Digging In: The Struggles Of Today's Generation

By Sean Duncan
Executive Director

I did not have to walk six miles to school each day, as my father had to do. I don’t know this for sure, but I’m fairly certain many fathers have told their sons similar stories, and quite possibly some of them even accompanied my father to school – through the snow (it’s always in the snow) while wearing the same brand of broken-soled shoes.

I get it. The story, or fisherman’s tale, has a dual function, highlighting how tough the past generation had it while insinuating how easy the current generation has it. I will not sit here and tell you how I struggled. I in fact always owned a proper pair of walking shoes, thanks to my father’s struggles; and, unlike my father’s days of living in the South Side of Chicago, I didn’t have to trek through snow 365 days a year. I did walk, though.

We all struggle in different ways, I suppose.  Especially teenagers. No matter the generation, teenagers face many obstacles and have no other option but to learn and adapt on the run. Their decisions, as it is said, will define who they are later in life. That’s a lot of pressure to bear, no matter if you’re walking six miles through the snow or driving a Range Rover to school.

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