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Georgia…home to the great Martin Luther King Jr, the Atlanta Braves, the Bulldogs, former home to the Atlanta Thrashers (super underrated NHL franchise), and to some of the best dang ball players in the nation! For this week’s Blast Motion Player of the week we have Georgia’s own Jabari Daniely out of Parkview High School.

Jabari is a 2022 grad who does not get cheated at the plate. Seriously, he literally has no interest in the well-being of these baseballs as he obliterates them at contact. It’s really fun to watch though.

Jabari’s Blast metrics were incredibly impressive. His raw power was on display as his bat speed was around 70 mph and got up close to 74 mph. Also showcased was his ability to use that power efficiently through his rotational acceleration metrics. Jabari averaged 18 g’s in rotational acceleration and even got up to 21.5 g’s. That shows Jabari’s ability to quickly accelerate into his bat speed.

Since Jabari can accelerate into his peak bat speed so quickly, his bat speed at 70-74 mph is actually more scalable at the next level compared to someone with higher bat speed and lower rotational acceleration (that player would take longer to build up that bat speed). So, Jabari can actually make later decisions on pitches compared to other players at his level, which equips him to be less vulnerable to breaking balls.

Jabari also had an average on-plane efficiency of 76% which is very impressive. We see most success for consistent contact with anything above 70%. That makes Jabari equipped to have a high percentage of consistent contact. His attack angle is also right in line with the threshold of 10 – 20 deg’s.

NOT TO MENTION…Jabari is uncommitted….Evaluators meet Jabari.

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