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Northern Colorado Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Caleb Dameron
PBR Colorado Staff

On Sunday, February 4th, the Prep Baseball Colorado staff hosted it's first preseason ID event of the year with the Northern Colorado Preseason ID at The Sports Stable in Boulder, Colorado. This event featured 41 prospects from the 2024 - 2028 classes and allowed our staff an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the players in attendance.

Today we'll touch on some of the top performers during this event, and what makes them standout. This article will feature 11 players who increased their stock during the NoCo Preseason ID. 

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Malaki Dalpra 1B / 3B / Eaton, CO / 2026

Dalpra is a strong player who posted one of the best overall rounds during live BP in this event. The sophomore sits at 6'4'', 225-pounds and leveraged that size into a 99.7 mph top exit velocity. Dalpra also showed the ability to consistently generate hard contact thanks to a 90.7 mph average exit velocity. This young player is actively developing right now and could have a high ceiling in the near future. 



Cooper Vais SS / RHP / Arvada West, CO / 2027

We can't say enough good things about Cooper Vais. The freshman led this event in numerous categories and is currently in the middle of his 5A varsity basketball season. Vais comes with a 94.4 mph top exit velocity, a 76.2 mph average bat speed, throws over 87 mph on the mound, spins his breaking balls each around 2,600 rpms, and can hit 88 mph from both the infield and outfield. The young athlete also flashed exceptional feel in the infield while being incredibly twitchy and electric across the board. If Vais continues to develop his game, he could have one of the highest ceilings as an underclassman in the state. 



Teagan Reininger RHP / SS / Brighton, CO / 2028

Reininger posted some impressive numbers on Sunday as a 2028 prospect. The already taller and athletic frame on Reininger helped him generate a fastball up to over 80 mph with a quality curveball and changeup. Reininger also has some two-way upside with feel in the infield and his 85.3 mph top exit velocity from the event. The 8th grader is developing nicely at a young age and could make an immediate impact for his Brighton Bulldogs' program in 2025. 



Ben Trujillo 1B / 3B / Ralston Valley, CO / 2025

Trujillo produced one of the higher top exit velocities in this event at 94 mph. The junior also had a solid 75 mph bat speed with a max distance of 310 feet on Sunday. Trujillo has developing power in the bat and is one to watch heading into spring 2024. 



Liam Whalen SS / OF / Eaton, CO / 2026

Whalen is wiry and athletic while being able to play multiple positions defensively. The sophomore showcased feel at both the infield and outfield with an 82 mph top outfield velocity as well. Whalen does have a quick bat (73 mph bat speed) that got up to a 91 mph top exit velocity. As Whalen continues to get stronger, he could develop into a solid athlete to follow as an upperclassman. 



Keegan Millikan 2B / OF / Arvada West , CO / 2026

Millikan is an intriguing switch-hitting utility player who managed a 90 mph exit velocity from the left-side and an 86 mph exit velocity from the right-side in this event. The sophomore has a simple and repeatable swing from both sides with the ability to drive and lift the baseball as well. Millikan is still developing right now, but has the tools both offensively and defensively to surge in the near future. 



Brady Bradford SS / 2B / Fossil Ridge, CO / 2027

Bradford is a 2023 Junior Future Games alumni who posted over an 88 mph top exit velocity from the left-side on Sunday. What really stands out for Bradford is that he is already turning into one of the top infielders in his class thanks to having progressed feel defensively as a freshman. Bradford continues to increase his arm strength and bat speed, and could be one to watch closely over the next year or so. 



JC Smith C / OF / Broomfield, CO / 2027

Smith is yet another young standout prospect who has the ability to switch-hit, and play a priority position defensively. The freshman catcher posted a 1.95 top pop time with a 75 mph throwing velocity. We can also tell you that Smith produced over an 88 mph exit velocity from the left-side with over an 83 mph top exit velocity from the right-side. Keep a close eye on Smith as he develops in 2024. 



Garet Vail C / OF / Broomfield, CO / 2025

Vail was one of the fastest players at this event (19 mph run speed and led event in 30 time) while being a catcher. The junior also posted a 91.4 mph top exit velocity, the 2nd highest average exit-velocity in the event, and had over a 75 mph bat speed. The tools are beginning to pop for Vail, and he could turn into a close follow if he continues to develop.



Gage Viken LHP / OF / University, CO / 2026

Viken impressed as a left-handed pitcher in this event thanks to a fastball over 81 mph with some outlier IVB (induced vertical break) numbers, and quality off-speeds. The fastball on Viken topped out at a max IVB of 18.6 while he was able to spin the breaking ball over 2000 rpms. Viken seems to have plenty of condifence on the mound and spotted up with all three pitches (fastball, curveball, and change up). The sophomore has a chance to eat up varsity innings this spring and is one to watch in 2024. 



Sam Hoyt RHP / 3B / Laramie, WY / 2025

Hoyt comes in at 6'4'', 190-pounds but has some quality feel on the mound. The junior ramped the fastball up to around 85 mph on Sunday with spin and command. Hoyt also has a slider he can spin around 2400 rpms to go along with a strong change up. The righty has a smooth delivery and arm action while there could be plenty more in the tank thanks to his frame. Hoyt is worth a close follow as a developing upperclassman. 




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