Recruiting Essentials Mailbag: New NCAA Eligibility Rules And Figuring Core GPA

By Sean McCann
Recruiting Essentials Editor

This week we take a look at a question from one of our readers regarding NCAA Division Iacademic eligibility. 

Having read your articles about the NCAA Division I eligibility rules changes starting with prospects graduating in 2016 I noticed that the new core GPA requirements are significantly higher. Can you shed any light on how to figure the core GPA for a specific high school?  Instead of in English, Math, Science, etc., in general. I’m assuming not every high school class that involves English and math counts as a core course? Also, it seems to be common thought among the people I’ve talked with that the best time to register with the NCAA Clearing House is after your junior year, yet it seems with the new 10 core courses completion requirement in the first three years it might be a good idea to have an idea where you stand Core GPA wise earlier than after your junior year? Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Your question brings up some very good points. We’ve previously covered the basics of how the core GPA works in terms of initial academic eligibility to play at the Division I level and academic eligibility changes for 2016 high school graduates. As far as an individual high school goes, there sometimes is some ambiguity

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