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Super 60 Spotlight: Carlos Pena

By Andy Sroka
Illinois and Wisconsin Assistant Director

On Sunday, Feb. 7, Prep Baseball Report will host the 19th edition of its prestigious, flagship event: the Super 60 Pro Showcase. Since the event’s inception in 2003, more than 300 players have been selected in the MLB Draft, including 22 first-round picks and 25 second-rounders.

We started our our march toward the Super 60 earlier this month, by highlighting the prospects set to join us, shining a light on their impressive player profiles that they've groomed through their high school years and beyond.

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Scouting Report

Pena has maintained his athleticism while increasing his physicality (6-foot-3, 210-pounds) on a hulking frame. My first look at Pena came at the NY State Games where he turned around a firm fastball for a line drive home run that left the Binghamton University ballpark in a hurry. The power has never disappointed, and he moves impressively well for his size with a strong arm that should allow him to play a solid corner outfield spot. His pitch tracking ability and barrel awareness have improved over the past two years which allows the power to play on a more consistent basis, and he possesses one of higher upsides in the class because of this.


New England Procase

6-foot-3, 210-pound, strong, physical frame. Well proportioned, has strength throughout, major juice in his hands and wrists. A left-handed hitting outfielder. Showed very well again, looks like he made another jump offensively. The hands were set slightly lower, more relaxed, worked through the hitting zone with minimal effort. The approach is gap to gap, displaying monster power to all fields. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 97 mph, using wood. Runs well for a bigger kid, ran a 7.16 sixty-yard dash. Defensively, threw 87 mph, longer arm path, powerful arm, all throws downhill, footwork, accurate and under control. Chance to be a good draft next year.

Tee Exit Velocity: 97 mph

Arm Velocity: 87 mph

Sixty-Yard Dash: 7.16


Future Games
6-foot-3, 195-pound, large, physical athletic frame. Put together well, strength throughout. A left-handed hitting outfielder, who can work off the mound as well. At the plate, front foot starts slightly open, lower loose hands with pre-pitch movement to them. Simple pick up and put down with stride foot, lower half is under control. The swing is smooth, working level through the zone, finishing higher with one hand. Shows to have light tower power the pull side. The tee exit velocity was clocked at 100 mph. Took a solid round of batting practice, pounding multiple baseballs over the fence. During game play, collected two doubles and a single, with all around solid at bats. Ran a 6.81 sixty-yard dash, moves well, long strider. From the outfield threw 92 mph ball jumps out of his hand. Shows to have solid routes in outfield. Off the mound, fastball touched 92 mph, living 88-90 mph. The slider is at 76-78 mph. Arm works out of a high 3/4 slot, some lean, and pull with front side. The arm is explosive and powerful has a chance to be a very high backend reliever at the next level. Look for him to be a draft in two years. 


6-foot-3, 195-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and pitcher. He did not pitch at the event. Ran a 7.22 sixty at the event. He did not throw from the outfield at the event. The bat has a tee exit velocity of 94 mph. The setup is wide in base, front foot open to start. The path is long to contact, uses a 1-handed finish after contact. The leverage is good at the plate, and shows the potential for power at a young age. Solid prospect.

Tee Exit Velocity- 94 mph

NYS Games 
Large Frame, athletic build that ran a 7.09 60 yard dash, very projectable, passed the eye-test. Above average arm-strength at 88 mph, good hip rotation on throws, arm action is long and fluid. In the box he uses an open stance, 90 mph exit velo with pull-side power  from the left-side. Above average hip explosiveness. Triple to dead CF in 8th @ UE and a HR over the RF fence at BU. Was 82-85, touching 86 MPH on the bump with more in the tank. 

60 Yard dash:7.09
Exit velocity 90
Positional arm: 88

Future Games
6-foot-2, 190-pound, a monster, strong physical frame, already filled out, well proportioned, thick lower half, strong hands and wrists. A left-handed hitter, shows big power to the pull side. The stance is slightly open, hands are held higher, loose, with some pre-pitch movement to them. The lower half is under control small leg kick, gets foot down even and on time. The load has some coil to it, swing is level to up, finishes a tick above the shoulders. The approach is more to pull side, collected a single in game play, along with couple of walks, showed good patience at the plate. The ability to recognize the spin pitch is still to come, reps and game experience will aid in this part of his game. Defensively, plays both outfield and first base. The hands are soft around the bag with quick feet at first, made two great plays at first. From the outfield arm was clocked at 85 mph, longer arm path, throws are down hill. Off the mound, fastball was 87-90 mph from a high ¾ slot. The fastball is heavy with bore action to it. The breaking ball reached 73-75 mph, more slurve break to it. The change up is a work in progress. The arm is extremely fresh, look for him to make a major step in the next year. Ranked number one in New England, will be interesting to see where he lands.

Sixty-Yard: 7.40
Exit Velocity: 88 MPH

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