Digging In: People Are Crazy. Not You, The Other Guy

By Sean Duncan
Executive Director

People are crazy. Not you. You’re cool. Sane as the setting sun. It’s the other guy. The one sitting on the opposing bleacher heckling a 16-year-old. He’s the certifiable loon. Or maybe it’s a she? Taunts are so hard to decipher these days.

He or she, the point is, you’re straight. It’s the other person with the perspective of a Pikachu. You know the type. You can see him from the other side of the fence. The one who verbally flogs umpires more creatively with each missed strike call. The one who claps for his son and no one else’s. The one who anonymously fires false information and dislocated conspiracy theories on message boards. Or the one who wanted to pile-drive my neck into the dirt like a base spike because I didn’t rank his kid.

Now that we’re turning the page on 2014, let’s all take a collective breath. Come on, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Good.

Now I understand we’re all passionate about baseball. And I also understand that passion has the power to chemically alter reason, to raise our mental mercury, especially when a loved one is involved. But please, let’s ice passion for a moment and embrace reality ...

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