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MLB Draft Review: NL Central

David Seifert
Director of College Scouting

Leading off with the NL Central, here's a look at how the 2015-2018 draft classes are shaping up using WAR (WAR Defined). Overall, the division boasts the top team in the St Louis Cardinals in regards to drafting and developing productive Major League talent. The NL Central also has one of the worst at draft and development in the Cincinnati Reds who rank No. 27 in Return on Investment and No. 26 in the overall number of Major Leaguers produced.

NOTES: All references to a prospect’s overall MLB ranking is per MLB PipelineNegative WAR is not used to calculate total WAR. For any WAR value less than zero, 0.0 is used to calculate a team’s total WAR.

 CUBS (Scouting Director Matt Dorey 2015-18)
2015 (list): 1st Round 9th Overall Ian Happ. Career WAR: 4.7
Individual Career WAR Leader: Happ
2015 Draft Totals: WAR: 4.7
MLers to Date: 2 (Happ, Vimael Machin)
Signing Bonuses: $8.34M

2016 (list): 1st Round, NO PICK
Individual Career WAR Leader: Tom Hatch. WAR 0.7
2016 Draft Totals: WAR: 0.7
MLers to Date: 2 (Hatch, Tyson Miller)
Signing Bonuses: $2.96M

2017 (list): 1st Round 27th Overall Brendan Little. Career WAR: 0.0
                                       30th Overall Alex Lange. Career WAR: 0.0
Individual Career WAR Leader: N/A
2017 Draft Totals: WAR: 0.0
MLers to Date: 0
Signing Bonuses: $8.71M 

2018 (list): 1st Round 24th Overall Nico Hoerner. Career WAR: 0.7
Individual Career WAR Leader: Hoerner
2018 Draft Totals: WAR: 0.7
MLers to Date: 1 (Hoerner)
Signing Bonuses: $9.22M

2015-18 TOTALS   WAR: 6.1    MLers: 5    BONUSES: $29.23M

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: $4.8M per 1.0 WAR (ranks 11 of 30 overall)

SUMMARY: 2015 1st rounder Ian Happ is...


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