas Bautista-Amick IN Rise Up Academy at Eggleston 2025 3B
Landon Beasy IN Fairfield Junior Senior High School 2026 C
Hayden Beaver IN Triton central high school 2026 3B
Brayton Belcher IN Monrovia 2024 RHP
Jacob Benes MI Portage Central 2026 RHP
Jackson Bethel IN Cathedral 2024 3B
Greyson Betts IN Franklin Community High School 2026 RHP
Adam Biddle IN Center Grove 2026 1B
Zach Bigelow IN Plainfield 2024 OF
Anthony Birch OH Berea Midpark 2025 OF
Brady Bishop IN Noblesville 2024 SS
Quinton Black IN Noblesville 2024 RHP Manchester College
George Bloomingbird III IN North Central 2024 RHP
Luke Bodinus IN Noblesville High School 2025 OF
Alex Boehman IN Mishawaka 2024 3B
Spencer Boisvert IN Mooresville High School 2026 1B
Jacob Bolton WI Milton 2024 C
Max Bonewit IN Blackford 2025 C
Dylan Bonewits IN Knightstown High School 2026 UTILITY
Johnny Borowiec IN Concord 2025 RHP
Cameron Bortone IN Mishawaka Marian 2024 1B Manchester College
Trenner Boswell IN Oak Hill 2026 2B
Bryce Brabender IN Mooresville 2024 OF Lincoln Trail JC
Gavin Brannon IN Connersville 2026 SS
Lincoln Bright IN Center Grove 2026 3B
Nick Broady IN Charlestown 2024 OF
Grady Broughton IN Plainfield 2024 2B Indianapolis
Ryker Bruck IN Hamilton Southeastern 2025 1B
Brady Bryant IN Shelbyville 2026 2B
Noah Buerosse IN Beech Grove Sr High School 2026 LHP
Owen Bullington IN Franklin Community High School 2026 OF
Jaxson Burns IN Valparaiso 2026 1B
Joe Burton IN Bloomington North 2024 2B
Jacob Butler IL Pawnee 2024 CF
Dominic Byrer IN Plainfield High School 2026 UTILITY
Castyn Camp MI Otsego 2025 3B
Janssen Capps IN Triton Central 2026 UTILITY
Zac Carlile IN Perry Meridian High School 2025 CF
Paul Carnes IN Lawrence Central High School 2026 RHP
Brady Carrigan IN Delta High School 2024 C
Ty Carroll IN Cathedral 2024 MIF
Jacoby Castillo IN Concord High School 2026 OF
Rolando Castillo IN Frankfort 2025 CF
Jake Cero IN Zionsville 2024 MIF
James Charland IN Carmel 2024 1B Southern Indiana
Trennon Chavez IN Concordia Lutheran High School 2026 1B
Spencer Childers IN Kankakee Valley 2024 LHP South Suburban JC
Nolan Clawson IN Harrison High School 2024 LHP Spalding University
Carter Clemens OH Wayne trace 2026 3B
Cameron Clifton IL Normal University 2024 RHP Illinois Central JC
Brady Coffman IN Zionsville Community High School 2024 3B
Nolan Colbert IN Hamilton Southeastern 2024 OF
Brayden Collins IN RONCALLI HIGH SCHOOL 2026 3B
Ethan Colvin IN Daleville Jr/Sr High School 2024 RHP
Xaiver Compton OH North Ridgeville 2024 OF
Logan Connor IN Greenwood Community 2024 RHP
Shane Correll IL Deemack 2025 RHP
Will Coughlin IN Mishawaka Marian 2026 1B
Lucas Countryman IN Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School 2025 1B
Caleb Courtot IN Lutheran High School 2026 C
Emerson Cowham IN Penn 2025 C
JAMES CRINITI IN Saint Joseph's High School, South Bend 2027 OF
Nathan Criss IN Mt Vernon 2024 OF Wabash College
Logan Crock IN Lawrence North 2024 SS Butler
Marco Damiani WI Cambridge 2024 2B
Rennye Davila IN Concord 2026 OF
Christian Deckard IN New Palestine high school 2024 RHP
Nolan Decker IN Noblesville 2024 LHP Troy
Mikey Deem IN Center Grove 2026 2B
Koan Deon IN Plymouth high school 2023 C
Conner Des Lauries WI Oconomowoc 2024 OF
Ben Dhaemers IN Penn 2026 MIF
Connor Diehm IN Homestead 2026 1B
Logan Dilley IN Valparaiso 2026 UTILITY
Dalton Dixon IN Kokomo high school 2024 RHP
Connor Doe IL Brimfield 2026 OF
Ethan Dolph IN Concord 2025 RHP
Levi Dorn IN Mooresville 2024 1B
Bryson Dorsey IN Guerin Catholic 2024 C DePauw University
Parker Dougherty IN Roncalli High School 2024 OF
Jack Dowell IN William Henry Harrison 2024 C Spalding University
LUCAS DRENGWITZ IL Normal Community 2024 OF
Landon Duncan IN Cloverdale 2026 RHP
RJ Duncheon IL East Peoria Community 2026 C
Gunnar Eby IN Mishawaka High School 2026 1B
Jackson Edwards IN Jay county 2024 LF
Cade Elkins IN Brownsburg High School 2026 C
Evan Elkins MI Portage Northern 2025 1B
Houston Ellinger IN Bishop Dwenger 2026 MIF
Connor Epley IN North Posey 2024 RHP
Jacob Erb IN Homestead Senior High School 2026 LHP
Isaac Estelle IN Franklin Central High School 2026 OF
Oliver Eve IN Park Tudor 2026 RHP
Sam Everts IN Westfield 2024 RHP Capital University
Johnny Ewing IN Westfield 2025 3B
Taye Falls IN South Central 2027 C
Andrew Farnsley IN Jeffersonville 2024 OF
Josh Ferguson IN Evansville Central 2024 RHP Marshall
Max Finn IN Indianapolis Cathedral 2024 3B
Abel Flessner IN North Central 2025 SS
Michael Fliss IN North Central 2024 RHP Cincinnati
CHRISTIAN FLOREA IN Northridge Raiders 2024 RHP
Caleb Foor IN North Central 2025 RHP
Hayden Ford IN Mt. Vernon 2024 2B
Mason Foster-Toth IN Mishawaka High School 2026 OF
Aiden Francis IN Center Grove 2026 OF
Tyler Fredrick WI Jefferson 2024 RHP
Michael Fry IN William Henry Harrison 2023 C
Isaac Fuhrman IN Roncalli 2026 OF
Mason Fuller IN Alexandria Monroe High School 2026 2B
Isaac Gadient IN Perry Meridian 2025 SS
Frankie Galan OH Rhodes 2023 2B
Brady Gallo IN Mishawaka 2024 RHP Huntington University (IN)
Grady Garber IN Fairfield Jr/Sr High School 2026 LHP
Jack Gill IN Center Gove 2026 OF
Burke Gillaspy IN Westfield 2026 C
Eliot Goerge MI Kalamazoo Central 2026 2B
Ryne Goldsworthy IN Jay County 2024 1B
Ethan Goodin IN Evansville Mater Dei 2024 1B
Roddick Gookins IN NPHS 2026 CF
Camden Gorman IN Knightstown 2026 MIF
Eli Greene IN Ben Davis High School 2024 SS
Jack Greenwood IN Center grove 2024 2B
Nate Gregory IN Noblesville HS 2024 UTILITY
Luke Gremelspacher IN ST THEODORE GUERIN 2026 3B
Carter Gricius IN Scottsburg 2024 C Vincennes JC
Andrew Guerre IN Kokomo High School 2024 LHP
John Gutierrez IN Penn 2027 OF
Bryant Haddad IN Franklin Central 2024 UTILITY
Hawk Halcombe IN New Palestine 2026 1B
Caden Hall IN Zionsville Community High School 2024 RHP
Carter Hall IN Park Tudor 2024 OF Niagara
Ethan Hall IN Abeka Academy 2026 C
Ian Hall IN Orleans High School 2024 RHP
Hudson Haltom IN Center Grove High School 2026 C
Max Hamaker IN Harrison High School 2024 RHP
Mark Hamby IN University 2024 C
Jayden Hammer WI Oconomowoc 2024 1B
Jaxon Hanson IN Northwestern 2025 SS
Harrison Haq IN Penn 2026 RHP
Holden Hardisty IN Saint Joseph 2024 UTILITY
Daniel Harlan IN Warsaw Community High School 2026 RHP
Dean Haroldson MI Mattawan Consolidated Schools 2025 RHP
Bennett Hartford IN Penn 2026 3B
Jack Haschal IN South Central Jr-sr High School 2026 LHP
Chuck Hathaway IL Dee-Mack 2025 SS
Carter Hayden IN Edgewood High School 2026 3B
Parker Heaney IN Carmel 2025 OF
Connor Hensley IN Columbus North 2024 Indiana University Purdue University - Columbus
Tito Heredia IN Columbus North 2025 2B
Mark Herman Jr. IN Concord High School 2026 3B
Ryan Hobbins IN Brownsburg 2024 MIF
Nathan Holowka IN Plainfield 2024 1B Marietta College
Hunter Hood WI Oconomowoc 2024 CF
Jake Hoover IN Brownsburg 2024 OF
Evan Hopper IN Center Grove 2026 SS
Max Horner IN Northridge 2024 OF Manchester College
Payton Horner IN Penn 2025 SS
Ty Horvath IN Franklin Central 2024 LF
Declan Hostettler IN Bishop Chatard 2025 C
Dawson Huber IN Zionsville Community 2024 OF
Nick Hublar IN Lanesville 2024 C
Evan Huckaby IN Columbus East 2024 3B
Nolan Hudson IN Edgewood 2025 3B
Aaron Huffman IN Rochester 2023 RHP
Crew Hunter IN Lebanon 2024 DH
Brayson Hurley IN St Joe 2027 3B
Carter Irons IN Fort Wayne Carroll 2026 C
Caden Jacobia IN New Palestine 2026 UTILITY
Connor Jacobia IN New Palestine 2026 UTILITY
Kye Jacobs IN Clinton Prairie Jr-Sr High School 2026 SS
Dillion James IN Columbus North High School 2024 SS
Jace Jaques IN New Palestine 2024 3B
Kasen Jarnecke IN Greenfeild-Central 2026 C
Braylon Johnson IN 10 2026 3B
Layne Johnson IL Brimfield 2026 1B
KJ Johnston IN John Adams 2024 MIF
Nolan Jones IN Covenant Christian 2024 C
Aidan Kammer WI Jefferson 2024 2B Edgewood College
CONNOR KEARFOTT IL Normal Community 2024 SS
Ryan Keating IN Bishop Chatard 2024 SS
Paddy Keefer IN Marian 2024 RHP Wabash College
Brady Keevers IN Franklin Central 2026 CF
Madden Keith WI Lake Mills 2024 2B
Cole Klein IL Tri-Valley 2025 3B
Luke Koerber OH North Olmsted 2024 RHP
Andrew Krankowski OH Lakewood 2024 OF
Brady Krumrie IN Plymouth 2027 RHP
Jaiden Kuria IN Batesville High School 2026 RHP
Gavin Kuzniewski IN Fishers 2024 RHP Ohio State
Jackson Lambert IN Brownsburg 2026 RHP
Julien Lambright MI Sturgis 2026 MIF
Collin Lange OH St. Ignatius 2024 1B
JACK LASKOWSKI IN John Glenn 2024 1B
Isaac Lawson IN Edgewood High School 2024 SS
Levi Laymon IN Indian Creek 2025 1B
Peyton Lear IN Northview 2024 1B Indiana Wesleyan University
Kenzie Lee IN Hamilton Southeastern High School 2026 C
Andrew Lehto MI Paw paw 2025 3B
Kaysen Leiter IN NorthWood High School 2026 OF
Cal Lemmons IN Morgan Township 2027 C
Clayton Lenz IN Avon High School 2026 2B
Jakob Liebenow WI Mayville 2024 2B Ripon College
Max Lindner IN Cathedral High School 2024 OF
Austin Linton IN Lawrence north 2024 C
Will Loftus IN Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory 2024 C Marietta College
Alex Lopez IN Frankfort 2026 3B
Carlos Lopez IN Frankfort 2024 MIF
Trent Lowery IN Brownstown Central 2024 LHP
Robert Ludlow IN Southport High School 2026
Cole Luedike IN Monroe Central 2024 UTILITY
Ethan Lund IN Hamilton Southeastern 2024 LHP Oklahoma State
Gavin Lykins IN Plainfield 2026 RHP
Wyatt Lyles IN Northridge 2025 3B
Alex MacDonald IN Homestead High School 2026 1B
Dennis Malloy IN Valparaiso High School 2026 SS
Noah Malone IL Brimfield 2026 MIF
Nick Manzuk IN Plymouth 2026 RHP
Brayden Maple IN Batesville High School 2026 UTILITY
Lio Matamoros IN Mississinewa 2025 SS
Wyatt Mathies IN New Palestine High School 2024 C
Riley Matlock IN Southport High School 2026 C
Kaden Maxwell IN Andrean High School 2026 LHP
Hayden May IN Triton Central 2025 LHP
Kade McConnell IN Castle 2026 RHP
Leo McEnulty IN Center Grove 2024 RHP Anderson University (IN)
Tarick McGlothin IN Rochester 2023 RHP
Andrew McHugh IN Roncalli 2026 C
James McKown IN Floyd Central High School 2024 1B
Gage Meaney IN Lutheran High School 2026 1B
Jensen Meikle IN Goshen 2026 2B
Braeden Messenger IN Concord High School 2024 2B
CHASE MILLER IN John Glenn High School 2024 SS
Nathan Mitchell OH Rocky River 2024 C
Elijah Moffitt IN Lawrence North High School 2025 RHP
Gavin Mollenkopf IN Caston 2026 UTILITY
Rhett Monday IN Whiteland Community High School 2026 C
Roman Moody IL East Peoria 2026 OF
Lincoln Morford IN Seymour 2026 1B
Mason Morgan IN Western High School 2024 C
Josh Moriarty IN Franklin Central 2024 OF
Ethan Morris IN Blackford 2024 SS
Cuinn Morrow IN Guerin Catholic 2024 OF DePauw University
Levi Mossbarger IN Home School 2026 RHP
Finn Mulvehill IN John Adams 2026 RHP
Jake Mulvehill IN John Adams 2024 LHP Lehigh
Liam Murphy IN Madison Consolidated 2024 LHP
Lake Musall IN North Miami 2026 1B
Dylan Musser IN Benton Central 2024 OF
Lucas Musser IN Peru 2026 C
Gavin Neal IN New Palestine 2026 3B
Max Neal IN Harrison High School 2024 RHP
Dominic Nelson IN Roncalli 2026 RHP
Max Newkirk IN New Palestine 2026 3B
Joshua Newton IN University 2026 2B
Parker Nichols IN Jay County 2024 2B
Jayden Ninmann WI Watertown 2024 MIF
Cole Noreuil IL Delavan 2024 RHP John A. Logan JC
Ethan Norris IN Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School 2025 SS
Drew Ogden IN Bloomington North 2024 LHP
James Oliver IN Southwestern High School 2026 1B
Jack Oncale IN Roncalli 2025 C
Carter Orner IN Plainfield High School 2024 RHP Purdue University Fort Wayne
Dominic Ortiz IN Goshen 2025 SS
Ethan Ortwein IN Greenfield-Central 2026 1B
James Paden IN Western 2024 RHP
Vince Painter IN Brownsburg 2026 SS
Jaydon Paquette IN Carmel High School 2024 MIF
Landyn Parker IN Indianapolis Lutheran 2025 2B
Zakk Parks IN Rochester Community High School 2026 SS
Josh Patterson IN Wawasee High School 2024 2B
Ayden Pearce IN Oak Hill High School 2026 RHP
Aidan Pearson IN John Adams 2024 LHP Purdue University Fort Wayne
Rylan Pedersen IN Homestead High School 2026 RHP
Joshua Peek IN Noblesville 2024 OF
Gabriel Perez IL Illinois Valley Central 2026 OF
Masen Phelps IN Lutheran 2025 SS
Kohen Pherson IN Delphi Community High School 2024 2B
Daniel Phillips IN Brownsburg 2026 LHP
KC Pieper IN Bishop Dwenger 2026 C
Carrington Pitts IN RONCALLI HIGH SCHOOL 2026 C
Deaglan Pleak IN Western 2024 SS
Brayden Polston IN Decatur Central 2026 SS
Gavin Poteet IN Roncalli 2024 UTILITY
Ian Potts IN Peru 2024 SS Anderson University (IN)
Reece Prickett IN Shelbyville 2026 SS
JAYDEN PYLE IN Mishawaka High School 2027 C
Archer Query IN Mooresville High School 2026 SS
Jax Racht MI Niles 2026 RHP
Ryder Ransberger IN NorthWood 2026 C
Colton Rapp IN Goshen 2026 C
Drew Raquet IN New Palestine 2026 RHP
Nolan Ratcliff IN Guerin Catholic 2026 SS
Brady Ray IN Scecina 2026 RHP
Ryan Rayburn IN Columbus North 2024 LHP Vincennes JC
Ryan Redding IN Lutheran High School of Indianapolis 2025 RHP
Brady Redman IN Park Tudor 2024 3B
Michael Reeves IN Valparaiso High School 2026 3B
Jacob Reinhart IN Bloomington South 2024 LF
Dominic Rennecker IN Leo 2026 SS
Alex Reynolds IN Rushville 2025 CF
Devon Reynolds IN Lawrence North 2024 OF
Zach Rhoden IN Plainfield High School 2026 OF
Dylan Richards IN Franklin Central 2024 C
Talan Richey IN Center Grove 2024 RHP
Adam Rickey IN New Palestine 2024 SS
Keanan Riedford IN Carmel 2024 RHP
Nate Risley IN Perry Meridian High School 2026 OF
Jude Rivers IN Kokomo High School 2024 OF
Damian Rogers IN Homestead highschool 2026 UTILITY
Neil Rogers OH St. Edward 2024 RHP
Wyatt Roth IN Carmel High School 2025 RHP
Hayden Rouse IN Eastern Hancock High School 2026 RHP
Landon Ruoff IN Leo High School 2025 3B
Carson Rupley IN Homestead High School 2026 SS
Nate Saget IN Center Grove 2023 2B
Michael Samarin OH Berea-Midpark 2025 OF
Eland Savage IN Hamilton Southeastern 2024 UTILITY
Noah Schamerloh IN Norwell 2026 CF
Tyler Scharton OH Holy Name 2023 SS
Kaeden Schatsiek IL Brimfield 2026 3B
Luke Schein IN Zionsville Community High school 2025 UTILITY
Jordan Schilt WI Milton 2024 RHP Bryant & Stratton - Wisconsin
Evann Schmidtendorff IN Mishawaka Marian 2024 C
Carson Schmiedicke IN Brownsburg 2026 C
Vaughn Schwietert IN Guerin Catholic 2025 SS
Brayden Schwitz IN LaVille Jr-Sr High School 2026 SS
Hayden Scott IN Roncalli 2023 OF
Elias Sego IN Triton Central High School 2026 SS
Colt Seiler IN Franklin central 2024 RHP
Caiden Sevy IN Penn High School 2026 LHP
Jack Shaeffer IN West Lafayette 2024 OF Wabash Valley JC
Caleb Shelly IN Franklin Central 2025 C
Braden Sherrill IN New Palestine 2026 MIF
Jack Shertzer IN Zionsville 2024 RHP
Anthony Shields IN Edgewood 2026 RHP
Mathew Shircliff IN Triton Central 2024 OF
Trey Shisler IN Central Noble 2026 2B
Kole Shock IN Western HS 2024 LHP
Nathan Shrock IN North Wood High School 2026 2B
Jack Simms IN Greenwood Community 2024 C
Luke Sitzman IN Greenfield Central 2025 C
Nash Skelton IN Carmel High School 2024 C
Cole Skinner IN Jennings County 2025 OF
Ethan Smith IN Greensburg 2026 OF
Landen Smith IN Greenwood Community High School 2024 SS Ball State
Louis Smith MI Three Rivers 2026 RF
Sawyer Smith IN Seymour Senior High School 2026 SS
Will Snedeker IN Westfield 2025 RHP
Jacob Snyder IN St. Joseph 2026 RHP
Collin Sookram IN Center Grove 2026 OF
Cason Soots IN Covenant Christian 2026 OF
Kris Sopher IN Kankakee Valley 2025 RHP
Alex Sorg IN Franklin Central 2026 RHP
Cooper Sorg IN Franklin Central 2026 OF
Reece Sowers MI Niles 2026 SS
Carter Spaulding MI Kalamazoo Central 2025 C
Matthew Spencer IN Westfield 2025 CF
Noah Spite IN Penn High School 2026 C
Nick Square OH Mentor 2024 OF
Luke Starnes IN Plainfield 2026 CF
Tyler Starr IN Franklin Central High School 2024 OF
Dillon Steelman IL Stark County 2025 3B
Carson Stevens IL Normal University 2025 C
Hudson Stewart IN Center Grove 2026 OF
Cayden Stockbridge IN Penn High School 2026 RHP
Ethan Stone IN Northrop 2025 3B
Jake Stopczynski IN Penn 2026 3B
Keegan Stout IN Sheridan High School 2025 RHP
Jack Strong IN Noblesville 2025 UTILITY
Cameron Sullivan IN Mt Vernon 2024 RHP Notre Dame
Tyler Surber IL Pawnee 2024 1B Illinois College
Bo Surface IN Pendleton Heights 2024 CF
Bryce Swadener IN Westfield High School 2026 OF
Drew Swadinsky IL Deer creek mackinaw 2026 OF
Stryker Swenson IN North Central 2024 OF
Ben Swiezy IN Roncalli 2026 SS
Christian Swiezy IN Roncalli 2024 SS
Brock Taulman IN Lawrence North 2024 OF Frontier Community College
Joe Taylor IN Roncalli 2026 1B
Brayden Teer IN Blackford Jr-Sr High School 2024 CF
TYLER THOMAS IN Mishawaka 2024 MIF
Cale Thompson IN Noblesville 2025 C
Deklan Thompson IN Mooresville 2024 SS Huntington University (IN)
Elijah Thompson IN Franklin Central 2025 3B
Nolan Thompson IN William Henry Harrison 2024 CF
Brody Thum IL Cuba 2026 1B
Charlie Tiezzi IL Dunlap 2026 C
Cohen Tilley IN Franklin Community 2026 3B
Juan Toribio OH Rhodes 2023 SS
Noah Treida IN Center Grove 2024 3B
Jackson Trenerry IN Penn 2026 2B
Jaxson Trueblood IN Western High School 2027 RHP
Ben Uhlmansiek IN Franklin Central 2024 3B
Lukas Ulfig IN Concord Community High School 2026 CF
Jack Urbanski IN Northridge 2024 2B
Ethan Valpatic IN South Bend Saint Joseph 2026 OF
Colin Van Poppel IN Marian 2026 C
Abe Vancampen IN Jeffersonville 2024 C Danville Area CC
Nolan VanSickle OH Normandy 2023 RHP
Chase VanTreese IN Brownsburg 2026 3B
Grant VanWoert MI Vicksburg High School 2025 C
Eli VonDielingen IN Center Grove High School 2024 1B
Lane Wadle IN Greenfield Central 2024 RHP
Davis Wagner IN Guerin Catholic 2024 RF Augusta University
Ridge Wallerstedt IN Westfield High School 2025 2B
Simeon Wasil IN Hauser Jr-Sr High School 2025 1B
Vinny Waters OH Saint Edward 2024 UTILITY
Brodey Weaver IN Elkhart 2026 LHP
Mason Weaver IN Homestead 2024 RHP Wofford
Cole Weidenburner IN Mccutcheon 2026 1B
Alek Weiland IL Uhigh 2025 UTILITY
Dylan Wells IN Brebeuf Jesuit 2024 OF Denison University
Drew White IN Plainfield 2026 OF
Justin White IN North Central 2025 C
Eli Whiteside IN New Palestine 2026 2B
Brady Wicklander IL Heyworth 2024 RHP
Blake Widget IN Noblesville High School 2024 LHP
Zane Wienhorst IN Jennings county 2026 UTILITY
Corey Wilhelm IN Westfield 2026 OF
Tyler Wills IL Heyworth 2024 3B
Bryson Wilson IN Goshen 2026 OF
Mason Wire IN Westveiw Jr/Sr 2024 3B
Hudson Wissman OH Rocky River 2023 RHP
Ethan Wood IN Noblesville High School 2024 UTILITY
Jenson Woodruff IN Carmel 2025 OF
Mckale Woodson IN Bishop Luers 2026 SS
Kodie Young IN Portage high school 2026 CF
Logan Young IN Pike High School 2025 SS
Ryan Zimmerman IN Guerin Catholic 2024 1B
Michael Zink WI Janesville Craig 2024 RHP Augsburg University
Dalton Zultanski IN Penn High School 2026 OF