Prep Baseball Report

Rankings Update: 2026 Class

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

As the Fall of 2023 is coming to a close it is time to revisit our player rankings for the 2026 class. After multiple events this Fall, and being able to see live game play, the Arizona staff was able to make subtle changes while adding some new additions to the list. 

As always the ranking process is a fluid and ongoing process, in which players are evaluated on multiple occasions, whether it be at an event or on the playing field at a local tournament. All players on this Top-35 list are well deserving and have a bright future ahead. The players at the top of the list have separated themselves from the rest, and proven they belong where they will be heading. Most of these prospects are very tough to compare, and through the entire Top-35, the players are merely interchangeable, including some of those that have been left out.

Full top 35

Ryan Harwood - Casteel High School (#1) Ryan Harwood, a two-way prospect from Casteel High School, tops the list for the 2026 class in Arizona. With a commanding presence on the field, Harwood's large athletic frame is complemented by his impressive power from the left side of the plate. His high-level hitting skills, quality zone control, and remarkable bat speed make him a force for the Colts deep lineup. On the mound, Harwood consistently throws in the mid to high 80s, showcasing his versatility as a player. His contributions to Team USA underscore his status as a top prospect in the state. 

Ethan Trahan - Horizon High School (#3) Ethan Trahan, another two-way player hailing from Horizon High School, caught the attention of scouts with a standout performance at the Junior Future Games in Lakepoint, Georgia, in 2022. Committed to Arizona State University, Trahan is a mature hitter with significant power potential. On the mound, his high 80s fastball, quality control, and above-average breaking ball make him a valuable asset. Trahan's commitment to a powerhouse collegiate program signifies his promise as a player with a bright future. 

Carter Macanas - Desert Ridge High School (#6) Carter Macanas, a shortstop from Desert Ridge High School, earned his spot in the top 10 with a stellar performance at the 2022 Junior Futures Team showcase. Known for his high-level glove work, mature footwork, and an innate feel for the game, Macanas has committed to Arizona State University. As his body continues to mature, Macanas is poised to make significant contributions both in the field and at the plate. 

Zander Bratspis - Saguaro High School (#9 Zander Bratspis, a middle infielder from Saguaro High School, turned heads at this summer's Future Games. With standout performances at the plate, including a memorable home run, Bratspis has become a high-priority prospect for the Arizona PBR staff. His prowess as a hitter and infielder solidifies his status as one of the top prospects in Arizona for the 2026 class. 

Jack Petroff - Pinnacle High School (#10) Jack Petroff, a new addition to the top 10 from Pinnacle High School, made waves with a remarkable summer showcasing his high-level body and projectability at third base. Petroff's powerful right-handed stroke and significant power potential make him a player to watch in the coming years. As he continues to develop, Petroff has the potential to climb even higher in the rankings. 


Glendale Preseason ID AZ 01/13 Apollo High School - Glendale, AZ
Tucson Preseason ID AZ 01/20 Kino Sports Complex - Tucson, AZ
Mesa Preseason ID AZ 01/24 Desert Ridge High School - Mesa, AZ
Preseason All-State Games: Underclass (Invite-Only) AZ 01/27 Casteel High School - Queen Creek, AZ
Preseason All-State Games: Upperclass (Invite-Only) AZ 02/03 Cactus Shadows High School - Scottsdale, AZ
Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/04 The MAX - McCook, IL