Blast Motion Player of the Week - Dominic Hendricks (TN)

Joe Tourville
Blast Motion Baseball

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Tennessee…home to country music, tasty BBQ, the great smoky mountains, and ball players who just absolutely move! I always love looking at PBR -Tennessee’s data because it’s just filled with just absolute specimens. Well… 2021 Dominic Hendricks is no exception to that. If you want to see scalable athleticism, you’ll want to head to Smyrna High School in TN and take a look at Hendricks. 

When looking at Hendrick’s Blast data from two different PBR events it just reads high ceiling. Hendricks has solid bat speed. He averages around 66 mph and gets up to the high 60’s. Hendrick’s also averaged in the low 20’s for Rotational Acceleration at two different PBR – Tennessee showcases. That has to be the result of elite movements. When looking at his video on the PBR website you can really see how quickly he accelerates his swing into his peak bat speed. Also, subjectively, he just looks like he’s going to add more strength, as most young hitters do. He has a frame that’s just begging for more mass. Once Hendrick’s does add that dynamic strength, his bat speed will gradually increase, resulting in more raw power for him to accelerate into. That will give him the ability to start his swing later, which mean he can make later decisions on pitches, which also means less vulnerable to off speed pitches. I’m bullish on this uncommitted 2021 from Tennessee and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2021 has in store for him.

Blast Motion is used for evaluation and player development from amateur to Major League Baseball. The Blast Motion swing analyzer is the most accurate bat sensor in the industry and provides players, coaches, and evaluators objective metrics to provide valuable context to the players swing at an affordable price. 


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