Prep Baseball Report

Prep Baseball Georgia: All-Sophomore Team

Ian Smith
Assistant Scouting Director

2024 All-Sophomore Team

As we get deeper into the 2024 GHSA playoffs, it's time to dive into what has been an outstanding season of Georgia High School baseball. 

This being my first full spring season in the state, I wanted to jump in head first and see as much of the state as we could this spring. Our expansion of high-school coverage was a main focal point heading in, and we ended the season with a wide array of talent seen. 

I wanted to create an All-Upperclass team as well as All-Sophomore and All-freshman teams to point an emphasis on what I was able to see over the 100+ games attended over the last three months as we ramp up for summer. In-person scouting is a massive part of who I am, so trusting my eyes is always going to be a huge part of evaluation. The happy medium between data and trusting your eyes is how I feel you can completely understand a player. There was absolutely no way I could fit every player that was worthy on this list, so I apologize for players not mentioned. There will be all-state teams coming soon as we wrap up the playoffs, so the recognition is coming. 

Next up, we get into it with the 2024 All-Sophomore team…  

*Stats not including the playoffs*

Catcher: Vernon Woodard, 2026, Grayson

Key Stats: .452/.545/.552, 39 H, 24 RBI, 14/7 BB:K

From opening the spring on JV to finishing with an OPS of nearly 1.100 and leading Grayson in many offensive categories in one of the more difficult regions in the state, Woodard was an easy decision. Batting in the three-hole, Woodard showed an innate feel for the zone as shown by an impressive 2:1 BB:K ratio with advanced bat-to-ball skills from the left-side. Shows excellent balance and ability to stay in his back hip with a swing path that creates great leverage in-zone. All-fields approach at all times for Woodard, who does a great job of staying within himself at the plate while using both gaps with ease. Quickly improving defender behind the plate as well with good flexibility in the crouch and present above-average arm strength in a strong 5-foot-10, 185-pound frame. Woodard has been a main driving force in this 7A State Title game run for Grayson, and looks to continue to stake his claim among the best underclass catchers in the state this summer.

Corner Infield: Chip Glogorski, Kings Ridge Academy

Key Stats: .409, 6 HR, 6 2B, 41 RBI, 9/10 BB:K

It started in January when Glogorski put on an absolute show in BP at Preseason All-State, producing multiple triple-digit exit velocities and it carried over into a highly productive sophomore campaign. The strides the overall hit tool made this spring have been undeniable for Glogorski, where the first baseman showed impressive plate coverage paired with a discerning eye for the zone that allowed for consistent damage throughout the strike zone. There's real bat speed and ability to rotate shown backed by huge strength in the 6-foot-0, 190-pound frame that allows huge in-game power with much more to project as he continues to mature. Playing in one of the biggest HS fields in the state, the uncommitted sophomore had 6 HR that would be out in 30/30 MLB parks and likely would have had a double-digit number playing in any other park in Georgia. There’s plus raw power potential for Glogorski and I believe the in-game power can be equally as loud. Flashes of an above-average defender showed at first base this spring with impressive footwork and soft hands from the catching background. Present flexibility and instincts only strengthens the profile and will only continue to progress with more reps. Glogorski heads into one of the most important summers of his high school career with a stock that only continues to rise.

Corner Infield: Hudson Reed, Morgan County

Key Stats: .430, 4 HR, 4 2B, 24 R, 22 RBI, 13 SB

First a huge summer and now following it with an equally loud spring, the Georgia commit just continues to produce at a high level. One of the top 3B in the 2026 class, Reed offers the type of hit/power blend you look for at the hot corner with the frame to match at 6-foot-2, 205-pounds. Showing thunder in the barrel, Reed shows real strength in the hands/wrists before firing above-average bat speed in a steeper bat path that's geared to create damage. Has the ability to catch barrels out front at a high rate with present above-average power to the pull-side that continues to show in-game and feel to use both gaps at will. Sneaky athlete for an XL frame with great instincts on the bases and will show a willingness to both steal and take the extra base. The athleticism plays up at third as well where Reed is light on his feet with an ability to bend and showcase a strong arm from multiple angles. Lateral range is average but plays to a higher level from positioning and footwork that should keep him at third long term. The already high floor profile continues to rise for Reed and will be one to watch as pro scouts start to identify underclassmen this summer.

Middle Infield: Keon Johnson, First Presbyterian Day

Key Stats: .441/.578/.750, 5 HR, 28 RBI, 20/10 BB:K

If you're looking for the best blend of polish and projection in the 2026 class nationally, there’s a chance you are looking for Keon Johnson. Standing an athletic 6-foot-2, 190-pounds, Johnson presents an ideal frame for the left-side of the infield with premier body control and the tools to match. Plus lateral range with low-90s across the infield to match, and has the confidence to attack any ball even close to his range. It's the type of defensive profile that screams a potential plus glove down the line but what really puts Johnson ahead of the pack is the bat. Utilizing a quiet setup at the plate, the sophomore syncs up extremely well with a bigger leg kick and shows an advanced ability to manipulate the barrel and adjust to match plane during at-bats. Significant plate coverage and length through the zone that creates leverage with ease and allows Johnson to tap into above-average present game power to all-fields with much more power to project as continues to get more physical. Overall I don't believe I’ve seen a player in the class with more true barrel feel than Johnson, and it’s one of the best bets in Georgia for a potential plus hit tool. For as many good things I can say about the present profile for Johnson paired with the high-level production, I don't believe it’s bullish to think there's five-tool upside here and will be one of the most sought after sophomores once recruiting opens late this summer.

Middle Infield: Johnson DuBose, Greater Atlanta Christian

Key Stats: .441/.548, 41 H, 7 2B, 3 3B, 30 RBI

DuBose came into the spring as a brand new name to me as I was just starting to develop a feel for the 2026 class, and proceeded to stand out seemingly every night as the season went on. Long and lean at 6-foot-3, 170-pounds, the uncommitted middle infielder shows great balance and body control in a linear bat path at the plate. Present bat speed and barrel accuracy allows DuBose to utilize an aggressive, all-fields approach at a high level. Slightly bullish the future power potential here as well as he continues to fill out the wiry frame and frequency on hard-hit line-drives. Tools to play either middle infield position led above-average lateral range and fast, yet soft hands that lead to excellent transfers. Easy arm strength presently with even more to come as develops physically and be an above-average tool down the line for DuBose. Over 40 hits on the season while batting in the top half of a region winning club and that's just the beginning for DuBose, who I believe is likely to become a household name as soon as this summer.

Outfield: Geno Goralski, Denmark

Key Stats: .488/.622/.707, 12 2B, 3 3B, 12 SB, 20/9 BB:K

The overall growth over the last 18 months or so for Goralski has been the epitome of his grinder mentality and now looks like one of the top outfielders in the class with an outstanding spring to further that point. The uncommitted outfielder earned valuable reps on a senior-led team as a freshman and proceeded to be the guy in his second year, finishing with an OPS of 1.329. Deploying above-average bat-to-ball skills with bat speed to match, Goralski will create hard-hit line drives at will from a level swing. There's an innate feel for the zone with minimal chase and great pitch recognition in his approach, showing easily by the better than 2-to-1 BB:K ratio that he ran this spring. 15 extra-base hits this spring and Goralski will continue to be a doubles machine as well as growing into more home run power without selling out as he continues to develop physically combined an already advanced feel for the barrel. The development into becoming an above-average defender in center field has been rapid for Goralski. Range in all directions with advanced routes and impressive ability to chase balls down with confidence from an above-average run tool. Arm strength is present while playing up half a grade from consistent accuracy and carry. It’s becoming a profile that seems to check a new box every time you see him with the potential remaining at a high-level.

Outfield: Martin Shelar, 2026, Marist

Key Stats: .436, 10 XBH, 28 RBI, 29 R, 11 SB

Another player who put on a fantastic showing Preseason All-State and parlayed it into a highly-productive sophomore campaign. On pure tools alone, Shelar could be in a class of his own among Georgia’s 2026 outfielders, and that’s led by present 6.4 speed and massive power potential in a physical 6-foot-1, 210-pound frame. Working out of an upright stance, Shelar shows electric hand speed through the zone with present whip in an accurate barrel to create triple digit exit velocities with minimal effort. Real strength in the lower half with steep path allows for Shelar to create loft to all-fields, with plus potential to the pull-side. An absolute hose from either corner outfield spot with plus arm strength that can be a carrying tool in the defensive profile long term. With how loud the tools are presently, the most intriguing aspect of Shelar is that this could just be the tip of the iceberg for what the profile could be.

Outfield: Trevor Condon, Etowah

Key Stats: .407, 31 RBI, 1:1 BB:K ratio

Coming into this spring, I was fairly bullish on the upside and potential for the Miami commit, and Condon has made me raise those expectations with an outstanding year with Etowah. With as much twitch as you’ll find in the class, the outfielder also shows some of the best barrel feel and bat-to-ball skills to match from the left-side. Condon will stay in his back hip forever with great balance and ability to keep his hands and lower half in-sync consistently in an advanced, all-fields approach at the plate. One of my favorite aspects with Condon at the plate is the aptitude to spoil good pitching. Pitch recognition is through the roof and will give you a quality at-bat almost every time he steps in the box. As strong as the hit tool is, it’s strengthened by present plus speed that allows Condon to create mayhem on the bases in multiple situations. Advanced ability to track in the outfield paired with the speed and above-average arm strength in an athletic 6-foot-0, 170-pound frame screams a future in center field after a highly-impressive showing in the corners this spring. Condon is a key member of the tremendous 2026 group that has carried Etowah to a 6A State Championship berth, and could be the beginning of a special couple of years for the Eagles.

Utility: Chase Tatum, Cass

Key Stats: 1.115 OPS, 3 HR, 7 2B, 14 SB, 25 BB; 20 K, 1.42 ERA

Last Fall, I was able to make multiple trips up to Lakepoint while still living in Florida, and Chase Tatum was always a player to stand out and not just because of the ultra-physical 6-foot-4, 215-pound frame. Fast forward to this spring where Tatum became Mr.Everything for Cass as they clinched a playoff berth for the first time in 3 years. Advanced feel for the zone with an innate feel to pick up spin allows Tatum to tap into his tremendous raw power to both fields while showing a real feel to hit as well. Tasked with patrolling center this spring, Tatum looked more than capable as an easy mover with advanced routes coming from his WR/TE background and huge arm strength to make any base runner pause. Not to mention, Tatum was one of the most effective bullpen arms for Cass, striking out nearly 30% with just three earned runs allowed. The football ceiling is substantial for Tatum with multiple power 5 offers already, but that doesn't discredit how talented he is on the diamond and could be the type to emerge as a dual-sport commit.

Two-Way: OF/LHP Matthew Kerrigan, Lowndes

Key Stats: .947 OPS, 8 2B, 22 RBI; 56 K, 2.22 ERA

Projection and pitchability lead the way when talking about the Auburn commit but Kerrigan added real impact this spring in what has been yet another impressive season for the South Georgia powerhouse that is Lowndes. Approach and accuracy in the barrel stand out for the left-handed bat with ability to find solid contact anywhere in the zone as well as feel to catch barrels when expanding. Great length and extension through the zone with present bat speed and incorporation of his lower half that will help develop into substantial raw power as he matures into a lean 6-foot-3 frame. There's the makings of an above-average bat in the profile, and Kerrigan continues to shove on the mound as well. A bonafide strike thrower with above-average command of a three pitch mix that avoids loud contact well. Fastball creates some deception from a high three-quarters slot and downhill angle with sink. Commands the lower half of the zone at will for called strikes with the low-80s offering. Curveball maintains 11-5 shape while creating depth at 68-71 and shows potential as a swing-and-miss offering as he starts to add more velocity to it. Changeup is emerging as a strong third pitch, mimicking the fastball well with late fade. The former Junior future gamer has made the moves this spring to set himself up for a huge summer showing.

Starting Pitcher: RHP Matthew Sharman, Etowah

Key Stats: 37.0 IP, 0.72 ERA, 3 ER, 1 BB, 53 K

I’m not sure I've talked about a player more this spring, whether publicly or with my peers than Matthew Sharman, and it's for good reason. The top pitcher in Georgia’s 2026 class has done nothing but look like an ace this season with nearly every aspect of the profile taking a jump. It starts with the delivery which shows tremendous ability to repeat as well as creating plus extension down the mound. Ball jumps out of the hand from a lower three-quarters slot with quickly improving velocity, sitting 90-92 while grabbing 93 on a few occasions less than a year after living 86-88 last summer. Fastball shows huge arm-side run and impressive command anywhere in the zone for both strikes and in-zone misses. Slider feel has been a big standout for me this spring, adding and subtracting sweep at higher clip while throwing with much more intent at 77-79 that created some ugly swing-and-miss. The most advanced pitch in the mix could be the changeup that could be an above-average offering right now. With innate feel and late diving action at 77-80, Sharman will lock up both sides of the plate by maintaining arm speed extremely well out of the same fastball tunnel. Nearly impossible to adjust on. The future Bulldog has a demeanor that lives true to that name on the mound, and I know I've only included regular season stats here, but Sharman has now notched three straight complete game wins as Etowah moves to the State Championship series. This is going to be nationally talked about arm for years to come.

Starting Pitcher: RHP Reece Grodeman, Model

Key Stats: 48.0 IP, 8 ER, 1.50 ERA, 6 BB, 81 K

Just an outstanding year for Grodeman as an all-region first team player while making big strides on the mound. Standing a lean 6-foot-5, 190-pounds, the projection is immense in the frame but the stuff is starting to match with electric arm speed from a compact arm action. Living 86-89 throughout the spring with ride and run, the fastball was highly effective in the upper half of the zone and showed above-average command throughout the spring. Changeup emerged as a true put-away offering at 75-77 with late parachute-tumble and feel to both land anywhere and in any count. Mid-70s slider rounds out a strong with some sweep and command on the inner half for strikes. Grodeman would strike out a robust 15.1 per nine this spring while showing pinpoint accuracy, and has firmly placed himself among the best right-handed arms in the class.

Starting Pitcher: RHP Blake Bryant, Citizens Christian Academy

Key Stats: 58.2 IP, 2.15 ERA, 97 K, .171 BAA

With an imposing and highly-projectable 6-foot-5 frame, Bryant continues to attack from a deception and one of the best fastball/curveball combos in the class. Working from an over-the-top slot, the Clemson commit will run the fastball up into the low-90s with late hop to miss barrels and explosive life at the top of the zone that will create swords at will. Curveball pairs very well at 75-77 with short, late snap that creates depth that disappears out of the zone and the confidence to throw at all times. Bryant will flash a solid changeup at times but the bread and butter is the FB/CB and when you’re striking out 15 K/9, the results presently speak for themselves. We haven't seen close to what the ceiling can be for Bryant, and the floor is already proving to be high-level.