Prep Baseball Report

East Arkansas Preseason ID: Event Preview

Arkansas Staff

On Saturday February 3rd, Prep Baseball Arkansas will wrap up our Preseason ID circuit in Jonesboro featuring players from the 2025 class to a couple up and coming prospects in the 2029 class.  This event helps our staff with identifying talent prior to the Spring campaigns as well as serve as an indentifier for some of our national events such as the Future Games and Junior Future Games.   Registration for this event is still open and all information can be found by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for more information on our Preseason ID's

For a look at the latest roster for the East Arkansas Preseason ID, click HERE


All position players will check in and start the event at the football Stadium track at Valley View HS.  After running is completed the event will head over to Max Velocity for the remainder of the event.

  • Check-in-Times
    • Position Players: 11:00 am (Valley View HS Football Track)
    • Pitcher Only: 12:45 pm
    • Catchers will stay for both sessions

*Times are subject to change

Valley View HS-

2116 Valley View Dr. Jonesboro, AR 72404

Max Velocity-

288 Co Rd 408
Jonesboro, AR


At a Prepbaseball event we gather data from our tech partners such as Trackman, Blast Motion, and Swift Labs that gives us precise data to supplement our evaluation process.  These tools can be used as benchmarks for the players as well as give insight on what areas of their game they can continue to improve.  Post event we will be highlighting some of the top performers as well as multiple leaderboards and event notes on individual players.