In the Box: What Pitch Do You Like To Hit?

Watch good hitters hit and you will notice that they don’t miss their pitch very often.  And to take it a step further, they pretty much know when their pitch is coming and they are ready to attack it.

I ask many young hitters this question: “What type of pitch do you like to hit?”  Most of them have to take a second to think about it. That’s NOT GOOD! You should know right away what you want to hit.  It shouldn’t have to take a few seconds to register in your brain.

This is part of being a good hitter.  Being aware of what you want to hit when you’re up there.  You know you can hit multiple pitches, but you also know that you are the most successful hitting one type of pitch.  Good hitters don’t get to higher levels without hitting this certain type of pitch.  They don’t get a chance to fulfill their life-long dream of becoming a big league player without hitting this pitch.

What’s that pitch?  A fastball.

Now this may not seem like rocket science.  In fact, many of you reading this might have said, “Duh” when you saw the answer to my question.

But what I want to do is have you ask yourself this question ...

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