Prep Baseball Report

Learning From the Signing Period Information

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

The Signing Period is a very exciting time for prospects and schools across the country.  Prospects look forward to media exposure, signing parties, and adding personalized slides to social media.  Schools are excited about relaxed NCAA measures in communication and the ability to finalize, excluding the MLB Draft, future rosters.

With the initial signing date over two weeks past, some of the initial excitement has dwindled and it is time to look ahead for players that have committed and signed, as well as those players that are still looking for their fit.

Looking Ahead:  I Have Signed

Congratulations!!! You have signed with your dream school and you are beginning to look forward to the next big step in life, your college years.  Your social media page has numerous articles about your commitment re-posted.  All of the pictures from your school’s signing day are getting “likes” and comments.  Signing, and deciding on where to go to school is a big deal and should be treated as such… But no player grows up, in their backyard practicing their signing day.  Players grow up simulating a 3-2 count in the 9th with the winning run on second base.  Players grow up simulating throwing strike three and dog piling on the field.  A step in the process has been accomplished but dreams have not come true… yet.

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