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Spring Video Scout Blog: Edition 3

Jared Carrier
VP of Operations

With the news of the Pennsylvania high school seasons moving from being suspended to canceled the staff at PBR-PA is here to provide an avenue to help get your name out. Whether you already have an existing profile or are a first timer, we got you covered.


Michael Ciocco 1B / OF / Peters Township, PA / 2021

Sturdy build at 6-foot-2 215 pounds who put up one of the top raw exit velocities in the country this preseason at 102 MPH. At the plate he features an open setup; whipping the barrel in to position as he rolls his stride back to even with some knee-to-knee action. Explosive into the zone with back spin line drives that find another gear. Plus power to the pull side. Serviceable around the bag at 1B; good reads in the outfield with accurate throws. High end offensive projection; bat will play at next level.

Paul Krueger RHP / Peters Township , PA / 2021

Projectable 6-foot-4 175 pound frame for the RHP from Southwestern PA. First time look showed thee righty working from a low set position that rolls into a short arm path that works through a 3/4 arm slot. Creates tilt; working over a strong front side. Generates plenty of force with simplified actions. 

Coleman McCain 2B / SS / Blue Ridge, PA / 2022

First time look at the athletic 5-foot-11 155 pound middle infielder from Northeast PA. Slightly open setup with a toe-tap stride for timing. Short swing path into the zone; late one-handed release with a middle of the field approach. Repeats efforts with balance. Defensively; stays low through his fielding position; moderate arm swing with a 3/4 release. At his best when keeping momentum through his actions. Tracks the ball well in the outfield with a longer, traditional arm action.

Dalton Reinhart LHP / OF / Cedar Crest, PA / 2021

Athletic build at 5-foot-11 180 pounds for the dual prospect. Solid stat line from past events (7.20 60 / 82 OF Arm / 91 Exit Velo); Slightly open setup at the plate; short take back of the hands as he gets back to even. On plane swing path and stays through the zone; simple line drive approach through the middle with controlled efforts. Fundamental approach in the outfield; stays behind the ball well with an over the top release. Controlled, balanced pace on the mound; chest high leg drive with a long arm action with a brief stop & go action. High 3/4 arm slot with down action CB. Worked up to 81 MPH at preseason events in February.

Cooper Ryan SS / RHP / State College Area High School, PA / 2023

Slight, wiry build at 5-foot-7 130 pounds. Even setup with short stride and lift and load approach. Fairly direct with swing path that stays level through the zone. As he physically gets strong and swing mechanics repeat look for more consistent line drive approach. Defensively he starts with an upright approach; stays square to the ball with hands out in front. Will need to maintain momentum when redirecting into his throws. On the mound he uses a center rubber setup; belt high leg drive with a touch moderate to long arm swing through a 3/4 arm slot. Limited aggression but actions repeat; showed 12-6 shape to CB.

Luke Zeisloft OF / SS / Central Columbia, PA / 2022

Elite athlete that stands in at 5-foot-11 170 pounds; put up some eye opening numbers this preseason that included a 6.66 60 and a raw exit velocity of 96 MPH. The central PA resident uses an even setup with a slight dive in towards the plate with his stride. Stays inside contact with some easy lift to his line drives; stays through the middle consistently. Showed 81 MPH arm during preseason from the OF. Centerfield and top 1/3 of the lineup projection at the next level.

Drew Dellinger RHP / C / Eastern York, PA / 2021

Lean athleticism at 6-foot-1 165 pounds. Slightly open stance with weight pre-loaded over back side. Short, compact stroke into the zone with and elongated finish out in front. Line drive results. Fluid actions on the infield; circles the ball well with a shorter arm action/release. Behind the plate he works up through the ball with his receiving; slightly elevated setup into his transfer and release to 2B. Clean release with shorter arm action. On the mound; steady tempo with a chest high leg drive. Arm action is long and loose from a 3/4 slot. FB snd CH both feature arm side action while slider features more of slurve action at 10-to-4 while CB is more 12-to-6. Versatile athlete.

Jordan Ford RHP / 1B / Richland, PA / 2021

Full frame at 6-foot-2 220 pounds for the RHP from Western PA. Last summer Ford sat 82-84 MPH at the Western PA College Prospect Showcase. Controlled pacewith a repeatable delivery; stride stays in line to the plate and closed into landing. Works over a strong front side finishing in a strong fielding position. Down action to his FB created from a high 3/4 arm slot; big 12-to-6 break to his CB.

Seth Helgert 2B / C / Highlands, PA / 2022

Wiry, athletic build at 5-foot-9 150 pounds for the RHH who ran a 7.00 60 this past February. Narrow, even setup with an extended take back of the hands. Stays tight to the body with a short, explosive stroke through the zone. Line drives with lift to the gaps. Aggressive approach defensively; stays low with hands out; short arm action with quick release. 

Jack Higgins SS / C / Schuylkill Haven, PA / 2021

Proportional build at 5-foot-8 165 pounds. The RHH uses an even setup at the plate; slight stride towards the plate while he keeps his weight back. Maintains a flat path through the zone with some lift through his finish. Defensively sets up tall; stays square into fielding position while moving well laterally. Moderate arm swing with a low 3/4 release across the diamond.

Colton Cornell 3B / RHP / Forest Hills, PA / 2022

Lean, athletic frame at 6-foot-2 180 pounds for the RHH 3B/RHP. At the plate Cornell uses a spread stance with an up-down stride while staying behind the ball into contact. Stays direct to contact with some lift through his finish; developing power. Defensively the flove works out in front with a short arm stroke; low 3/4 release. On the mound the delivery is compact with an elongated arm path and slightly higher 3/4 arm slot. Was up to 80 MPH as this year's preseason event in February.


Jacob Kuperavage RHP / 3B / Nativity BVM, PA / 2021

6-foot-0 180 pound build with a strong lower half. Slightly open setup at the plate; small leg kick with a take back of the hands. Aggressive into the zone with a late one-handed finish. Covers the plate well with line drive results. At 3B Kuperavage stays square; gather approach bring the ball in with a longer arm action. On the mound he maintains the same arm action working through a standard 3/4 slot. Stride stays in line with a slight finish off to the 1B line. FB features arm side run; was up to 80 MPH in February of 2019.

Joshua Yang SS / 2B / Central Bucks South, PA / 2021

Wiry, athletic build at 5-foot-11 165 pounds with some quick twitch at the plate. Slightly open setup with a slight hang to his stride; works with a slight incline through the zone. Aggressive with swing; plenty of hard contact and can find both gaps. Active defender with lateral range in both directions; makes the play on the move with short, snap release. Was up to 85 MPH across the diamond at a preseason event in February.


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