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Prep Baseball Partners with Brandon Guyer, Major League Mindset to Introduce Mental Strength Coaching Program

By Prep Baseball Staff

Prep Baseball proudly announces its partnership with Brandon Guyer, former Major League Baseball player and founder of Major League Mindset, who will become its official Mental Strength Coach.

"It is a true honor to team up with Prep Baseball to become their official Mental Strength Coach,” Guyer said. “Their track record of propelling ballplayers to the next level is unmatched in the baseball world. Together, we're committed to equipping every player with the tools they need to unlock their full potential and evolve into the best version of themselves not only on the field but also in every aspect of their lives."

In collaboration with Prep Baseball, Guyer will be conducting recurring live, virtual seminars for players and parents to use as a resource to help develop the mental skill set necessary to strengthen self-confidence, overcome performance-related anxieties, and rebound from the adversities players face daily – and not just the ones in the batter’s box or on the mound. Guyer will also be speaking with players on-site at Prep Baseball events like the All-American Game, the Future Games, as well as some other select events across the country.

“Brandon Guyer has a genuine passion for helping players of all levels, and that becomes clearly evident within the first five minutes of talking with him," said Prep Baseball President Sean Duncan. "Baseball is such a mental roller coaster, and no matter the skill level, every player needs what Brandon provides.”

Guyer brings a wealth of experience to this role, having played in the Major Leagues for close to a decade. Before his professional career began, Guyer starred at the University of Virginia, where he excelled from 2005-2007. He went on to make history in his 2011 MLB debut by homering in his first professional at-bat, becoming the 108th player in the league's history to do so. Renowned for his resilience and hard-nosed approach to the game, Guyer’s physical traits were only enhanced by the care and attention he paid to his mental skill set, which is something he’s helping players of all ages train and practice with his newfound work.

In 2020, just after his retirement, Guyer founded Major League Mindset with a mission to empower athletes with the mindset necessary to consistently perform at their best, both on and off the field. Through MLM, Guyer developed an eight-week LIVE online training program that has positively impacted thousands of ballplayers, from little leaguers to active MLB players. The program focuses on cultivating resilience in handling adversity and developing strategic routines to enhance performance, enabling players to unlock their full potential and derive greater satisfaction from the game.

With an impressive background in mental strength coaching, Guyer served as the Head Mental Strength Coach for the Los Angeles Angels in 2023. Currently, he holds the position of Head Mental Strength Coach for the University of Virginia baseball team, where he is also honored as a member of the baseball team's Hall of Fame.

The next MLM eight-week course (Class VIII) begins at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 28, over Zoom, and Prep Baseball athletes will benefit from a discount of nearly 50 percent. Visit to learn more, and that’s also where you can sign up for the MLM course with the code PBR350 to save $350 off the eight-week program.

Stay up to date on this partnership as Prep Baseball and Guyer continue to collaborate on future projects to the benefit of our athletes by visiting

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