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Reclassification Status of Canadians

PBR Canada Staff

As a company we pride ourselves on integrity, while making sure we’re providing our customer base with the most accurate information possible.

Reclassification is the process of a player making the decision to stay an extra year after graduating from high school. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of players choosing that route.

But while any player is free to make the conscious decision to reclassify, or take a “gap year”, we’ve decided as a company that the decision won’t be reflected in the Player Profile until they graduate from high school.

If a player returns in the Fall following their senior year, they’ll be ranked accordingly with the following senior class.

The Grad Class (the year in which they graduate from high school), is a reflection of where a player stands academically in a college’s eyes and what year they are eligible for the MLB Draft. It’s also the root of our Rankings, and how we identify appropriately-aged players for our marquee events such as the Future Games, and Junior Future Games.

While we expect the Rankings to feel the true effect of our new policy, it’ll be a fair representation of where players in the same age group stack up against each other. It’s also to be noted that players will no longer have the ability to reclassify in order to attend events.

The following is how players will be ranked in relation to their graduating year, as well as the events they’ll qualify for in 2024:

Grade 12/Gap-Year = 2024
Grade 11 =  2025
Grade 10 = 2026
Grade 9 = 2027
Grade 8 = 2028

The Prep Baseball Canada Future Games team will consist of players in the 2026 & 2027 classes, while the Jr. Future Games will consist of players in the 2028 & 2029 classes.

Players in the 2024 & 2025 classes will be eligible for our marquee senior event, the West Coast Games, as well as the New York State Games and Northeast Senior Games in Cortland.

Our staff is actively updating profiles with proper grad years for players across the country using birth years. If we’ve changed your Grad Year and it doesn’t align with the current grade you’re in, please reach out and let us know.

Thank you again for including us in your high school baseball career, and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Yours in Baseball,
Prep Baseball Canada Staff