Prep Baseball Report

South Mountain Scout Day: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

On Wednesday, October 18th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the South Mountain Scout Day at South Mountain CC. The South Mountain Scout Day is a private event held for prospects on the South Mountain team in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the South Mountain CC, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Marcus Romero OF / 2B / Legacy, CO / 2023

Marcus Romero's performance at the South Mountain Scout Day was nothing short of impressive. The true Freshman emerged as a standout leader in multiple categories, with a max exit velocity of 107.3, a lightning-fast 60-yard dash time of 6.42, and an outfield velocity registering an impressive 92mph. Standing at a towering 6-foot-4 and weighing 200 pounds, Romero's sheer athleticism was evident throughout the workout. At the plate, he delivered a mesmerizing show, consistently launching the ball to both sides of the park and sending numerous shots over the left field wall. Marcus Romero's skills and presence solidified his status as a top-tier prospect going into his first season of Arizona juco baseball. 



Sam Christiansen 1B / OF / Mountain View, AZ / 2022

Sam Christiansen's performance at the South Mountain Scout Day left a lasting impression on the PBR Arizona staff. His impressive max exit velocity of 104.3, coupled with a maximum distance of 395 feet, showcased his raw power and precision at the plate. What truly set Sam apart was his ability to consistently make hard contact, thanks to a smooth left-handed swing that generated natural loft and true spin on his ball flight. With a peak bat speed of 77.8, he's shown to be a force in the batter's box. On the defensive side, Sam shone as a high-level first baseman, demonstrating exceptional skills with the glove and an average arm for plays across the infield. His performance leading into the scout day and on the workout day solidified his status for the PBR Arizona staff as a top-tier prospect within the Arizona Junior College circuit.


Jaden Miranda OF / 2B / Mililani High School, HI / 2022

Jaden Miranda's performance at the South Mountain Scout Day showcased his prowess as a high-level athlete both at the plate and in the outfield. With an impressive max exit velocity of 104.7 and the second-highest outfield velocity at 91 mph, Miranda demonstrated his proficiency in both offensive and defensive aspects of the game. Furthermore, his quick 6.82-second 60-yard dash time revealed his speed and agility that translated in the outfield, complemented by a reliable glove and solid footwork. Miranda's well-rounded skill set and versatility on the field make him a promising prospect with the potential to excel in various facets of the game. 


Dominic Chacon OF / OF / Horizon, AZ / 2022

Dom Chacon's performance at the South Mountain Scout Day was nothing short of impressive, reflecting his commitment to Grand Canyon University. Standing tall at 6-foot-3 and weighing 190 pounds, Dom is a formidable outfielder. His left-handed swing wields a highly impactful bat, thanks to his size and strength, making every appearance at the plate a potential home run threat. With a top exit velocity of 105.2, he consistently demonstrates his ability to drive the ball with power, setting him apart as a potent offensive force. Defensively, he's a reliable presence in the outfield, showcasing his quality fielding skills. While his arm strength might be considered average, his overall performance demonstrates that Dom Chacon is a valuable prospect with the potential to make a significant impact on the field. 


Niko Rosell 3B / 1B / Century, OR / 2022

Niko Rosell's performance at the South Mountain Scout Day was a testament to his well-rounded skills on both sides of the baseball field. This 6-foot, 190-pound corner infielder showcased impressive tools that made him a standout prospect. While his max exit velocity may not have reached the top of the charts at 94.6, Rosell compensated with a series of quality batting practice rounds. What truly set him apart was his remarkable 90% sweet spot percentage, the best of the day, which attested to his exceptional ability to consistently make solid contact. Rosell's outstanding performance at the Scout Day was in line with his previous accomplishments, having hit an impressive .400 in his freshman campaign and being selected for first team all-conference, further solidifying his status as a promising talent with the potential to excel as both a defensive and offensive asset for South Mountain.