Prep Baseball Report

Phoenix Fall ID: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti & Arizona Scouting Staff
Arizona Scouting Director

On Sunday, October 29th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Phoenix Fall ID at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix Fall ID is an open event held for prospects in the 2024-2028 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Phoenix Fall ID, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Chris Newstrom SS / C / Chaparral, AZ / 2024

Chris Newstrom's presence at the Phoenix Fall ID event at Grand Canyon University this past Sunday was nothing short of impressive. As the #4 prospect in the state of Arizona, Newstrom made a recent transition behind the plate that could be the start of something big, displaying a natural aptitude with an 84 mph arm, enabling swift throws down to second base and a remarkable pop time range of 1.76-1.91. What truly stole the spotlight, however, was what be brought to the plate. Newstrom unveiled a talent we had not witnessed before; he exhibited the ability to hit from both sides, a skill that adds a new dynamic to his already impressive repertoire. The Arizona staff is excited to see what Newstrom and the Chaparral Fire Birds are cooking up this spring as they are one of the top teams heading into the 2024 season. 



Henry Verhamme SS / RHP / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2026

Henry Verhamme's performance at the Phoenix Fall ID event at Grand Canyon University this past Sunday showcased his all-around athleticism. With a quality 6.7 60-yard dash and an impressive 30.5-inch vertical leap, Verhamme's physical abilities were undeniable. His skills extended to the field, where he demonstrated smooth and agile actions up the middle, complemented by an 84 mph arm for strong throws across the diamond. At the plate, Verhamme's smooth and flat swing generated above average pop to the middle part of the field, consistently making hard and impactful contact, with an impressive exit velocity of 95.4 mph. Verhamme's well-rounded abilities highlight him as a promising talent in the 2026 class. 



Dennis Gregory III OF / SS / Brophy College Prep, AZ / 2025

Dennis Gregory's presence at the Phoenix Fall ID event at Grand Canyon University this Sunday left a lasting impression on the Arizona staff. His remarkable year-over-year improvements were evident, particularly in his outfield arm strength, which had seen a substantial boost from 75 mph to an impressive 84 mph. Gregory's transformation wasn't confined to his defensive skills; at the plate, he displayed a consistent and commendable average exit velocity of 83 in 2022. With this Sunday, he reached a staggering maximum exit velocity of 94.2 mph and launched the ball to a distance of 352 feet. Gregory's consistent flat swing path not only produced quality contact to the middle of the field but also hinted at power potential to the pull side. With such progress and raw talent, Dennis Gregory is one to keep an eye on as we head into the 2024 season. 



Greg Mattison RHP / OF / Canyon View , AZ / 2024

On the mound Mattison impressed with an effective secondary offerings and a fastball that showcased
consistent late life into the zone. The fastball worked between 85-88 mph with some running action
with above average spin rates when working away in the zone. The slider and changeup secondary
combo offered effective breaks and movements inside and outside of the zone. The slider worked in the
low to mid 70’s with average spin rates with sharper sweeping action and some flashes of late depth
towards the lower half of the zone. The changeup worked in the mid to upper 70’s with plenty of late
depth and run with effective fading action late into the zone. Continued development of control and
execution within the strike zone offers plenty of future upside for the projectable young arm. Both the
slider and changeup have the movements and breaks to develop into plus offerings.

At the plate Mattison offered plenty of offensive impact and projectability. The compact build of the
right handed bat showed consistent motions between the bottom and upper half of his body producing
a consistently balanced swing. The lankier build of Mattison offers plenty of power projection and
development as the right handed bat continues to physically mature. With an effective balance of hand
and bat speed Mattison showcased consistent line drive contact with plenty of raw power and potential
to further develop impactful in-game power. Between offensive upside and projectable tools on the
mound Mattison offers plenty of impact within his game and can develop into a valuable tool within any
lineup or rotation.



Ashton Higgins RHP / OF / Notre Dame Prep, AZ / 2025

On the mound, Higgins flashed some of the highest velocities throughout the day in which the fastball
work in the mid 80’s and got up to 88 mph. The fastball flashed some late life and carry up in the zone,
with a consistent feel for the strike zone. Through continued focus of strike zone control with the
fastball it offers the potential to produce consistent chase above the zone. The changeup worked in the
upper 70’s with effective late running action but has shown more developing qualities in terms of feel
out of the hand in which control of the strike zone was more inconsistent. The curveball is a unique
offering that does not flash impactful spin rates but has displayed both sharp late depth and running
action with control of the zone. Overall Higgins offers the foundation of velocity within his fastball and
movement of his secondary offerings to continue maturing on the mound physically and from the
perspective of execution.



Dylan Keith OF / RHP / Red Mountain, AZ / 2027

The tall lanky build of Keith offers plenty of physical projectability with tools both at the plate and on the
mound. On the mound, Keith works within a lower arm slot that produced consistent running action into
the zone. The fastball worked in the low 80’s with late running action that displayed effective movement
into the zone with considerable control of the strike zone. The slider and curveball combo worked in the
upper 60’s and displayed both late depth and running action, offering upside through continued physical development. The changeup is the best offering from Keith that worked around 70 but showcased
consistent control of the zone with effective late running action into the zone. Mechanically Keith
displays the foundation of deception within his lower arm slot, while offering the physical projection to
improve overall velocities through physical maturity.
At the plate, Keith offers similar physical projections as he does on the mound. The taller lanky build
displayed flashes of raw power and quick hands within his swing, but the focus of consistent power
production will be essential for Keith as he physically matures. Keith showed the ability to get under the
ball and drive the ball throughout the field, with an effective balance of line drive and fly ball contact
rates. There is plenty of athleticism within Keith’s game which outlines substantial projectability and
impact from a lineup or mound within the long-term value of the right handed arm and bat.



Brent Sollars OF / RHP / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2026

Brent Sollars was one of the standouts this past Sunday. A sophomore at Sandra Day O’Connor high school, Sollars looks to be on the verge of a breakout year. Sollars has a 6’2 170 lb athletic frame that should allow for added weight. At the plate Sollars has a short path to the ball and makes plenty of hard contact with a peak EV of 90 mph on the day. Sollars also showed plus speed with his 6.69 60 which was the second highest on the day. Brent Sollars will be an exciting prospect to watch this upcoming spring. 



Aiden Scott 1B / 3B / Cactus, AZ / 2024

Aiden Scott took some of the more impressive rounds of BP this past Sunday. Scott has a balanced level swing and short path to the ball that allows him to consistently find the sweet spot. Scott’s peak EV was 100 mph which was second highest on the day. Scott also showed the ability to drive the ball with a max distance of 330 feet. A senior at Cactus high school, Scott hit .375 for the Cobras last season.



Jackson Weber C / SS / Horizon, AZ / 2026

Jackson Weber was a standout on both sides of the ball this past Sunday. The sophomore C/SS showed impressive ability at both positions. At SS Weber had soft hands and a strong arm clocked at 85 mph across the diamond. Behind the plate showed good receiving ability and put his throws right on the bag. At the plate Weber has a relaxed setup and fluid swing that allows him to make consistent hard contact.