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Future Games Connects Piasentin With University Of Miami

Bruce Hefflinger
PBR Canada Senior Writer

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Future Games Connects Piasentin With University Of Miami

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Timothy Piasentin SS / 3B / Dr. Charles Best, AB / 2025

COQUITLAM, B.C. - College can not be further away for Tim Piasentin.

Try a 50-hour drive or a six-hour direct flight. That’s how far Piasentin’s home in Coquitlam is from the University of Miami.

“Most schools I would go to I wouldn’t be able to go home anyway so it doesn’t make much of a difference,” reasoned Piasentin, who lives an hour from the Pacific Ocean, just east of Vancouver.

The connection between Miami and the top-ranked 2025 in Alberta, where Piasentin attended Dr. Charles Best High School a year ago before moving to Baseball Academy in Vancouver this year, took place in Georgia.

“The first time they saw me was at the PBR Future Games,” Piasentin related. “That was all the exposure I had, most of my offers came from there.”

An invitation for a visit ended in a commitment in mid-September.

“The facilities are really nice,” Piasentin noted. “I’d never been to Miami before and the weather is nice. The coaches are great and I love the feel of the campus and the school.”

An offer came at the end of the visit and a week later the 16-year-old decided Miami was the right choice.

“Since I was young I always wanted to be a professional baseball player, that’s the goal, and college baseball is a step to get there,” explained Piasentin, who also took an unofficial visit to the University of Washington. “Everything started to feel real at the Future Games. I saw how I ranked with other kids my age across the United States and Canada.”

Miami liked how he stacked up.

“They like my size and how I move,” the left-handed hitting 6-3 190-pound shortstop/third baseman noted. “They like my swing. Those are the big things they liked about me.”

Admittedly, it was a slow recruiting process until the Future Games.

“I didn’t talk to anyone before the new rule,” Piasentin said. “In the summer before the Future Games the University of Washington was interested in me, coming to my games, but I had no real exposure until the Future Games. I didn’t expect it to be so big but it’s good that it was.”

Improved size was valuable in an improved game leading up to the PBR event in late July.

“Mostly getting bigger and stronger over the last year,” Piasentin said of where he has made strides in his game. “That’s helped with hitting the ball harder and throwing it harder. Those are the important things when it comes to getting recruited.”

Piasentin pointed to one person as being the biggest influence in his ability to play baseball.

“The person who helped the most with my development was my dad,” Piasentin related. “Batting practice and hitting grounders to me, he’s helped me the most.”

As for the feeling of a commitment, there was the normal sense of relief.

“The whole recruiting process was stressful,” Piasentin said. “Once I committed I was relieved knowing I had done good.”

As for being part of the Miami program, Piasentin is confident about what he can provide.

“I’m gonna bring a hard worker with the ability to hit,” Piasentin said. “That’s the main thing, along with bringing a willingness to get better.”

There is an understanding of what needs to happen for that to take place.

“I have to work on my hitting and fielding,” Piasentin explained. “I think I’ll get much bigger and stronger which will help me there.”

Piasentin, whose GPA is in the 3.7 range, is excited about what lies ahead playing “as far as you can get in North America” from his home in Canada.

“I’m looking forward to playing on a stage that big in front of the amount of fans you get,” Piasentin concluded. “I’m looking forward to the coaching and getting better.”

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