Prep Baseball Report

Underclass Preseason All-State: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

On Saturday, January 27th & 28th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Preseason All-State Games at Casteel High School in, Queen Creek AZ. The Preseason All-State Games is an invite only event held for prospects in the 2026-2027 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Preseason All-State Games, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Ryan Harwood OF / 1B / Casteel, AZ / 2026

#1 Arizona prospect in the 2026 class, is making waves with his impressive combination of size, athleticism, and hitting prowess. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 215 pounds, Harwood possesses a large and robust athletic frame that sets him apart. His speed is evident in his sub-7-second 60-yard dash, showcasing agility that adds another layer to his skill set. At the plate, Harwood's left-handed swing is characterized by elite bat speed, reaching impressive mid-80s readings, and generating a mid-90s exit velocity. Fresh off a remarkable freshman season where he hit an impressive .426, Harwood played a pivotal role in leading Casteel to a 5A state title. As Harwood continues to develop and showcase his talents, he remains a formidable force and a player to watch in the Arizona baseball landscape for the 2026 class.



Carter Jacobson RHP / OF / Corona Del Sol, AZ / 2026

Carter Jacobson, a promising 2026 graduate from Corona Del Sol High School, has emerged as a standout prospect showcasing his talents on both sides of the game. Standing at 6 feet and weighing 165 pounds, Jacobson's two-way skills were on full display from the get-go, leaving a lasting impression during workouts and Sunday morning games. On the mound, he opened eyes with a fastball consistently sitting between 86-88 mph, complemented by a quality slider in the 72-75 mph range, demonstrating precision in locating it for strikes. Jacobson's pitching repertoire reflects not only his physical abilities but also his grit and competitiveness, qualities that position him as a significant force in an already formidable Corona pitching rotation. As he continues to develop, Carter Jacobson undoubtedly stands out as a player to watch in the Arizona baseball scene.



Erick Jaylen Jimenez OF / RHP / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2027

Jaylen Jimenez, Arizona's top prospect in the class of 2027 from Sandra Day O'Connor High School, is making waves with his impressive skill set as both an outfielder and right-handed pitcher. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 185 pounds, Jimenez possesses a stature that demands attention. His standout performance on the mound during a Sunday start showcased not only his current abilities but also his significant projectability and upside for the future. Jimenez's fastball, consistently clocking in the 85-86 mph range and topping out at 87 mph, is complemented by an impressive 2600 spin rate. His three-pitch mix includes a big-breaking ball with a spin rate of 2300 and a changeup that falls off the table at 2000 spin. With his size, presence, and an array of pitches, Jaylen Jimenez is poised to make a significant impact on Arizona's baseball landscape, offering a glimpse of the exciting potential yet to unfold in his high school career and beyond.



Robert Villa III SS / 2B / Centennial, AZ / 2027

Bobby Villa III, a 2027 graduate from Centennial High School and Arizona's #4 prospect, is making a name for himself with his exceptional athleticism and well-rounded skills. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 155 pounds, Villa showcases remarkable speed, recording a 2027 high 6.71 60 time and a 31.8-inch vertical leap. As a switch-hitting middle infielder, Villa's defensive prowess is evident with a smooth and confident glove that consistently finds the sweet spot in the pocket. His accurate 82 mph arm across the diamond adds to his defensive reliability. At the plate, Villa's loose swing from both sides and quality barrel control result in line drives to the big part of the field, showcasing his offensive versatility. During gameplay, Villa displays maturity on the bases, exhibiting the ability to take a base on demand with well-timed and quick jumps. With an exciting combination of speed, defensive skill, and offensive acumen, Bobby Villa III is undoubtedly a player to watch as he heads into his first high school season at Centennial. 



Jackson Weber C / SS / Horizon, AZ / 2026

Jackson Weber, a standout prospect from Horizon High School in Arizona's 2026 class, had a breakout weekend that caught the attention of the entire PBR staff. Standing at 6 feet and weighing 170 pounds, Weber showcased his skills during the workout portion on Saturday, demonstrating a live arm at 88 mph and clean glove work in the infield while also working behind the plate showing a quick catch and release with a pop time that ranged in the mid 1.9s. At the plate, his loose and dynamic swing, coupled with above-average barrel control, resulted in impressive line drives and deep fly balls to the big part of the field, with an exit velocity reaching an impressive 94 mph. Weber's standout performance positions him as one of the names to watch in the upcoming spring season at Horizon, and his aspirations to make significant moves in the upcoming ranking cycle add anticipation to his continued development.



Baylor Denny SS / 3B / Casteel, AZ / 2027

Baylor Denny, a promising prospect from Casteel High School in the 2027 class, turned heads over the weekend with a well-rounded skill set that shines on both sides of the field. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 175 pounds, Denny showcased his defensive prowess in the field, featuring an 84 mph accurate arm and smooth, clean actions with the glove, adding a touch of flair to his plays. At the plate, Denny impressed with a 92 mph max exit velocity, displaying power and carry to the pull side. As one of the top prospects in the 2027 class, Denny is poised to make a significant impact for a loaded Casteel team this spring, and his versatility and skill set make him a player to watch this spring.



Jaxen Maxey OF / Valley Christian, AZ / 2026

Jaxen Maxey, a promising 2026 graduate from Valley Christian High School and a committed Washington Husky, made a strong impression during the recent showcase. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches, Maxey showcased his two-way capabilities with standout performances on both Saturday and Sunday. In the outfield, he displayed a strong arm, reaching speeds of 89 mph, demonstrating his defensive prowess. However, the highlight of his weekend came on the mound during Sunday's game. Maxey exhibited a formidable two-pitch mix, featuring a fastball consistently sitting between 86-89 mph. His pitching performance adds an exciting dimension to his skill set, and as a Washington Husky commit, Jaxen Maxey is undoubtedly a player to watch as he continues to make strides in both facets of the game.



Noah Weiss RHP / Pinnacle, AZ / 2026

Noah Weiss, a promising 2026 graduate from Pinnacle High School, made a strong statement as he took the mound in game 1, showcasing his impressive pitchability and well-rounded repertoire. With a fastball consistently sitting between 81-83 mph, Weiss effectively kept hitters off balance by complementing it with a sharp 73-73 mph slider boasting a spin rate of 2150. His quality changeup, featuring a spin rate of 1400, further added to the complexity of his three-pitch mix. Weiss's performance highlighted his role as a true starting pitcher, emphasizing his ability to locate each pitch for strikes. His low-effort delivery is a notable asset, hinting at his potential to navigate deep into games during the upcoming spring season at Pinnacle. As Noah Weiss continues to refine his skills, he is poised to make a significant impact on the mound for Pinnacle High School.



Ryne Barker SS / 2B / Casteel , AZ / 2026

Ryne Barker, a standout 2026 graduate from Casteel High School, further solidified his status as a top performer during the recent showcase, contributing to the overall strength of the talented Casteel High School team. Barker's skills were particularly evident in his performance up the middle, where he displayed a confident glove, quick first step, and clean defensive actions. In the third game of the day, Barker stood out by going 3-3, showcasing his offensive prowess and coming just a home run away from completing the cycle. At the plate, Barker exhibits a mature approach, focusing on working the ball to the middle part of the field. His direct swing path, which gets on plane early and consistently, indicates a refined and effective offensive approach. As Barker continues to showcase his skills, he remains a notable prospect with the potential to make a significant impact both defensively and offensively for Casteel High School.



Blake Gonzales 3B / RHP / Hamilton, AZ / 2027

Blake Gonzales, a 2027 graduate from Hamilton High School, is making waves as a promising two-way prospect, showcasing impressive skills both on the mound and at the plate. Gonzales impressed on the pitching mound with a two-pitch mix, featuring a fastball consistently sitting between 85-87 mph and touching 88 mph, complemented by a slider that he effectively worked for strikes at 73-75 mph. His ability to command both pitches bodes well for his potential impact on the mound. Additionally, Gonzales demonstrated his offensive prowess at the plate, revealing quality power for his age with an impressive 91.6 mph exit velocity. As a versatile and talented prospect, Blake Gonzales is undoubtedly one to watch as he continues to develop his skills on both sides of the ball at Hamilton High School.



Jack Petroff 3B / 1B / Pinnacle, AZ / 2026

Jack Petroff, a highly regarded 2026 prospect from Pinnacle High School, made a significant impression during the recent showcase, earning recognition as a player to watch. Petroff's standout qualities include a quality glove, particularly notable at the hot corner, and an impressive 78 mph arm strength showcased across the infield. In a game situation, Petroff further demonstrated his offensive capabilities by hitting a well-struck shot to the left-center field wall, resulting in a stand-up double. As the #10 prospect in Arizona for his class, Jack Petroff's well-rounded skills and performance in both defensive and offensive aspects make him a high follow for the Arizona staff.



Conor Rae SS / OF / Hamilton, AZ / 2027

Conor Rae, a standout 2027 prospect from Hamilton High School, holds a distinguished position as one of the top all-around talents in the 2027 class. Known for his versatility, Rae boasts the ability to play virtually every position on the diamond, showcasing his value across the field. A standout feature is Rae's exceptional arm, reaching an impressive 91 mph from the outfield, emphasizing his defensive prowess. At the plate, Rae's hitting prowess is evident through his long and flat swing path, which efficiently navigates the zone, resulting in hard and impactful contact to all fields. As the #2 prospect in Arizona for his class, Conor Rae's well-rounded skill set and performance both defensively and offensively position him as a top talent.



Roman Carrington SS / RHP / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2026

Roman Carrington, a promising 2026 graduate from Cactus Shadows High School, stands out as a versatile two-way player with notable potential on the mound. Carrington's standout feature is his rapid arm, which allows him to showcase a fastball consistently sitting between 84-87 mph and touching 88 mph. This impressive pitching velocity positions Carrington as a player to watch and a key contributor to Cactus Shadows' success on the mound in the upcoming spring season. His continued development and projection as a two-way middle infielder make Roman Carrington a high follow for the Arizona staff, indicating his significant role in the team's overall performance and success on the baseball field.



Soren Etheridge RHP / 3B / Phoenix Country Day, AZ / 2027

Soren Etheridge, a promising 2027 prospect from Phoenix Country Day High School, presents an intriguing profile as a 6-3, 180-pound right-handed pitcher with considerable upside on the mound. Etheridge displayed a polished three-pitch mix, featuring a heavy fastball that consistently sat between 84-86 mph, effectively locating strikes. His curveball, thrown with consistency at 70-73 mph, demonstrated a sharp and dropping break, adding to his repertoire. Etheridge's pitching mechanics include an over-the-top delivery with a fast arm, showcasing both precision and conviction in his approach. With his physical attributes and refined pitching arsenal, Soren Etheridge emerges as a prospect with significant potential moving forward. 



EJ Mayer SS / 2B / Sahuarita, AZ / 2027

EJ Mayer, a promising 2027 prospect hailing from Sahuarita High School, possesses a notable and lengthy 6-foot build, primarily occupying the middle of the infield. Mayer's standout attribute lies in his defensive prowess, characterized by a smooth and clean glove, exceptional actions, and a quality first step. Currently wielding a 76 mph arm across the diamond, Mayer's arm strength is expected to see an increase with added physical strength in the future. At the plate, Mayer exhibits a highly projectable swing, marked by its fluidity from the left side, allowing him to consistently time pitches for quality contact. With evident skills in both defensive and offensive aspects, EJ Mayer emerges as a prospect with considerable promise and potential and is a high follow for the Arizona staff this upcoming spring. 



Christopher Sinacori 1B / RHP / Brophy, AZ / 2027

Christopher Sinacori, a 2027 prospect from Brophy High School, made a lasting impression despite participating only in the game portion of the weekend. As a left-handed hitting corner infielder, Sinacori showcased a hitterish swing from the left side, exhibiting significant projection in his developing physique. His balanced and well-executed short-to-long bat path suggests power potential that is expected to further develop in the coming years. Although limited in exposure during the event, Sinacori's performance and the evident potential in his swing position him as a high follow for the Arizona staff. 



Jack Scully 3B / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2026

Jack Scully, a standout 2026 prospect from Cactus Shadows High School, made significant impressions across the field during Saturday's workout session, showcasing a formidable 6-foot-3, 210-pound build. Defensively, Scully exhibited a live arm, registering an event-high 92 mph across the diamond, indicative of his strength and throwing ability. At the plate, he displayed a tall stance and executed a quick, direct bat path, resulting in an impressive 92 mph exit velocity.



Vinnie Keck OF / RHP / Saguaro , AZ / 2026

Vinnie Keck, a 2026 prospect hailing from Saguaro High School, left a lasting impression during the game play portion on Sunday, showcasing his skills as a formidable 2-way player. The 6-foot, 180-pound prospect demonstrated his proficiency on the mound, featuring a powerful and aggressive over-the-top arm action. Keck unveiled a four-pitch mix that included a fastball sitting consistently at 86-87 mph, with occasional peaks at 88 mph. Alongside his strong pitching performance, Keck showcased his athleticism by running an impressive 6.77 in the 60-yard dash.




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