Prep Baseball Report

Calgary Blues Scout Day: Quick Hits

Brady Turner
West Coast Director

On Friday, May 10th the Prep Baseball Alberta staff hosted the Calgary Blues Scout Day at Optimist Athletic Park in Calgary, Alberta. It gave players the opportunity to collect updated metrics via our tech partner TrackMan.

We broke down the top measurable data performers from the event with our Statistical Analysis Article. Now, we move onto this Quick Hits article as we provide scouting notes and video on four standouts from the event.

For complete event results, click here.

Tyson Kajmowicz RHP / 3B / Central Memorial High School, AB / 2026

Kajmowicz has seen some major improvements since we last saw him in February at the Preseason ID. The fastball is now up to 84 mph, sitting 82 to 83 mph, compared to a max fastball velocity of 81 mph in February. His spin rate has also seen a jump, as it is now north of 2300 rpm. At 6-foot-4, 175-pounds, there’s plenty of room to add strength so it won’t be surprising to see him take another step forward as he heads into his summer season with the Calgary Blues. 

Anthony Lazzarotto LHP / OF / Central Memorial , AB / 2024

There was plenty to like on both sides of the ball with Lazzarotto. The uncommitted 2024 was up to 81 mph with the fastball in which he filled the zone with. His two off-speed pitches both profile as effective. There’s two-plane break on the curveball, -8.8” of IVB, 9.3” of HB, and Lazzarotto does a good job killing spin and IVB on the changeup, as well as adding arm side run while tunneling it well off his fastball. In the box, the 6-foot-2, 180-pound two-way elevated back up the middle and to his pull-side gap, reaching a max exit velocity of 93 mph. Still without a school, Lazzarotto will be someone to follow as he begins his senior season.

Brady Dmyterko 3B / 2B / St.Gabriel the archangel , AB / 2026

The impressive part about Dmyterko’s repertoire is that nothing is straight. The arm is loose and whippy, and his 4-pitch mix all compliment each other well. The most effective pitch he possesses is his sinker, which has over 20 inches of horizontal break and just 3.5 inches of induced vertical break (IVB). The changeup has plenty of late depth and has a -1.5 IVB. Despite these unique movement profiles, Dmyterko tunnels all 4 well off of eachother which adds to the deception and will create uncomfortable at-bats for his opponents. The 2026 grad will be one to follow for the next couple years.

Clayton Ree LHP / 1B / George MacDougall , AB / 2024

Another intriguing arm from the Calgary Blues Scout Day was uncommitted 2024 Clayton Ree. With a short, quick arm he showed the ability to fill the zone with his entire repertoire. The fastball sat 75-76 mph, but showed a very effective curveball. Tunneling it well off the fastball, it had over 15 inches of horizontal break and he spun it north of 2400 rpm. The sweeping action will generate chase out of the zone and be an effective strikeout offering. As the 6-foot-0, 165-pound LHP continues to add strength and fill out, he will be an uncommitted arm to follow.


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