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Fall Campus Tour: Georgia Gwinnett - Quick Hits

Justin Goetz
PBR Georgia Assistant Scouting Director

PBR Georgia started our Fall Campus Tour: Georgia Gwinnett on Sunday, October 23rd at GGC in Lawrenceville, GA. This event featured prospects from all high school classes, 2023-2026. Prospects participated in a pro-style workout that included the 60 yard dash, BP, in and out, and pitcher bullpens.

We began the post event analysis last week with a look at the traditional stats collected in our “Stats Story”. Today, we are going to reveal our staff's initial thoughts and reactions from the event, in particular, prospects that caught their eye. Yet to come is a deeper dive into advanced analytics as well. But for the time being, check out six standout prospects.


IF DJ Carr (Seckinger, 2024) Showed an impressive feel for the barrel as he backspun baseballs all over the diamond. The 5 foot 11, 170 pounder has a medium/large frame with plenty of room to add strength. He sets up with a wide hitting base and controls his body very well from start to finish. It allows his head to stay still and repeat the swing consistently. He has good separation timing and a short, knob led swing path. Carr does a great job of keeping his top hand palm up through contact, without a single rollover in the event. He showed well in the IF with smooth actions and was 78 mph across the diamond.

IF Andrew Carr (Seckinger, 2025) The 5 foot 11, 170 pounder has a larger frame with tons of power potential. He creates good hip pace, repeatable little c load, and the toe tap helps him time up hip/shoulder separation. Uses front side leverage well as RHH. This is where he produces the most power currently, with a 90.9 exit velo and consistently averaging near 90. The left side looks very similar & will continue to improve as he learns to attack pitches in front of the plate like he does as a RHH. Carr was 77 mph from SS and 79 from OF, showing a solid exchange and consistent accuracy on throws.


OF Brady Bearden (Perry, 2024) Standing at 5 foot 10, 165 pounds is a freakishly strong athlete for his size. If we're talking about all five tools, Bearden was the most explosive player at the event. He clocked in at 7.19 in the 60 with a powerful run that churned up grass, the speed plays up due to quick first step and instincts. Next, he repeatedly threw missiles from the OF in the 86-88 range, with plenty of carry delivering one hop or no hop throws to the plate from RF. It was more of the same at the plate, with Bearden hitting a 94.2 max EV. Everything he squared up was 90+. He has very good rhythm in the swing, with his hips as the engine and the upper half is timed up with the forward move. Bearden creates big time torque in hip/shoulder separation.

OF Samford Halcomb (North Gwinnett, 2025) This 5 foot 10, 160 pound dual sport athlete was the fastest player at the event, turning in a 7.01 60 time. He’s extremely explosive out of the gates, and holds his speed well the whole way. Halcomb is a low effort runner who will develop plus or better speed as he gets stronger. In the outfield, he makes quick reads and plays aggressively. He turned in 79 mph from the outfield and showed impressive pitchability on the mound. At the plate it’s a well sequenced lower half, rides backside in stride creating linear connection as hands are thrown. Samford has a short and efficient hand path, with plenty of loft on the low ball. The hand-eye coordination is impressive and we look forward to seeing his tools take off as he gets stronger.

OF Trae Burton (Collins Hill, 2024) The 6 foot 2, 165 pounder is a high waisted, long levered athlete with legit two way capability. This late bloomer has plenty of ceiling and all he’s missing is strength to make a jump in his overall tools. He turned in a 7.4 run time but moved well, and made some really solid throws in the 82-83 range from OF. He’s also a very smooth defender at 1B with silky hands and accurate throws from all angles. At the plate he sinks into legs very well, allowing him to match plane consistently & create lift. His hips start the swing with intent from start to finish. 78-80 on bump, more arm spd w/ strength. SLV w/ shape, feel for CH.


C Nathan Vermeer (North Hall, 2024) The 5 foot 10, 170 pounder was perhaps the most impressive competitor at the entire event, being our only catcher and showing incredible effort in bullpens. He talked up every player like they were his teammates for years, and showed energy and passion in everything he did. This is a backstop who isn’t afraid to get dirty and showed extreme toughness in blocking. He’s a smooth receiver and was consistently in the 2.2 range with his pop time, showing impressive footwork and accuracy on throws. He impacted the ball well at the plate with pull side pop and is a true leader on the field.

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