If you have interest in getting paid to join Canadian baseball’s leading source for game coverage, scouting and showcases, this is the spot.

Prep Baseball Report Canada is currently seeking applications for our internship program, where our interns have gone on to work full-time within the company, or move on to roles within MLB, the NCAA and more. 

We’re searching for college students looking to get their foot in the door, and who want a job in baseball in Canada. You can still be in school while doing this job, but it requires proper time management, communication skills, and an iPhone.

This position requires candidates to be extremely proficient in Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. You need to be able to work quickly with prompt turnaround times between posts, but we also want you to deliver the proper tone across all our social media channels.

We’re looking for staff who can execute in a timely manner, problem-solve, think ahead and keep their phone battery alive while doing it all. You’ll have the opportunity to gain access to every field we step on, every player we speak to, in every province we go to.

Overall Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Must have an iPhone: Simply put, you can’t AirDrop or text videos with an Android.

  • Baseball knowledge is preferred because we want you to develop a gut feel for anticipating big moments - we don’t catch them by accident.

  • Flexible Schedule: We run events throughout the year across the province, and there’s some at-home work required as well. If you can make it to events, that’s a good start.

  • Access to a Vehicle: We get around a lot, so have a way to drive to the field.

  • Strong Understanding/Use of Social Media: If you don’t know how to use Twitter or IG, it’ll be a tough start in the interview process - we're a media empire before we're a baseball company.

  • Proficient in Google Workspace, Canva is a bonus. 

  • Photography (Also a Bonus): The ability to take photos during events enhances the experience for everyone. If you’re proficient in using Nikon’s and Cannon’s, say something.

  • Experience using Sprout Social is a bonus.

If by reading through this you feel as though you can make a strong and lasting contribution to the brand, sell yourself to us - we only want the best.

To Apply:

Please email a copy of your resume to [email protected] with a brief description as to why you think we can’t say no to you.