2020 New Year Open

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Manny Alberto AB NA 2022
Michael Anderson ON Archbishop Dennis OConnor 2021 C
William Anderson ON AN Myer Secondary 2021 C
Colby Ariss ON Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic 2022 SS University of Ottawa
Bryce Arnold ON Blessed Trinity 2020 SS Campbell
Evan Arnold ON Blessed Trinity 2024 SS
Mitchell Arnold ON Iroquois Ridge 2022 C
Aethan Ballen ON St. Michael Catholic 2022 RHP
Liam Barry ON Michael Power 2021 2B
Jesse Berney ON St Marcellinus 2023 C
Alexander Brown ON A B Lucas 2022 OF
Connor Brown ON Kings Christian Collegiate 2022 SS McMaster University
Parker Burgess ON St. Peters Catholic 2023 RHP Illinois
Owen Caissie ON Notre Dame 2020 OF Michigan
Ethan Cane ON Sir Allan MacNab 2021 3B Jefferson Community College
Jakob Cellupica ON Bill Crothers 2021 SS University of Toronto
Ben Charbonneau ON St. Peter Catholic 2023 C
Chase Christian ON Garth Webb 2023 1B
Dante Cifala ON Lasalle 2021 RHP
Tyler Coakley ON Dr. Frank J Hayden 2021 RHP Clarendon JC
Lukas Coelho ON ODSS 2021 3B
Brendan Colley ON Markville 2021 3B
Josh Cossitt ON Dr. Frank J. Hayden 2021 C Sullivan County CC
Keaton Cottam ON Kings Christian 2023 C Austin Peay
Garrett Culliton ON St. Michael Catholic Secondary School 2020 3B
Ilhan Dahi ON Centennial CVI Spartans 2021 SS
Nicolas Daoust ON Kings Christian Collegiate 2022 3B
Matthew Donnison ON St. Paul Catholic 2023 RHP Illinois State
Samuel Dube ON Garneau 2022 RHP
Ethan Ellestad ON Durham Christian 2022 3B Onondaga CC
Kade Falardeau ON Centennial 2022 SS British Columbia
Alex Fascia ON Turner Fenton 2021 C Southwestern CC
Jonathon Foti ON St. Edmund Campion 2021 3B Lewis & Clark CC
Jack Gillis ON Nelson 2023 SS
Jayden Gouveia ON TNXL Academy 2024 OF
Tyler Greig ON Burlington Central 2022 OF
Jorgen Groves ON St Peters Catholic Secondary 2020 OF
Colby Guy ON Eastview 2021 1B Rend Lake JC
Kai Hoek ON Dunbarton HS 2020 SS Okanagan College
Hunter Houston ON Dr. Frank Hayden 2021 OF Southwestern CC
Andrew Johnston ON Okotoks Dawgs 2023 C
Ryan Khalilieh ON Dr Frank J Hayden 2022 RHP Iowa Lakes CC
Sebastian Khan ON David Suzuki 2022 RHP Indian Hills CC
Nikko Khananisho ON Bill Crothers 2022 SS Connors State JC
Noah Konings ON St. Roch Catholic 2023 OF
Michael Kovacs ON Kings Christian Colleigate 2021 1B
Carter Krawchuk ON St. Francis 2022 RHP Purdue
Brayden Krolikowski ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2022 RHP
Gavin Lake ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2023 RHP Southeastern Illinois JC
Eric Lanoue ON Father John Redmond 2023 RHP Wells College
Alejandro Leon ON Cawthra Park 2021 3B
Brando Leroux ON St Augustine 2021 SS Chipola College
Vincent Lucyszyn NY Gates-Chili 2022 SS
Cameron Lugtenburg ON St. Stephens Catholic School 2020 OF Durham College (ON)
Kyle Magdic ON Blessed Trinity 2022 1B
Eric Martyn ON Notre Dame 2020 OF
Ryan Mattes ON Sinclair 2021 SS Durham College (ON)
Josh Matteson ON Aldershot 2020 RHP Cuyahoga CC
Lachlan Maude ON Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 2023 C New Mexico JC
Carter McTasney ON St. Thomas Aquinas 2021 1B
Mac Melvin ON Etobicoke Collegiate 2022 SS Dawson CC
Aidan Mendonza ON Our lady of mount Carmel 2020 SS University of Guelph (ON)
Jacob Miller ON ONeill CVI 2022 OF Chipola College
Jake Miocevich ON St. Michael's College School 2022 SS
Noah Murciano ON Bill Crothers 2020 C Sussex County CC
Eli Newson ON Nelson 2023 LHP
Haidyn Norman ON St. Peter's Catholic 2022 3B Salem International University
Nathaniel Ochoa ON Notre Dame Catholic 2022 SS Alabama
Hayden Opyc ON Grand River 2022 OF
Brodie (B.J.) Peart ON Peoples Christian Academy 2023 SS Evansville
Ryan Pelton ON Mayfield 2022 2B Polytechnic University (NY)
Gavriel Perreira ON Mayfield 2021 C Cornerstone University
Luis Pimentel Guerrero ON Corpus Christi 2022 SS Xavier
Aiden Ramcharan ON Dunbarton 2023 3B
Tyler Robichaud ON ONeill Collegiate 2021 RHP
Jackson Round ON St Ignatious of Loyola 2022 C New England College
AJ Rowe ON Anderson Collegiate 2021 1B
Julian Russell ON Jean Vanier Catholic 2021 3B Alderson Broaddus
Kalayo Shaw ON St. Martins Catholic Secondary 2023 SS
Timothy Somerville ON A.N. Myer 2022 SS
Turner Spoljaric ON National High School 2022 RHP University of Oregon
Jonathan Stables ON Christ The King 2021 1B Southwestern CC
Patrick Stasyszyn ON Richview Collegiate Institute 2020 RHP University of Toronto
Richard Stasyszyn ON Richview Collegiate Institute 2022 RHP
Jonathan Stoddard ON Donald A. Wilson 2021 RHP Pratt CC
Quinn Tavares ON St Martins 2022 RHP Eastern Oklahoma State JC
Connor Theal ON A.N Myer 2021 RHP St. Louis CC
Weston Thompson ON Bateman 2022 SS Antelope Valley College
Jonah Tong ON Bill Crothers 2022 RHP North Dakota State
Brandon Turner ON Assumption 2022 3B
Joseph Vetrone ON Saint Paul 2022 C
Cole Watson ON St. Thomas Aquinas 2021 C St. Peters
Jake Watson ON St Thomas Aquinas 2023 SS
Josh Whent ON Sinclair 2022 OF Rio Grande
Sawyer Whitaker ON Clarkson SS 2022 C Shippensburg University
Xavier Whittle ON Garth Webb 2021 3B Bay College
Noah Williams ON Strathroy District Collegiate Institute 2022 1B
Ayden Wood ON Courtice 2020 LHP Southeastern CC (IA)
Teddy Yeo ON The York School 2022 RHP Ithaca College
Jin Yoo ON Bishop Allen Academy 2021 1B
Max Zentil ON Richview Collegiate Institute 2022 RHP University of Ottawa