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PBRT Illinois Open: Takeaways

Illinois Scouting Staff

This past weekend, the PBR Illinois staff hosted the PBRT Illinois Fall Open in Rantoul, IL. This was the last tournament of the year in Illinois, and it gave our staff the ability to get one last look at a number of talented prospect before the end of fall. 

Below you can find a plethora of players that stood out to our scouting staff, broken up by age division. 


Athletes HQ Collegiate Prep 

+ LHP Joe Dusell (St. Edward, 2025) impressed in our first look. Listed at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Dusell has some present strength in his frame with evenly proportioned weight. The southpaw has a controlled tempo throughout his delivery, working into a high leg-kick with a slight tilt back in his upper-half, tall/fall lower-half that works in-line to the plate. Dusell worked his fastball in the 79-80 mph range, often playing at the top of the zone and setting up a sharp 1/7 curveball with up to 2,600 RPM at times. 

+ RHP/C Brennan Sproule (Jacobs, 2024) gave an impressive two-way look over the course of the weekend. On Sunday, the right-hander dominated over six innings while working his fastball in the 82-84 mph range throughout, staying on top of the baseball through release with some tilt through the zone. To pair off the fastball he went to a tight 11/5 curveball in the low-70s, showed some feel to land for strikes while keeping hitters off-balance. At the plate, the right-handed hitter showed off his bat-strength with an opposite-field home run. 

(Brennan Sproule)  

+ CIF Hayden Mosley (Harvest Christian, 2024) is a strong right-handed hitter worth mentioning from the weekend. Listed at 6-foot-3, 215-pounds, present strength throughout. Mosley has some pre-pitch hand rhythm to help him stay on time, hangs foot into a controlled stride, swings with intent through the zone. Recorded a stand-up double in our brief look on Sunday.  

(Hayden Mosley) 

+ RHP Caleb Williams (South Elgin, 2024) gave a strong look in his outing on Saturday. Listed at 5-foot-10, 185-pounds. The right-hander uses his body well throughout his delivery, loading into his back hip before firing down the mound with a drop/drive lower-half. Hides the ball well throughout his arm circle before releasing from a high ¾ slot. Williams’ fastball played in the 80-82 mph range with some life through the zone, working it to both sides of the plate. To pair off the fastball he went to a 10/4 slider at 69-71 mph, collecting some swing and miss.  

+ CIF Alex Simios (Huntley, 224; Wisconsin-Platteville commit) stood out over the weekend for Athletes HQ. Listed at 6-foot, 185-pounds, Simios has an athletic build with round shoulders, some strength in the lower-half. The right-handed hitter has a simple and direct swing, covering the plate with ease and taking the ball where it is pitched. Quick lift and place stride helps him stay on-time, short path to the ball, stays through impact with a line-drive approach. 

(Alex Simios)  

Cobras Baseball Club

+ C Edgar Villanueva (St. Laurence, 2027) is a name worth mentioning from our weekend in Rantoul. Playing with a team full of upperclassmen, Villanueva fit right in. Starting behind the dish in the championship game, he showed agility with soft receiving actions, as well as a strong arm, making quality throws down to second in-between innings. Villanueva also impressed with his quickness out of the crouch on a bunt, ultimately throwing the runner out at first base on a close play.

+ 1B Carter Pass (Marist, 2025) stands out physically at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds, still holding room to add on strength as he matures. The left-handed hitter has a quiet, yet confident demeanor in the box. Long through the zone with a heavy barrel, slight dip in the head at impact, looks to be able to drive the ball with authority to the whole field. Steady defender at first base, fluid footwork with reliable hands.  

+ MIF Mike Swatkowski (Lincoln-Way Central, 2025) is a lean and wiry 5-foot-11, 150-pounds with all sorts of room to fill out as he matures. Loose-levered and athletic right-handed hitter, controlled load that transitions into a flat path, staying through the zone with extension through impact, line-drive approach. Quality defender at shortstop, fluid footwork and soft hands, arm plays well with carry and accuracy. Looks to have plenty more in the tank as he continues to tap into his ceiling.  

+ C/RHP Enrique Villanueva (St. Laurence, 2025) gave a strong two-way showing over the weekend. Listed at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds with some strength throughout. The right-hander displayed a simple and compact delivery, repeating with ease and working in-line. He worked his fastball up to 81 mph and fired a complete game on the first day of gameplay to lead his team to victory. The right-handed hitter was also on the barrel on the first day, recording a triple and a double in the same game as his dominant pitching performance. From a narrow and upright setup, Villanueva transitions into a controlled stride, working through the zone with a flat path. 

(Enrique Villanueva) 

Dynasty Black Fall 

+ OF/LHP Cody DelFavero (Morris, 2024) is an uncommitted name-to-know that has continued to impress our staff throughout the summer and into the fall. Standing at a strong, 5-foot-10, 180-pounds, round shoulders with strength in the lower-half. He plays the game hard, competes at the plate, hustles out of the box, and attacks the zone on the mound. A left-handed hitter, he has a simple swing that’s short and direct to the ball with above-average bat speed. Covers the plate well with above-average bat-to-ball, uses the whole field. He roamed centerfield with confidence, consistently making plays and showing a strong arm that we’ve recorded up to 88 mph at past events. He started on the mound in the semi-final game, throwing a complete game and earning the victory. He created tough at-bats for hitters throughout, showing feel to control three pitches well. His fastball sat in the low-80s, and he mixed in a sweeping curveball and a change-up, throwing both with confidence in any count. 

(Cody DelFavero)  

+ OF Will Bass (Oswego East, 2024) played the role of a top of the order sparkplug for the Dynasty all weekend long. Compact, 5-foot-7, 155–pound frame with an athletic look. The left-handed hitter looks to keep the ball on a line to the gaps, simple and direct swing with the ability to manipulate the barrel. Quick out of the box, speed also plays in the outfield with easy range and accurate reads on balls hit his way.  

+ C Cody Ray (Plainfield East, 2025) was a right-handed hitter to note for Dynasty. Athletic setup, slightly wider base, has some rhythm in his hands before firing through the zone with a flat to slightly uphill path, hands stay mostly short to the ball with a line-drive approach. Looks to see spin well and worked some quality at-bats, staying selective yet aggressive on pitches in the zone.  

+ 3B/OF Aidan Calvey (Minooka, 2024) really looked the part in the middle of Dynasty’s lineup. 6-foot, 185-pounds with athletic build, still has room to add on strength. The right-handed hitter has some rhythm in his operation at the plate, slight hand load into a controlled forward move, medium stride length, barrel has some whip through impact with a flat path. Steady defender with soft hands, arm plays with carry and accuracy. Recently showed well at the Chicagoland Open in late August and continued to give a strong look this past weekend in gameplay.  

+ LHP Allen Chorba (Oswego East, 2024) is an uncommitted southpaw to know in the state. Listed at a projectable 6-foot-3, 195-pounds, long-levered. Low ¾, almost sidearm slot, creating natural sink on his 77-81 mph fastball. His go-to secondary offering was a sweeping slider at 71-73 mph, thrown for some strikes and to put hitters away. Loose and easy-flowing body with some funk in his delivery, paired with his low slot makes him a tough look for opposing hitters.  

Hitters Black 

+ Oklahoma commit, 1B Enzo Infelise (Providence Catholic, 2025) was his usual self this weekend in Rantoul. Currently ranked No. 6 in Illinois’ 2025 class, the right-handed hitter was a tough out for opposing pitchers. He has a fluid weight-shift load before exploding into contact with a quick, slightly uphill path. Infelise produced a plethora of loud contact throughout, recording multiple extra-base-hits on balls to the gaps. Continues to show why he’s one of the top prospects in the state, regardless of class with his hit tool.  

(Enzo Infelise) 

+ MIF Andrew Lucas (Oak Forest, 2024) is an uncommitted name to know in Illinois. Currently ranked No. 205 in the state, Lucas looked the part on both sides of the ball throughout the weekend. 5-foot-11, 170-pound frame with an athletic look and room to add on more strength. Athletic right-handed stroke, quick load and short stride allows him to be ready to hit early, hands load slightly in-stride before moving into a flat path, quick hands through the zone with a line-drive approach that looks to stay up the middle of the field. Smooth defender on the infield, soft hands with fluid footwork, easy range to both sides of his glove. Foot-speed is above-average, proven by his 6.97 in the 60 this past summer. Strong arm that plays with carry and on the move, topping out at 87 mph over the summer.  

(Andrew Lucas) 

+ MIF Nolan Galla (Providence Catholic, 2025; Xavier commit) is a highly projectable 5-foot-10, 155-pounds with more strength on the way. He’s a sure-handed defender with smooth actions that projects up the middle, pairing with a quick arm that’s accurate on throws across the diamond. At the plate, Galla has a simple right-handed swing with a quick and direct path to the ball, recording a single to left field in this look. Galla is currently ranked No. 39 in the state’s 2025 class. 

(Nolan Galla)  

+ RHP Max Bryant (Hall, 2024) is an uncommitted name-to-know out of Central Illinois. Bryant stands in a long-limbed 6-foot-2, 155-pound frame with plenty of room to add strength. He’s an easy mover down the mound with a clean and quick arm that shows potential of more to come. His fastball sat 80-83 mph with arm-side run, and he mixed in a curveball with quality spin that was up to 2500+ RPM. 

(Max Bryant) 

+ 3B Jose Granados (Joliet Catholic, 2024) stands in a strong, compact build at 5-foot-6, 180-pounds. Starting at third base throughout the weekend, Granados showed smooth actions with confident hands and a strong/accurate arm to pair. At the plate, Granados has an easy swing from the right side with power at times, driving a ball to deep right field for a triple. 

MBA Fall Upperclass - Turner 

+ 3B/RHP Ryan Apel (Homestead, 2025) was an early winner on the weekend thanks to his strong pitching performance. The right-hander worked his fastball in the 78-80 mph range, playing with some life out of the hand and working it to both sides of the plate. His go-to secondary offering was a gradual 11/5 curveball at 69-70 mph, thrown both for strikes and to put hitters away. He has some upside at the plate as well, as the right-handed hitter showcased loose and whippy arms that fire through the zone with a flat path, creating some sneaky jump off the bat. 5-foot-10, 155-pounds, seems taller than listed and still has plenty of room to develop physically.  

+ INF Dominic DiTirro (Menomonee Falls, 2024) impressed at the plate throughout the weekend. Upside build at 6-foot, 146-pounds, lean and wiry with plenty of room to add on strength. Hitterish look in the box, relaxed setup with a controlled stride that works back to the plate. Fluid hand load into a loose path through the zone, stays through the ball with extension through contact, showed the ability to drive the ball to the whole field with some pop to the opposite field. Smooth movements patterns and was consistently on-time. DiTirro also hopped on the mound and worked his fastball in the 76-78 mph range, looking to have more in the tank.  

+ INF Jacob Belott (Wisconsin Lutheran, 2024) impressed early on in his first game, smoking a triple to his pull-side gap for three RBIs. The right-handed hitter has a simple swing, starting with an open setup that works back to even, static hands throughout his pre-pitch that transition into an explosive uphill path.  

Thundercat 2024/2025 

+ RHP Eliot Roethle (Watertown, 2025) provided our staff with an upside look on Sunday morning. Listed at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, lean with room to add on strength. The right-hander has a fluid and controlled delivery, working into a medium leg-lift before transitioning into a tall/fall lower-half that stays in-line. Loose arm stroke that plays from a lower ¾ slot. Roethle’s fastball sat in the 79-82 mph range but his slider was the separator; throwing it for strikes and collecting plenty of swing and miss no matter the count, 66-69 mph with 10/4 shape.  

(Eliot Roethle) 

+ INF Aiden Cicogna (Stillman Valley, 2024) had strong showing on both sides of the ball in front of our staff. Natural defender up the middle of the infield, soft hands with fluid footwork and feel for the position, range to both sides of his glove with a clean transfer. Arm plays with accuracy and on the move. The right-handed hitter has some rhythm in his pre-pitch, waggling his hands with a front foot tap before hanging his foot into a controlled stride. Loose arms through the zone, effortless swing that creates sneaky jump off the barrel.  

(Aiden Cicogna)  

+ RHP/SS Nolan Meis (Lakeside Lutheran, 2025) was another winner all-weekend long for the Tundercats. Athletically built at 6-foot, 180-pounds, round shoulders with some strength and room for additional muscle. Meis roamed the middle of the infield with confidence and the actions to pair; soft hands with easy range to both sides, fluid footwork and clean transfer. Arm plays with life across the diamond and accuracy. The right-handed hitter uses a shoulder sway to load his hands and lower-half before firing through with a long stride and flat barrel path, line-drive approach. Meis later hopped on the mound and put his arm-strength on display, sitting 80-82 mph with the fastball and going to a sharp, slurvy breaking ball to collect swing and miss at 70-71 mph (2400 RPM). Currently ranked No. 79 in Wisconsin’s 2025 class.  

(Nolan Meis) 


Elite Baseball Training 

+ INF Drew Lufrano (Latin School of Chicago, 2026) was far and away one of the top performers for Elite on the weekend, finishing the tournament 8-for-12 with two walks, a double, six RBIs and no strikeouts. He also was dominant on the mound with 4.1 innings of work to pair with one earned run and four strikeouts. Lufrano has a projectable frame at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds, and still looks to have plenty of room to add on strength. Athletic right-handed stroke, controlled load and stride that works into a flat barrel path, stays through the ball with extension, line-drive approach. The right-hander also hopped on the mound and worked his fastball in the 78-81 mph range, topping out at 82 mph - pairing with a breaking ball around 70 mph.  

+ OF Joey Sacchetti (DePaul College Prep, 2026) stands in at a strong 6-foot, 174-pounds with room to add on muscle. The left-handed hitter was all over the barrel throughout the weekend, finishing with a line of 10-for-11 with three walks, one double, two triples, seven RBIs and two stolen bases. Wide, athletic setup, fluid rhythm in his hands into a controlled stride, loose hands through the zone with a flat path, creates extension through contact, uses the whole field. Tracked the ball well throughout gameplay making several quality catches while on the run in centerfield. Played a key role in Elite Baseball capturing the tournament title.  

(Joey Sacchetti)

+ LHP John Olejniczak (Oak Lawn, 2026) Highly projectable at 6-foot-1, 155 pounds. Moved pitches around the zone efficiently, inducing weak contact and swing/miss. Fastball sat 77-80 mph, working to his glove-side consistently. Curveball had a sharp 11/5 break to it sitting 64-66 mph. Pitched Elite Baseball Training to a win in the championship game. Also showcased strong bat-to-ball skills going 2-for-2 in the championship game with two singles.

(John Olejniczak)

+ INF Jacob Jelinek (St. Ignatius, 2026) stands at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds and has all sorts of room for added strength in his projectable frame. The right-handed hitter gives off a confident presence in the box with a hitterish look; crouched and athletic setup, hangs foot into a controlled stride, hands work loosely through the zone with extension out front. Works deep into counts and has a good feel for the strike zone, rarely chasing and staying selective. Expect more power as he continues to fill out.  

Hitters Black 

+ 1B Cole Sisti (Plainfield, 2026) stands out physically at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. Strong right-handed hitter, loose hands and arms through the zone, works with a mostly flat barrel path, looks to use the whole field while keeping the ball on a line. Quality defender at first, sure-handed with fluid footwork around the base.  

(Cole Sisti)

+ OF John Strzechowski (St. Laurence, 2026) currently comes in as the No. 47 ranked prospect in IL. Listed at 6-foot, 160-pounds, Strzechowski has a lean and projectable build. The right-handed hitter has upside in his swing; working with a controlled stride, creating slight hand-separation before footstrike, still remains short and quick to the ball with a loose barrel through the zone, creating extension through contact. Upside athlete and bat to know within the state. 

(John Strzechowski)  

+ INF Johnny Weiss (Mundelein, 2026) looked the part as a left-handed hitting table-setter for Hitters all weekend. 5-foot-9, 140-pounds, lean with plenty of room to add on strength. Weiss has a simple and smooth stroke, staying flat through the zone and consistently staying on-time, wearing out the middle of the field with line-drive singles. Above-average bat to ball skills with limited swing and miss. 

(Johnny Weiss) 

+ OF Daniel Coyle (St. Laurence, 2026) is one of the top prospects in IL’s 2026 class, currently slotted at No. 17 in the state. 5-foot-9, 150-pound frame with some strength, round shoulders and an athletic build. Coyle looks the part in the uniform and backs it up with his play, roaming centerfield with athletic actions and clear feel for the position; range to balls in the gaps with steady hands and a strong arm to pair. The right-handed hitter has a confident presence in the box with clear feel to hit; fluid hand load with a short and repeatable stride, loose/quick hands fire through the zone with intent and a flat path, stays through the ball and looks to use the whole field. Upside right-handed hitter that saw a notable amount of playing time on varsity last season.  

MBA Fall 16U Fountain 

+ 3B Brayden Williams (Wauwatosa West, 2026) stands in a compact frame with strength; he's seemingly gotten taller since our last look in March. The right-handed hitter impressed throughout the tournament with his quiet load and simple swing that stayed direct to the ball with a flat path. He was on the barrel in multiple looks, including blasting a double to left field. Quality defender at third base with steady hands and an accurate arm.  

(Brayden Williams) 

+ LHP Dawson Young (Germantown, 2026) had a quality outing on Sunday for MBA. The 5-foot-9, 160-pound southpaw showed a clear feel to pitch, working an effective fastball/curveball combination for strikes. His fastball played in the low-70s, while his curveball played around 63-65 mph. Clean and repeatable delivery, look for Young to gain velocity as he continues to mature and develop.  

Midwest Renegades 

+ LHP Aidan Niemerg (Teutopolis, 2027) had a stellar showing on the mound on Sunday. The southpaw fired five innings and scattered just three hits, one earned run, one walk and struck out 10 along the way. Miemerg worked his fastball around 70 mph, topping out at 71 mph and paired it with a curveball around 60 mph. Showed some feel to pitch and changed speeds, collected swing and miss on the curveball.  

+ C Nolan Schumacher (Teutopolis, 2027) showed some upside at the plate over the weekend. Highly projectable 5-foot-11, 130-pound frame, lean and wiry with plenty of room to fill out. The left-handed hitter has a simple and loose stroke, showing above-average barrel control and plate coverage. Whole-field approach, collected two hits in the first game on Saturday.  

Next Level Baseball 

+ INF Gianni Romo (Mt. Carmel, 2027) is athletically built at 5-foot-9, 145-pounds with all sorts of room to fill out. The infielder looks the part up the middle of the field, boasting soft hands with smooth and athletic actions. The right-handed hitter gives a mature presence in the box, athletic right-handed swing with some looseness in his hands through the zone. Aggressive takes at the plate, ready to hit. Quick first step out of the box.  

+ OF Jacob Rufino (Elgin, 2027) is another upside prospect for Next Level, standing in at 5-foot-10, 145-pounds with long, lean levers and room to add on strength. The right-handed hitter has a loose stroke with upside, athletic hands with the ability to manipulate the barrel, looks to use the whole field. Athletic defender in centerfield, quick first step with long/athletic strides, covers ground easily and moves well into a crow hop. Arm plays with accuracy to his target.  

+ RHP Liam Nash (Westminster Christian, 2027) was a key force for Next Level, assisting in their deep playoff push. The right-hander’s first outing came on Saturday against a tough Hitters lineup, where he fired four innings with one earned run and four strikeouts. The following day, Nash toed the rubber once again in the semi-finals, this time firing seven innings of three-hit ball with no earned runs and 11 strikeouts. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound right-hander ran his fastball up to 75 mph, cruising comfortably in the low-70s with an effective curveball to pair, keeping hitters off-balance.  

Rantoul Rush

+ RHP Ike Young (Monticello, 2027) was one of the more intriguing prospects in attendance all weekend. Listed at an uber-projectable 6-foot-1 160-pounds, long/lean levers with room to add on strength. The right-hander has a low-effort and easy delivery, simple tall/fall operation down the mound that works in-line, athletic finish with a loose and whippy arm, over-the-top slot. Young worked his fastball in the 82-85 mph range, playing with some carry through the zone and collecting plenty of swing and miss. To pair off the fastball he went to a mid-70s breaking ball, developing feel and spin with 11/5 shape. Upside arm to know in IL.  

(Ike Young)

South Central Storm Chasers  

+ RHP Jack Compton (North Clay, 2026) is a name out of Southern Illinois that impressed on the mound this weekend. A high-waisted, wiry build, Compton has a clean and controlled delivery that works in-line down the mound. He has fluidity in his arm action with clear acceleration out front, showing potential for a velocity tick as he continues to physically mature. He threw a complete game (3 IP) one-hitter, attacking hitters with multiple pitches. His fastball sat in the mid-70s, and he showed a sharp biting slider with short, horizontal movement.  

(Jack Compton)

+ 3B Trevan Sidwell (South Central, 2026) and SS Ian Jones (North Clay, 2026) are two names that impressed this weekend. Sidwell stands in a stronger build at 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. He started at third base and batted third. He has a fluid right-handed load with a smooth and controlled swing that stays on balance through contact. He delivered a single in this look, including an RBI sac fly to right field. Jones stands in an athletic and projectable frame at 6-foot, 150-pounds. He impressed up the middle with his athletic and fluid actions. He’s a right-handed hitter that has a small weight-shift load back and a flatter bat path. Jones didn’t get many opportunities to hit on Sunday, drawing multiple walks in this look. Both players are names-to-know in Southern Illinois.  

+ RHP Andrew Probst (Teutopolis, 2025) stands out immediately thanks to his towering 6-foot-9, 185-pound frame, highly projectable with lean/long levers. The right-hander repeated his delivery extremely well for his size, filling up the zone with three pitches for strikes. His fastball played in the 72-74 mph range, setting up a low-60s curveball and straight changeup, thrown with fastball arm-speed. Probst still has plenty more in the tank as he is only starting to develop physically.  

Triple Crown 

+ RHP Brady Danford (Oregon-Davis, 2026) was an upside right-hander that stood out for Triple Crown. Listed at 6-foot, 160-pounds, Danford is lean and athletic while still holding plenty of room to fill out. The right-hander is an athletic mover down the mound and showed the ability to repeat his delivery. His fastball played with life out of his hand at 76-78 mph, consistently finding the zone and showing some feel to locate to both sides of the plate.  

Triple Crown Threat 

+ OF Max Truby (Boone Grove, 2026) was an athletic outfielder to note for Triple Crown Threat. Listed at 5-foot-8, 155-pounds, Truby looks the part in a uniform and also has some room for added strength. The right-handed hitter has an athletic stroke with some feel to hit, working line-drives to the whole field. Above-average bat-to-ball skills for his age, consistently worked on the barrel.  

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