Prep Baseball Report

Green Bay Rising Stars ID: Takeaways and Statistical Analysis

By: Wisconsin Staff

On April 9, the Prep Baseball Wisconsin staff traveled to Impact Sport Academy in De Pere, Wis., to host the annual Green Bay Rising Stars. This event featured prospects from the 2028 and 2029 graduating classes and has consistently provided our staff with the names of players to consider inviting to the PBR Junior Future Games where they’ll represent Team Wisconsin at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA., at the end of the summer.

Now, at the event's conclusion, our staff will begin to compile some of our takeaways from this event while also hitting on some of the day's stat leaders. Below you'll find which players popped to our scouts, as well as which prospects headlined our respective statistical categories.


+ INF Porter Meach (Xavier, 2029) is a projectable framed third-baseman who showcased impressive ability with the bat at Tuesday’s showcase. Meach drove the ball to all fields with a balanced approach and easy bat speed through the baseball. During infield, the 2029 grad showcased clean and soft hands working through the baseball and showing an accurate arm through the target.

+ 1B/RHP Parker Macrae (Pulaski High, 2028) impressed as a two-way prospect at the event. With the bat, Macrae registered the third best max exit velocity of the event at 86.3 mph and hit the fourth furthest ball of the day of 298 feet. On the mound, Macrae showcased a two-pitch mix featuring a fastball/curveball combination and was up to 73 mph and will likely add more velocity once he adds more strength.

+ OF/RHP Carson Tegelman (Appleton North, 2028) had an impressive day as a two way prospect with some upside. On the mound, Tegelman had the fifth best fastball velocity (77 mph) with a curveball and a change up to round out his three pitch mix. With the bat, Tegelman hit with a balanced and efficient swing through the baseball and hit balls through both gaps consistently. The right handed hitter registered an 83.8 mph max exit velocity which was one of the best for the event. Last, his 80 mph throw from the outfield was an event best.

+ OF/LHP Robert Perez II (Bayport, 2029) hit with a short and direct left handed swing that produced hard contact throughout his round. On the mound Perez had a loose and fluid delivery that produced strikes throughout his bullpen with a solid four-pitch mix with his fastball, slider, curveball and change up.

+ INF/RHP Tyler Siudzinski (Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, 2028) showed feel to hit with power at Tuesday’s event, working from a wide, open base and staying back to maintain balance. He has quick hands and a level path, working aggressively to the ball to reach 82 mph off the bat. The future Triton showed a quick first step and some bounce with overall athletic actions. On the bump, it’s a methodical delivery with a controlled, slightly closed stride downhill. The arm action is compact and clean from a ¾ slot. Siudzinski worked with a three-pitch mix - a fastball with life and some arm-side run, a curveball with 12/6 action and a changeup with some gradual depth.

+ 3B/RHP Jarek Goszkowski (Hortonville, 2028) was a standout at the event, showing clear hitting ability with some power. The set-up is closed with a short leg lift that leads to a pull-side approach at the plate. The path is slightly uphill, resulting in some loft. On the mound, it’s a big arm action with a high-¾ slot and fluid, directional movement to the plate. The three-pitch mix included a mid-60s fastball, curveball with 1/7 shape and a low-60s splitter that featured late sink. Goszkowski showed some ability to pitch, but his future likely resides in the infield.

+ 3B/RHP Owen Adams (Bay Port, 2029) is a young infielder with talent both ways. At the plate, it’s a stock set-up with a simple load that allows him to repeat. The bat path is level, direct to the ball with a middle/opposite field approach. Adams reached 79 mph off the bat. Defensively, the future Pirate showed a quick exchange and controlled movement. On the mound, Adams worked a high leg kick and a tall-and-fall lower half into a full arm action with a ¾ slot. The fastball had slight cutting action at 68-70 mph, up to 71 mph. The curveball was in the zone with sharp 1/7 break, while his changeup was thrown with intent and some run.

+ 1B/LHP Easton Brooks (Mosinee, 2028) showed feel to hit and a high-upside arm at the Green Bay rising stars event. The lefty worked from a wide base, staying back while gaining ground toward the pitcher. His quick hands and plus bat speed led to a top exit velocity of 85 mph, one of the highest of the day. On the mound, it’s a smooth, tall-and-fall delivery with direction to the plate. The arm path is full and loose out of a high-¾ slot. His 75-78 mph fastball had life out of the hand and through the zone with some late ride and carry. Brooks showed two breaking balls - a low-60s curveball with 11/5 action and an upper-60s slider with short, tight horizontal action.

+ C Logan Van Lanen-Erickson (West De Pere, 2028) impressed with what he was able to do with the bat at the event. Lanen-Erickson showcased a smooth and balanced right-handed swing with a gap to gap approach and barrelled up multiple balls for line drives. His hands showed some softness behind the plate on defense as well.

+ RHP/UTL Andrew Wiesner (Sevastopol, 2028) was making loud contact throughout his round in batting practice. Wiesner opened some eyes with his event best 86.4 max exit velocity and was hitting line drives to all fields. With the glove, he showcased clean hands working through the ball with athleticism. Wiesner also showed out well on the mound with a fastball up to 77 mph and a useful curveball, slider and change for an effective four-pitch mix.

+ RHP/SS Teagan Tate (Oconto Falls, 2029) showed out both ways at the event as one of the standout arms along with an impressive round of batting practice. On the mound, it’s an up-tempo, tall-and-fall delivery with upside movements down the mound. The arm action is loose and quick from a ¾ slot, working up to 77 mph. The fastball was mostly in the 73-76 mph range with life and some downward tilt with heavy fade. His mid-60s curveball had tight, 1/7 break while his upper-60s changeup showed big fade to the arm side. At the plate, Tate has quick hands and a level bat path, working mostly to the middle and pullside, reaching 83 mph off the bat.

+ C/RHP Colton Arpke (Crivitz, 2028) is a real two-way talent with feel to hit and ability to pitch. Arpke works from a closed stance with an up-and-down stride that gains ground toward the pitcher. His bat is short and direct, along with quick hands and a loose, all-field approach. Behind the plate, Arpke recorded a second-best 2.33-second pop time. On the bump, he worked on-line to the plate with full, ¾ arm action. The fastball reached 76 mph with finish through the zone and life out of the hand. His low-60s curveball showed late, 1/7 shape, while the upper-60s slider showed some depth. The changeup showed some deception with similar shape to the fastball, but with a 10 mph velocity difference.

+ INF Evan Wickert (Ashwaubenon, 2028) showed talent in the batter’s box and in the infield in the Green Bay event. At the plate, he begins with a closed base with rhythm before working into a loose, level swing that resulted in line drives with backspin. Wickert reached 74 mph off the bat. On the dirt, he works low to the ball with a two-hand gather out front and a short arm path.

+ SS/RHP Grayson Manteufel (Appleton North, 2028) is a smooth-swinging infielder who also showed some upside on the mound. Manteufel uses a narrow, open set-up into a gradual stride that gains ground toward the pitcher. It’s a level bat path and loose swing, which combine with his quick hands to consistently hit line drives to the big part of the field. Defensively, he showed a quick first step and range to both sides with carry on his throws. His fastball showed heavy running action at 67-68 mph, working on-line with the plate. The Appleton native showed two secondary offerings - a curveball with big 2/8 break and a changeup with heavy fading action.

+ C Bentley Henrickson (Manitowoc Lincoln, 2029) is a young catcher who showed the ability to hit at last Tuesday’s rising stars event. Henrickson sets up with a wide base that leads into a toe tap and level bat path that resulted in some loft to the middle/pull-side. Defensively, the Manitowoc catcher’s top pop time was a solid 2.57 seconds. Henrickson is young but should continue to develop as he grows into his 5-foot-6, 120-pound frame.

+ OF/LHP Eli Shepard (Freedom, 2029) is a 5-foot-7 left-handed hitting outfielder feel to hit and some pop. His repeatable, level swing and quick hands led to line drives to both gaps. Defensively, he worked under control with clean actions and an arm up to 74 mph from the outfield, tied for the second-best mark of the day. Though his future may be brighter in the outfield, Shepard also showed upside on the mound with easy movement downhill and an up-tempo delivery. His looseness and compact arm action led to some life on his 66-67 mph fastball. His curveball had some sweeping action while the changeup showed some depth.

+ 3B/RHP Evan Harbort (Cambridge, 2028) was one of the best performers of the rising stars event, on both sides of the ball, reaching a showcase-best 79 mph on the mound while hitting 85 mph on his top exit velocity, tied for second-best on the day. Harbort works from an open stance, maintaining balance while gaining momentum in the swing. It’s controlled aggression combined with quick, strong hands that lead to consistent hard-hit balls, mostly in the air. The delivery is simple but fluid, a repeatable, tall-and-fall delivery. He works from a high-¾ slot with clean arm action, leading to a clean release on all three of his pitches - a fastball at 75-79 mph with late run, a changeup thrown with intent at 70-73 mph and a curveball with tight, 1/7 shape at 70-71 mph.

+ RHP Caleb Brabant (Bay Port, 2028) showed quality velocity and an impressive ability to spin the baseball at the Green Bay event, one of the better showings of the day. He works with a high and methodical leg lift with his hips open down the mound, landing slightly open. The arm action is full and clean with some whip out front from a high-¾ slot. He worked downhill on the fastball with life through the zone, a pitch at 74-75 mph, reaching 76 mph. Brabant showed feel for two breaking balls - his curveball was sharp with late, 1/7 break, while the slider has shorter break, both at 65-66 mph.

+ RHP Clay Maxam (West De Pere, 2028) is a 5-foot-10 righty who was among the event’s hardest throwers, reaching 78 mph on his fastball. The delivery is fluid and athletic with a high leg kick, landing slightly open. The arm is whippy out of a ¾ slot. Maxam showed three offerings - a fastball at 75-78 with life through the zone, a tight, sharp lateral-breaking slider at 62-66 and a 66-67 mph changeup with fade and heavy depth that he consistently landed low in the zone. Maxam was one of the high-upside performers at Tuesday’s event.



Rank Name State School Class Pos Velocity (max)
1 Evan Harbort WI Cambridge 2028 RHP 79.4 mph
2 Charlie Aichele WI Ashwaubenon 2028 RHP 78.2 mph
3 Clay Maxam WI West De Pere 2028 RHP 78.1 mph
4 Easton Brooks WI Mosinee Middle 2028 LHP 78.0 mph
5 Carson Tegelman WI Appleton North 2028 OF 77.1 mph


Rank Name State School Class Pos Spin Rate (avg)
1 Evan Harbort WI Cambridge 2028 RHP 2126 rpm
2 Spencer Bromm WI Fox Valley Lutheran 2028 OF 2053 rpm
3 Teagan Tate WI Oconto Falls 2029 RHP 1997 rpm
4 Andrew Wiesner WI Sevastopol 2028 RHP 1990 rpm
5 Charlie Aichele WI Ashwaubenon 2028 RHP 1949 rpm


Rank Name State School Class Pos 60-yard
1 Thomas Check WI Logan High 2028 C 7.30
2 Charlie Aichele WI Ashwaubenon 2028 RHP 7.53
3 Elijah Jourdan WI Bay Port 2028 RHP 7.75
4 Carson Thurs WI Wausau West 2028 SS 7.83
5 Grayson Manteufel WI Appleton North 2028 SS 7.92


Rank Name State School Class Pos Exit Velocity (max)
1 Andrew Wiesner WI Sevastopol 2028 RHP 86.4 mph
2 Parker Macrae WI Pulaski 2028 1B 86.3 mph
3 Thomas Check WI Logan High 2028 C 86.3 mph
4 Easton Brooks WI Mosinee Middle 2028 LHP 85.4 mph
5 Evan Harbort WI Cambridge 2028 RHP 85.0 mph
6 Charlie Aichele WI Ashwaubenon 2028 RHP 84.8 mph
7 Elijah Jourdan WI Bay Port 2028 RHP 84.4 mph
8 Carson Tegelman WI Appleton North 2028 OF 83.8 mph
9 Teagan Tate WI Oconto Falls 2029 RHP 82.6 mph
10 Tyler Siudzinski WI Notre Dame De La Baie Academy 2028 82.3 mph


Rank Name State School Class Pos INF Velo
1 Easton Brooks WI Mosinee Middle 2028 LHP 77
2 Caleb Brabant WI Bay Port 2028 3B 76
3 Elijah Jourdan WI Bay Port 2028 RHP 75
4 Nick Minikel WI Manitowoc Lincoln 2028 RHP 74
^ Teagan Tate WI Oconto Falls 2029 RHP 74
5 Clay Maxam WI West De Pere 2028 RHP 73



Rank Name State School Class Pos C Velo
1 Thomas Check WI Logan High 2028 C 78
2 Colton Arpke WI Crivitz High 2028 C 68
3 Andrew Wiesner WI Sevastopol 2028 RHP 66


Rank Name State School Class Pos Pop Time
1 Thomas Check WI Logan High 2028 C 2.03-2.15
2 Colton Arpke WI Crivitz High 2028 C 2.33-2.44
3 Andrew Wiesner WI Sevastopol 2028 RHP 2.35-2.58

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