Prep Baseball Report

A look at 2023 Right-Handers Still on the Board

Indiana Staff

Will Boyer, RHP, Columbus East HS, 2023
6/30/2022 - Stocky, 5-foot-10 frame. Good tempo throughout the delivery, taller balance point, with a slight inward turn. Sat 83-85 with his fastball, touching 86 mph. CB sat 70-72 mph with 11/5 shape. CH sat 74-75 mph with fade. Good feel for command, especially with the breaking ball.


Ty Bradle, RHP, Hamilton Southeastern HS, 2023
5/31/2022 - Long, lanky 6-foot-3, 190 pounder. Over the top arm slot with a very quick arm. FB up to 85 mph. Some feel for his CH at 76 mph. Developing CB at 70 mph. 


Walker Brodt, RHP, Brownsburg HS, 2023
7/2/2022 - Solid 6-foot-1, 200 pound frame. Brodt uses his body well down the mound. Releases all 3 pitches from a H3/4th arm slot. FB sat 83-85 mph while touching 87. CB sat 73-75 mph with control. CH sat 76-79 mph. 


Evan Cooke, RHP, West Lafayette HS, 2023
6/21/22 – Physical 6-foot-4, 215 pound frame. Cooke attacked hitters with a solid FB/SL combo. FB sat 85-87 with late sink. Multiple swing and misses on his 74-76 mph slider.  


Caden Cornett, RHP, Center Grove HS, 2023
4/2/2022 - Athletic, projectable 6-foot-5 frame. Competitive nature on the bump. High ¾ arm slot with good arm speed. Consistent tempo throughout the delivery. Tall balance point. Tends to fall off line towards the 1B side which leads to some inconsistencies in command. Pitched mainly off his fastball, showing the ability to spin it at the top of the zone with good ride, but also showing some tilt and run to his armside. Cornett came out 88-91 in the 1st, touching 93 mph. He settled in at 86-89 mph and held that velocity for 4 IP. He threw a slurvey-type breaking ball at 70-73 mph. 


Cale Coursey, RHP, Crawfordsville HS, 2023
7/3/2022 - Athletic, 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Good arm speed with a compacted arm action. FB sat 83-85 mph while touching 86 mph. Lots of feel for his BB. BB was tight at 70-72 mph. 


Jacob Culp, RHP, Westfield HS, 2023
7/1/2022 - Solid, 6-foot-0, 195 pound frame. Quick arm speed and very quick arm action. Good tempo on the mound. FB sat 85-87 mph while touching 89 mph. Tight Slider at 75-78 mph. CH sat 78-80 mph. 

Edward Harney III, RHP, Greenwood Christian HS, 2023
7/3/2022 - A long, projectable 6-foot-5, 190 pound RHP, Harney produced the top fastball velo at Indiana’s Top Prospect Games, running it up to 88 mph. Harney uses a slow-tempo delivery with a tall, inward turn at balance point and a long, H3/4 arm action. Harney showed a sweeping, 68-72 mph breaking ball and a changeup that faded to his arm-side at 78-80 mph. 


Ricky Howell, RHP, Pendleton Heights HS, 2023
6/30/2022 - Howell is an uncommitted 2023 on the rise this summer and was impressive in his outing at the Indiana Summer Championships. The athletic, 6-foot-1, 180 pounder has an advanced fastball at 87-91 touching 92 mph. The FB has some ASR and he tunneled a tight, 72-76 mph breaking ball off of it. While he does have some inconsistencies with command, when everything syncs up his stuff is electric. Developing CH at 76-77.


Sean Kasper, RHP, Chesterton HS, 2023
7/2/22 – Kasper has a projectible, lanky 6-foot-2, 190 pound frame. Kasper maintained loose and quick arm action. FB sat 85-87 mph while touching 88 mph. Tight BB at 74-76 mph.


Carter Klein, RHP, Carmel HS, 2023
7/1/2022 - Physical right-hander stands in at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds. Good actions on the mound. FB sat mid-80s, topping out at 85-87 mph. Shows the ability to throw the breaking ball with tight spin. CB sat 72-74 mph. BB still developing.  


Adam Lehmann, RHP, Penn HS, 2023
6/4/2022 - Solid, physical 6-foot-3, 210 pound frame. Compact arm action with a high 3/4 release. FB sat 85-88 mph. Good feel for his CB at 71-73 mph. CH sat 74-75 mph. Velocity still in the tank for Lehmann. 


Evan Lopez, RHP, Breman HS, 2023
6/24/2022 - At 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, Lopez has a smooth, balanced delivery with a long, clean arm action from a H3/4 slot. He sat 85-88 mph with occasional ASR & good ride to the FB, producing lots of S/M. He kept hitters off balance with a tight, 75-76 mph breaking ball. Plenty of velocity left in the tank for Lopez.


Kyle Manship, RHP, Fishers HS, 2023
7/1/2022 - Manship is a 6-foot-1, 170 pounder with a long, projectable build. Manship has an up tempo delivery with a quick arm. FB sits 83-85 mph with lots of movement. Slider is tight at 72-73 mph with wipeout movement. Manship still has some velocity left in the tank. 


Kaleb Marrs, RHP, West Vigo HS, 2023
3/5/2022 - Solid 6-foot-1, 205 pound frame. Strong, tall balance point with good arm action. FB sat 85-86 mph with control. CB sat 71-72 mph with tight action and a 11/5 shape. Commands mutiple pitches.


CJ Mastagh, RHP, John Adams HS, 2023
6/26/2022 - Big 6-foot-4, 215 pound frame. Solid delivery with a consistent balance point. FB sat 82-85 mph. BB sat 69-71 with good sweeping action. Mastagh’s frame projects for him to continue to add velocity.


Benjamin Mazur, RHP, Lafayette Central Catholic HS, 2023
6/20/2022 - The Lafayette Central Catholic ace had an impressive junior season for the Knights, posting an 8-1 record with a 0.63 ERA and 96 K’s in 55 IP heading into the state championship. The uncommitted 2023 RHP threw a CG, allowing 5 H, 3 BB, and recording 6K’s to pick up the win for LCC in the state championship. He sat 84-86 on the FB, touching 87 mph. His breaking ball was sharp at 72-74 mph and he showed solid command of it to his glove side. Mazur has a clean delivery with good balance throughout and uses a ¾ AA with good arm speed. There is definitely more room to add strength in his long 6-foot-2, 195 pound frame.


Luke McDonald, RHP, Linton Stockton HS, 2023
3/5/20226-foot-2, 200-pound long solid frame. Low 3/4 arm slot with long arm action. FB was around the zone at 83-85 mph. Slider sat 73-75 with sweeping action. 


Jacob Murphy, RHP, Center Grove HS, 2023
7/2/2022 – Murphy’s over the top arm slot creates quick arm speed. Stocky, 5-foot-7 frame.  Commanded a 3 pitch mix. Maintained good tempo. Ran the FB up to 88 mph while sitting 84-86 mph. Commanded a CB at 73-76 mph. CH sat 77-78.


Mitchell Renfro, RHP, Evansville North HS, 2023
6/24/2022 - Renfro's stands 6-foot-0, 160 pounds. Filled up the zone with a solid 2 pitch mix. Easy effort delivery with good arm speed. FB sat 82-84 mph with sinking action. Touching 85 mph at times. Slider was tight at 76-79 mph. 


Joseph Wilson, RHP, Mt Vernon HS, 2023
6/10/2022 - Wilson has a long, athletic 6-foot-2, 175 pound frame. Wilson has a quick arm with a FB at 83-85 mph. CH has good depth and sits at 66-67 mph. Great feel for a CB at 70-71 mph.


Will Worrel, RHP, FW Carroll HS, 2023
6/7/2022 - Lean, projectable 6-foot-1, 180 pound frame. FB sat 82-85 mph with arm side run. CB sat 67-69 mph. CH sat 71-74 mph with depth.