Prep Baseball Report

Wichita Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Andy Urban, Eliott Wilk, and Diego Solares
PBR Kansas Staff

On Sunday, January 28th, the PBR Kansas staff traveled to the 316 Indoor Facility in Wichita, KS, to host the annual Wichita Preseason ID. This event, which is in its second year, was open to all 2024-to-2027 prospects with 35+ names in attendance.

All of our events offer players the opportunity to update their recruiting resume and showcase their talents in front of our staff. We also use these events as identifiers for future invite-only events, like the Preseason All-State, our summer Top Prospect Games, and the prestigious Prep Baseball Future Games that takes place at the tail end of the summer.

Today, after combing through our notes from the day, we’ve compiled some of the event’s standouts within these ‘Quick Hits’. Read below to learn about more than 20 names that popped to our staff from Sunday's trip to Wichita.


+ RHP/INF Grey Sanders (Mulvane, 2026) was a must see arm on the mound in this event. A strong-bodied athlete at 6-foot, 190-pounds, Sanders produced effortless velocity on the mound, pumping his fastball at 90-91 mph, and reaching 92 mph at peak. Aside from his velocity, which led the event, Sanders’ fastball played with natural carry, averaging 19 inches of vertical break. He showed feel to land a sharp 73-75 mph breaking ball with depth for strikes, and also turned over a low-spin changeup at 73-75 mph. Sanders’ arm strength was evident on the infield as well, where the sophomore fired a 96 mph strike across the infield on his best bullet, leading all players in attendance. 

Parker Clubb (Mulvane, 2026; Louisville commit), a top-10 prospect in the Kansas’ 2026 class, continues to solidify his status as an upper-tier follow on the mound. He’s an easy, polished, and athletic mover downhill with a quick arm to pair. The physical, 6-foot-1, 185-pound sophomore pitched at 89-91 mph with his fastball, averaging 2400+ RPM, with a peak spin rate of 2570 RPM. Clubb’s best secondary pitch at the moment looks to be his slider, which he threw at 80-81 mph with tight, bullet-like spin at 2700+ RPM, while showing a changeup at 83-84 mph as well. Also a left-handed hitting catcher, Clubb continues to impress our staff each time we see him. 

+ Sunday’s trip to Wichita provided us with an opportunity to check-in on one of the state’s top-ranked freshman in RHP/CIF
Quincy Koehn (Maize, 2027), who’s also within the top-150 on our national rankings for the 2027 class. There’s no shortage of size on the mound for Koehn, who’s physically advanced for his age at 6-foot-4, 200-pounds, though still offers room to tack on plenty of mass as he gets older. An intentful mover down the mound, Koehn’s fastball ranged at 85-88 mph, touching 89 mph on his firmest bullet. Additionally, Koehn spun a short wrinkle breaking ball in the low-70s and a splitter at 71-74 mph. He also showed advanced bat strength for his age, reaching a peak exit velocity of 96.7 mph while averaging 87.1 mph per batted ball. 

+ One of several uncommitted seniors worth following from this event, OF/RHP
Daremin Vargas (Life Prep Academy, 2024) was a winner on both sides of the ball. Built with strength and twitch at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds, Vargas found the barrel often for impact throughout his round of BP. He averaged 90.7 mph per batted ball from a short, direct, and fast right-handed swing, squaring his firmest ball up at 99.9 mph. His arm strength showed early, as Vargas led all outfielders in peak throwing velocity with a 93 mph high. He hopped on the mound afterwards and pitched at 85-87 mph with the aptitude to spin a 72-74 mph curveball for strikes at 2400+ RPM. 

+ Long known to our staff for his aptitude to spin the baseball, RHP
Keagan Shelite (Hesston, 2025) took a jump in velocity in this most recent look and is firmly a must know uncommitted junior in the state. At this event last year, Shelite’s fastball played at 85-86 mph, but the 5-foot-10, 180-pound right-hander sat 89-90 on Sunday, touching 91 mph on his firmest bullet. That uptick only aids one of the state’s better sliders, which profiles as a true swing-and-miss pitch both presently and at the next level. Shelite rips it off at 77-78 mph with true bite, averaging 2500 RPM and -15 inches of horizontal movement. Expect him to miss plenty of bats for Hesston this spring, as well as in the summer, and he’s a name college coaches will surely want to know. 

Peyton Gosch (Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 2025) pitched at 87-88 mph with his fastball at this event, topping at 89 mph. The 6-foot-2, 190-pound uncommitted junior also spun a lateral slider and turned over a changeup at 78-79 mph. 

A pair of Bishop Carroll teammates, both of which are uncommitted juniors, threw well at this event: RHP
Hayes Allen (2025) and RHP Ethan Cox (2025). 

+ Allen toes the rubber at 6-foot-3, 225-pounds, using his size and strength to produce an upper-80s fastball that reached 89 mph in this look. Off that, Allen spun a 72-74 mph curveball with depth for strikes and he flashed feel for the zone with a 78-79 mph changeup as well. Allen rounded out his arsenal with an 81-82 mph cutter. 

Cox, who made his PBR event debut on Sunday, holds proportional strength on an upside 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. His arsenal is incredibly intriguing from an analytical perspective and it starts with a hard-running fastball at 87-88 mph that played with 21 inches of run on average. Though still developing full feel for the zone, Cox showed a promising slider at 73-75 mph that he spun at 2562 RPM on average with -19 inches of horizontal action. He’s presently most confident in his changeup, a low-80s pitch with natural run and fade that he threw around the zone consistently in this look. 

+ Another uncommitted junior arm that caught our attention in his PBR debut was RHP
Tyler Frantz (Newton, 2025). At 6-foot-2, 205-pounds, Frantz’s fastball played at 85-87 mph with natural run (17.5”) from a loose, whippy ¾ arm slot. He also spun a firm slider at 78-81 mph and limited lift, while creating run, on his changeup in the upper-70s. 

+ RHP Tyreek Sherman (Life Prep Academy, 2024) fills out the uniform with a strong, physically mature 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame. The uncommitted senior arm pitched at 84-86 mph with his fastball, spun a true 12/6 curveball at 61-63 mph, and threw a 73-75 mph changeup in the lower quadrant of the zone. 

+ INF/RHP Andy Comas (Life Prep Academy, 2026) is an athletic 6-foot-1, 180-pound sophomore that looked the part on both sides of the ball on Sunday. At the plate, Comas swings a loose, free-flowing right-handed barrel that sprayed line drives gap-to-gap throughout his round of BP. Still developing power, which should come as he adds strength to his frame, Comas produced a peak exit velocity of 91.9 mph in this look. His arm played true across the diamond with above-average strength for his age, peaking at 89 mph on his loudest throw. Afterwards, Comas hopped on the mound and pitched in the low-80s while flashing feel to spin a low-70s breaking ball around the zone. 


+ One of the biggest winners of the event came from one of the top uncommitted seniors in the state of Kansas in OF Jose Zorrilla (Life Prep Academy, 2024). The physical 6-foot-1, 202-pound athlete showed a direct swing that drove the ball with juice to all fields. Zorrilla was on the barrel throughout his round of BP, posing a max exit velocity of 95.5 to go alongside a max distance of 339 ft. His strength showed within his arm as well, where Zorrilla had the second highest outfield velocity of the event with a 92 mph mark. 

+ With plenty of room to add on at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds, INF
Rowan Foster (Derby, 2026) emerged as a name to follow in Kansas’ 2026 class. Foster showed off his offensive skill-set from both sides of the plate, displaying a short, simple, stroke that produced a max exit velocity of 90.6 mph. Additionally, Foster ran a 6.80 60, which was the top time at the event. Defensively, Foster posted a 91 mph mark across the diamond, second among all infielders and showcased sure-handed actions to pair.

Sam Soderstrom (Maize, 2025) showed upside on both sides of the ball in this event. Soderstrom’s strength came from behind the plate thanks to a quick, clean transfer where he led all catchers in both pop time (1.80-1.83) and velocity (79 mph) while being accurate and on the bag with all his throws. At the plate, Soderstrom barreled one of the furthest balls from Sunday’s event at 340 feet with a 91.2 max exit velocity, showing a compact powerful stroke. He also pitched in the mid 80’s, touching 86 and showcasing a changeup/curveball/slider mix. 

Fernando Jorge (Life Prep Academy, 2024) is another uncommitted senior worth a follow from this event. Jorge possesses a compact, repeatable swing with fluidity and effortless power. The physical 6-foot-1, 180-pound athlete had an explosive round of BP, barreling the furthest ball of the day at 382 feet with a 98.6 mph max EV. Defensively, Jorge posted a 84 mph mark across the diamond to go alongside a 6.99 60, which was top 5 at the event. 

+ C
Chapman Osborne (Andover, 2024) was on the barrel throughout his round of BP, with a short, powerful swing that produced line drives through the middle of the field and a max exit velocity of 94.4 mph. His furthest ball traveled 342 ft - second best of the day. Behind the plate, Osborne showed off his strength and quick transfer, producing a pop time that was consistently between 1.95 and 1.99 seconds and a top velocity of 75 mph, both of which were among the top marks at the event. 

+ OF/LHP Drake Blasi (Maize, 2027) put together a well rounded event, impressing on both sides of the ball, as well as on the mound. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound freshman showed a powerful, quick stroke at the plate, producing a max exit velocity of 92.8 mph - top 10 in the event. Blasi showed off his strength in the field as well, delivering a 85 mph bullet from the outfield. On the mound, Blasi pitched in the low 80’s, topping at 82 mph while also mixing in a changeup/slider mix.

+ A top-20 prospect in Kansas’ 2026 class, OF/RHP Kolby Brown (Life Prep Academy) put a loud, projectable skill set on display in Sunday’s event. At 6-foot-5, 160-pounds with plenty of room to add on, Brown started off the day by posting a 6.82 60 time, the second best at the event. In BP, Brown used a quick (25.7 mph hand speed), long-levered swing with natural lift to produce a max exit velocity of 90.6 mph. Brown’s long levers also showed in the outfield where his mark of 87 mph finished top four at the event. 

+ SS/RHP Nate Robinson (Clearwater, 2027) is a 6-foot, 155-pound athlete with upside on both sides of the ball. Robinson showed a quick swing that stayed through the zone and drove balls through the middle of the field in BP. On the mound, Robinson threw his fastball at 80-82 with a changeup/curveball mix to go alongside. 

+ INF Warren Vallejo (Life Prep Academy, 2025) put together a well rounded performance at Sunday’s event, showing well on both sides of the ball. The 5-foot-7, 140-pound uncommitted junior has plenty of room to add strength and mass to his frame. In BP, Vallejo showed a quick, powerful stroke, reaching a max exit velocity of 94 mph with a max distance of 316 feet. Vallejo posted a 85 mph mark across the diamond and showcased sure handed actions to pair. 

+ Another all around strong showing came from INF Josiah Sems (Trinity Academy, 2025). The 5-foot-9, 166-pound uncommitted junior sprayed line drives to all fields in his BP round with a short, compact stroke from the left side producing a top exit velocity of 91.3. Defensively, Sems showed fluid movement patterns on the infield to go along with a loose arm - T86 mph across the diamond. Sems also delivered a 6.95 60 time which was one of the higher marks of the day.

+ INF/RHP Logan Renken (Little River) is another name to know from the 2025 class. Listed at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds, Renken put together a loud, consistent round of BP, averaging 92.2 mph exit velocity, peaking at 96.7 mph with a max bat speed of 75 mph. His long, level swing drove backspun line drives from gap to gap. Renken also posted a top ten 60 time with the mark of 7.01.