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6th Annual PBR Future Games Primed With Loaded Field Of Prospects

future games 2016

By Sean Duncan

Executive Director

The Prep Baseball Report Future Games is set to begin this Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 4-6, with a loaded roster of uncommitted 2018 and 2019 prospects. This year, 16 hand-picked teams, which spans 27 states, will compete at Grand Park, a state-of-the-art 22-field complex located in Westfield, IN.

Powered by Under Armour, the PBR Future Games kicks off with a workout day on Thursday, where all the position players will perform in front of college coaches. Each team will then play three games on Friday and Saturday.

In its sixth year, the PBR Future Games started from humble beginnings, with only four teams. The first year, in 2011, Team Illinois dominated the event, headlined by OF Corey Ray, who was recently picked No. 5 overall in last June’s MLB Draft.Now the Future Games has become one of the most heavily scouted events of the summer. Last year, more than 110 colleges from all over the country were in attendance.

The teams participating this year are: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa/Minnesota, Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York/New Jersey, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Mid-Atlantic (Maryland, Virginia and Delaware). There is also Team Select, which is comprised of players from Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Texas and Kansas.

On the other side of the expansive baseball complex, the Junior Future Games will be taking place, which will have roughly 650 youth players participating ranging from 9U through 14U.

All Future Games rosters are posted online, linked to players’ profiles.











New York/New Jersey









11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Corner Infielders 60, BP, and Fielding
12:45 PM - 3:00 PM Middle Infielders 60, BP, and Fielding
3:00 PM - 4:45 PM Outfielders 60, BP, and Fielding
4:45 - 6:15 PM Catchers 60, BP, and Fielding

*Position Players please report 30 minutes prior to your scheduled times. 


Game 1 (Field D3)
7:45 AM New York BP - Field D2
8:15 AM Massachusetts BP - Field D2 
9:00 AM New York vs. Massachusetts

Game 2 (Field D5)
8:45 AM Missouri BP - Field D2
9:15 AM Tennessee BP - Field D2
10:00 AM Missorui vs. Tennessee

Game 3 (Field D4)
9:45 AM Pennsylvania BP - Field D2
10:15 AM Ohio BP - Field D2
11:00 AM Pennsylvania vs. Ohio

Game 4 (Field D3)
10:45 AM Connecticut BP - Field D2
11:15 AM Mid-Atlantic BP - Field D2
12:00 PM Connecticut vs. Mid-Atlantic

Game 5 (Field D5)
11:45 AM Kentucky BP - Field D2
12:15 PM Select BP - Field D2
1:00 PM Kentucky vs. Select

Game 6 (Field D4)
12:45 PM Ontario BP - Field D2
1:15 PM Michigan BP - Field D2
2:00 PM Ontario vs. Michigan

Game 7 (Field D3)
3:00 PM Connecticut vs. New York

Game 8 (Field D5)
4:00 PM Massachusetts vs. Mid-Atlantic

Game 9 (Field D4)
5:00 PM Tennessee vs. Kentucky

Game 10 (Field D5)
6:00 PM Missouri vs. Select

Game 11 (Field D4)
5:45 PM Wisconsin BP - Field D2
6:15 PM Iowa/Minn BP - Field D2
7:00 PM Wisconsin vs. Iowa/Minn

Game 12 (Field D3)
6:45 PM Illinois BP - Field D2
7:15 PM Indiana BP - Field D2
8:00 PM Illinois vs. Indiana


Game 1 (Field D3)
7:45 AM Ontario BP - Field D2
8:15 AM Pennsylvania BP - Field D2
9:00 AM Ontario vs. Pennsylvania

Game 2 (Field D5)
8:45 AM Select BP - Field D2
9:15 AM Tennessee BP - Field D2
10:00 AM Select vs. Tennessee

Game 3 (Field D4)
9:45 AM Connecticut BP - Field D2
10:15 AM Massachusetts BP - Field D2
11:00 AM Connecticut vs. Massachusetts

Game 4 (Field D3)
11:15 AM Michigan BP - Field D2
12:00 PM Pennsylvania vs. Michigan

Game 5 (Field D5)
12:15 PM Ohio BP - Field D2
1:00 PM Ontario vs. Ohio

Game 6 (Field D4)
12:45 PM Mid-Atlantic BP - Field D2
1:15 PM New York BP - Field D2
2:00 PM Mid-Atlantic vs. New York

Game 7 (Field D3)
1:45 PM Indiana BP - Field D2
2:15 PM Iowa/Minn BP - Field D2
3:00 PM Indiana vs. Iowa/Minn

Game 8 (Field D5)
2:45 PM Illinois BP - Field D2
3:15 PM Wisconsin BP - Field D2
4:00 PM Illinois vs. Wisconsin

Game 9 (Field D4)
3:45 PM Kentucky BP - Field D2
4:15 PM Missouri BP - Field D2
5:00 PM Kentucky vs. Missouri

Game 10 (Field D3)
6:00 PM Ohio vs. Michigan

Game 11 (Field D3)
7:00 PM Illinois vs. Iowa/Minn

Game 12 (Field D4)
8:00 PM Indiana vs. Wisconsin

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