Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden
Griffin Madden




Allegany (HS) • MD
6-2 • 185LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Flood City Elite


2023 National

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Physical: Projectable/athletic 6-foot-2, 195lb frame with two-way abilities flashing. 7.33 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Upright, open stance with the bat head using slight rhythm above the shoulder. Utilized a leg kick on time with a barrel-tip to initiate the hands through a whippy, slightly uphill path into the hitting zone. Was able to adjust on pitches down in the zone with loud contact through the middle of the field during a stellar batting practice round. Showcased a mature approach that carried over to game action, getting good swings off against quality arms. Posted a T996 mph bat-exit velocity via Trackman en route to a 60% hard hit rate / 40% line drive rate. 

Defensively: The first baseman featured above-average feel around the bag, bouncing to the baseball with rhythmic footwork and a low posture. The glove hand operated softly out in front, funneling inward to the chest with clean exchanges. Low ¾, accurate slot on the release (77 mph, moderate intent). 

Pitching: RHP - Started off the left side of the rubber with length in the delivery. Above-average pace after leg lift, swinging down from the stack into footstrike with athletic movements towards the target. Released from H ¾ ranging the FB from 79-82 mph (2000rpm AVG, 51% zone rate) and added a quality, short 68-70 mph CB (T2320rpms) for strikes in advantage counts. Later countered with a sharp, strikeout 70-72 mph SL approaching 2460 rpms with up to 16+ inches of HM via Trackman. 


Maryland Preseason All-State Session I

Body: 6’2’’, 185 pounds. Lengthy, projectable frame with strength and athleticism present in the movements. 
Hit: RHH. Open, loose setup with a controlled feel to begin; utilized an on time barrel tip with a leg lift stride in order to initiate the swing through a fluid and impactful, slightly vertical path. Plenty of jump off the barrel to the pull-side with ability to match pitch-plane early in ball flight. Recorded a standout 62% line drive rate per Trackman Baseball while notching an 85% hard hit rate (batted balls over 90 mph). With bat-exit velocities approaching 100 mph, Madden possesses an advanced feel for the hit tool, which should transfer directly over to game play. Minimal intent produces tons of pop and results at the dish; mostly middle, pull side approach, liking to get the arms extended out over the plate. Stayed inside the ball on the inner half with ability to get through that pitch as well. 
Power: 99 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Easy home run juice to the pull-side with doubles power on pitches in any quadrant. 
Arm: RH. INF - 79 mph. Full arm circle with whip out in front, adequate pace across the diamond. 
Defense: Wide setup on the approach with on time feet, soft hand working out in front. Projects well at first base with above-average feel around the bag. Can pick it too, giving confidence for his infielders on top of being a good target (6-2, 185 lbs).
Run: 7.64 60-yard time.

Delivery: Starts at a 45 degree angle towards the plate from the left side of the rubber; side rocker step into a high leg kick with some hip coil at the top of the stack, worked down the mound with intent and good extension through the backside leg drive. 
Arm Action: RH. Full arm circle from a high ¾ slot with no restrictions. More velocity in there. 
FB: T82 mph, 80-81 mph. Average spin rate of 1902 rpm. Better play down in the zone with 10.5 inches of horizontal movement on average (Trackman Baseball). 
CH: 73-74 mph. 
SL: 69-75 mph. Average spin rate of 2286 rpm. Held the zone at a 50% rate with up to 15.3 inches of HM across the plate.


Physical: Athletic and projectable 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame with twenty pounds of added physicality since last year. 7.50 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Balanced, open setup with the hands starting loose and rhythmic at the shoulder in the stance. Utilized a leg-hang stride in order to initiate the hands through a flat, whippy path with barrel lag through the hitting zone. Impacted the ball with a great deal of force through the middle/pull side and liked to get the arms extended out towards the front of the plate (64% hard hit rate). Generated an impressive 96 mph bat-exit velocity during batting practice while showing off the bat to ball skills accruing a 36% line drive rate. Both a 75 mph bat speed and 24 mph hand speed according to Blast Motion will play vs. velocity and should allow for the ability to hit for average at the next level. 

Defensively: The third baseman featured a low center of gravity with a repeated funnel technique into the chest/body on the approach. Worked over the toes in the posture with above-average pace across the diamond using a long, high ¾ slot on the release. Whipped it across the diamond with accuracy on the bag (82 mph) while handling the play on the run as well.

Pitching: RHP - Projects well on the bump using leverage in his long frame to get on top of hitters; worked from the far left side of the rubber with a short side-rocker step into a high leg kick flashing hip coil at the top of the stack. Good extension on the front side through a live, high ¾ slot as an 82-84 mph peppered the zone with up to 14 inches of HM to the arm-side. A high spin 76 mph SL was the out pitch getting up to 10+ inches of HM with occasional depth too. Mixed in feel for a 77-78 mph CH with ability to slightly kill spin (200 less RPM than the FB) creating occasional deception at the plate.


Maryland Preseason Preview

Body: 6’2”, 180 pounds. Strong, athletic, projectable frame. 
Hit: RHH. Hits from a tall, balanced, slightly open stance at the plate. Smooth, fluid back load with really nice hand separation. Short in to out stride with quick hands and fast bat speed through contact. Attacks the ball with controlled aggression and a more level bat path. Creates solid extension through and past contact with evident barrel awareness. Strong lower half involvement with a slight recoil and a really nice middle of the field line drive approach. 
Power: 99 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Power to the gaps and alleys is evident with even more projected as his body continues to fill out. 
Arm: RH. INF - 80 mph. Throws with longer arm action from a high three-quarter slot. 
Defense: Plays through the ball in the infield with quick, fluid actions. Fields the ball out in front with soft hands and funnels to the belt with quick, clean exchanges. Throws were accurate and showed carry to the target. 
Run: 4.56 Home to first base time.


Maryland Top Prospect Games II

Body: 6’2’’, 165 pounds. Athletic, projectable frame. 
Delivery: Controlled side-step wind-up with a long, high kick out leg kick into a tall balance position with hands set high at head height. Long, fluid stride down the mound with some uphill shoulder tilt. Lands in-line with the plate against a stiff front side with nice extension through release. Slightly upright, square finish with a complete follow through. 
Arm Action: RH. Electric arm speed throwing with long, free, easy arm action from a high three-quarter slot. Regular effort. 
FB: T82 mph, 80-82 mph. Average spin rate of 2030 rpm per TrackMan. 
SL: 70-72 mph. 10/4 sweeping shape with an average spin rate of 2281 rpm per TrackMan.
CH: 72-74 mph. Late dive action.


Physical: 6-foot-1, 160 pounds; lean, wiry. 7.48 runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. Even, shoulder width, 90 degrees; loads straight back. average effort with moderate length; 11 degree bat angle into the zone via Blast Motion. Madden is able to produce 13 G’s of force with an on-plane efficiency of 68%.  High contact approach; average Trackman exit velocity of 89 MPH; peak exit velo was 96 MPH.
Defensively: low to ground; laid back. seamless transfer; high 3/4.  INF - 74 MPH. Pitching:FB: T 81 MPH, 79-80 MPH.CB: 69-72 MPH. CH: 72-74 MPH.

+PBR Cenral Ohio Limited Series - Griffin Madden features an upper 70s fastball that will grow as he matures and gets bigger. He features a smooth, athletic delivery that will a long arm action as he threw from a high ¾ slot. He showed potential to be a big time two-way recruit as he features a strong, athletic swing with some power. As he grows he will continue to improve his velocity and his strength at the plate.

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