Prep Baseball Report

Uncommitted 2023 Catchers

Indiana Staff


Max Baumer, C, Batesville HS, 2023
6/7/20225-foot-10, 190 pound strong sturdy build. Aggressive approach at the plate. Leg kick, with a high upward swing path. 95 mph exit velocity in the spring. Solid behind the plate with sure hands and a quick exchange. 

Max Bond, C, Zionsville HS, 2023
3/5/2022 - 5-foot-10, 160 pound athletic frame. Quick bat speed with a line drive approach at the plate. Short swing, with good extension on his finish. Athletic behind the plate with alot of flexibility. Quick footwork and a quick exchange. 



Sam Bond, C, East Central HS, 2023
7/31/2022 - 5-foot-10, 195 pound mature frame. Upward swing plane with bat speed present. Soft hands and quick exchange behind the plate. Quick feet and transfers. Bond has also touched 88 mph on the mound. 


Tim Haas, C, Carmel HS, 2023
6/7/2022 - The 6 foot, 185 pound catcher has a strong frame. Haas is an athletic catcher behind the plate. Pop time was 2.00 and catcher velo was 80 mph. Fluid swing at the plate with a 94 mph exit velocity. Solid, athletic catcher with a gap to gap approach at the plate. 


Noah Hessong, C, Plainfield HS, 2023
7/7/2022 - 5-foot-10, 195 pound solid frame. Strong lower half. Quiet load with a quick trigger. Flat bat path through the zone. Athletic setup behind the plate with sure hands and a clean exchange. 



Adam Lehmann, C/RHP, Penn HS, 2023
6/5/2022 - Strong 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. C/RHP has a solid frame, strong lower ½. Efficient bat speed and good extension on his finish. Loose swing with a gap to gap approach. Lots of flexibility behind the plate with sure hands and athletic footwork. Lehmann also has touched 88 mph on the mound with a solid CB. 


Collin Lindsey, C, Westfield HS, 2023
5/25/2022 - Athletic, 6-foot, 205 pound catcher. Showed some of the best defensive actions of any catcher at an event in March. Showed good bat speed at the dish with a very short swing path. Pop time ran from 1.93 - 2.01. Very athletic with a strong frame. 


Grant Sawa, C, Center Grove HS, 2023
7/2/2022 - Athletic behind the dish with quick movements laterally. Sawa begins in a balanced stance with a tight compact load. Short, simple swing. Sawa uses a gap to gap approach. Athletic C running a 6.79 60 in the spring. 


Tripp Schroeder, C, Carmel HS, 2023
8/13/2022 - Physical 6-foot-1, 230 pound frame. Quick hands through the zone with a pull side approach. Solid bat speed and lots of pop. Projectable power from the right-handed hitter. Multiple exit velocities above 100 mph. 1.93 - 2.07 pop time behind the plate. Quick footwork and and a quick exchange. 


Bryce Yoder, C, Homestead HS, 2023
7/1/2022 - 5-foot-10, 170-pound solid frame. Quick efficient bad speed with a gap to gap approach. 94 mph exit velocity at an event in March. Comfortable reciever with quick lateral movements behind the plate. Quick arm action behind the plate and very athletic.