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2022 Mock Draft

National Staff

More than any other sport’s draft, Major League Baseball’s is unpredictable. This draft in particular is unprecedentedly so. A slew of injuries to the top pitching prospects at both the collegiate and high school levels have left much uncertainty as to where prospects may fall. Beyond the top 5 on the PBR Draft Board (all of which could go 1:1), there is hardly a consensus. Accounting, even more than in previous years, will be held in utmost regard as teams try to save money while spreading it out and acquiring more premium talent…so those second (and third?) picks for teams might very well be even more valuable than the first when the checks are finally cashed.

Nonetheless, only 48 hours from the first pick actually gets called, we give you our prediction:


No. Team Pick
1 Orioles Brooks Lee
Another trusted college bat for a club that appears ahead of schedule, Lee is a professional hitter who can play all over the dirt.
2 Diamondbacks Druw Jones
Potentially the highest upside of any player in the draft, the excitement that Jones could ultimately bring to the NL West might be too much to pass up here.
3 Rangers Jackson Holliday
Holliday could easily fit into that 1-1 spot, but this feels right for one of the class' premier hitters who had a record breaking spring.
4 Pirates Elijah Green
Elite five-tool package with the biggest raw power in the class, the hope here is to hit on Green's superstar potential.
5 Nationals Termarr Johnson
It may cost all of (if not more) of slot here, but to get the top prospect on our list at No. 5 is a big haul, especially when taking into account that Johnson is the best hitter in the class.
6 Marlins Gavin Cross
Snagging Cross here is betting on him to carry the hit/power combo to the professional ranks, and there is a strong chance he does.
7 Cubs Cam Collier
An Illinois native, Collier is one of the youngest players in the draft, and a standout spring against junior college talent makes it easier to envision his success and future upside.
8 Twins Kevin Parada
Coming off a 26 home run season, Parada's power potential seems to fit the Twins model as a future run producer.
9 Royals Zach Neto
Neto's dynamic metrics and production are ultra appealing, and the idea of pairing him with Bobby Witt Jr. up the middle will have Royals fans excited about the future.
10 Rockies Jacob Berry
Berry's big power from both sides of the plate will only be boosted to new heights in the thin air of the Mile High City.
11 Mets Daniel Susac
The idea of getting our second ranked college player at 11 seems like a steal here.
12 Tigers Brock Porter
It's hard not to take the hometown talent, especially when that talent is tickling triple digits with an athletic arm that carries frontline stuff.
13 Angels Kumar Rocker
Pitching was the clear focus in last year's draft, and while they may have passed on Rocker in '21, the idea of snagging the most MLB ready arm in the class is a huge haul.
14 Mets Justin Crawford
An electrifying athlete with premium speed, Crawford is a weapon on both sides of the ball, and has a high ceiling that will excite many Mets fans.
15 Padres Brandon Barriera
The Pads have succeeded with high school southpaws in the past, and should continue to do so with the electric Barriera, our top prep arm.
16 Guardians Jett Williams
Williams' confident aura and athleticism were only outpaced by his production against the top arms in the class as he became a favorite of many scouting departments over the past year. A consummate winner, he impacts the game in many ways and is sure to gain the favor of Guardians fans in the future.
17 Phillies Connor Prielipp
Prielipp had serious 1-1 buzz prior to Tommy John surgery in his sophomore year, and could be the biggest wild card in a wild draft.
18 Reds Robby Snelling
Oozing athleticism as a three-star linebacker, Snelling would fit well in a Reds system packed with hard throwers and easy movers.
19 Athletics Dylan Beavers
A local kid who is young for the class with five-tool potential? Yes.
20 Braves Cooper Hjerpe
Electric, outlier arm with a swing-and-miss fastball, Hjerpe checks many boxes for the Braves here.
21 Mariners Chase DeLauter
Though there is still buzz earlier, injury might have ultimately pushed DeLauter to the M's. Snagging him here might be a bargain.
22 Cardinals Blade Tidwell
Many thought Tidwell was destined for the top 10 last summer, but an injury slowed his start to the season, and allows the Cards to try and pry him away from the top 10 of next year's draft
23 Blue Jays Jace Jung
The bet is on the bat here, and that it will rise to even greater heights than the strong production at Texas Tech.
24 Red Sox Cole Young
The Red Sox have prioritized upside high school bats that carry the moniker of being "professional hitters", and Young has shown just that in his prep days.
25 Yankees Jordan Beck
The 6-foot-3, 225-pound slugger belted 18 home runs in '22 with a keen ability of driving the ball the other way. That formula has played especially well in Yankee Stadium, and Beck holds star potential.
26 White Sox Tucker Toman
The Sox keep finding athletic position players with a propensity for swinging a heavy barrel and after the early success that last year's first-round pick (Colson Montgomery) has enjoyed, the switch-hitting Toman could be  next in line.
27 Brewers Sterlin Thompson
The thought of looking back on this draft and Thompson being an unbelievable "steal" at 27 is definitely possible, and the scary part about the draft-eligible sophomore might be that he is just starting to tap into his potential at the plate.
28 Astros Dylan Lesko
Regardless of the injury, Lesko is a polished talent with upside with immense value this late in the first round, especially for a club picking this late and in the first round for the first time since 2019.
29 Rays Gabriel Hughes
There are several college arms potentially fit for the Rays here, but Hughes' power stuff that yielded 138 strikeouts in 98 innings might pique the interest of a club that has routinely maximized talent, which the imposing 6-foot-4, 225-pounder holds plenty of.
30 Giants Drew Gilbert
Beyond the .362 average with 11 home runs and 21 doubles (plus more walks than strikeouts), there was a presence to Gilbert in every game that he played. Unafraid of the big moment, his strong toolset would play well in San Francisco.


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