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South Georgia Preseason I.D: Quick Hits

Prep Baseball Georgia

Douglas, GA: Our Preseason Events kicked off this weeked in South Georgia at Coffee High School. The Georgia high school baseball season is a week a way, and we are eager to get the season started. During our Preseason Events we will build our list for players we need to see throughout the year. Preseason events are a great chance to show off the progress made in the off season, as well as getting tuned up for the season. We will have post event coverage throughout the week from our event on Saturday. Today, we will take a quick look at some instant standouts that stoodout to our scouting staff.

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Wessley Roberson, Outfielder
One of the top 2026 outfielders in the state certainly looked the part on Saturday. Highest-level projection in a athletic 6-0 frame, Roberson displays present above-average bat speed from the left side with advanced ability to create easy leverage out front from a steeper bat path. Sent multiple balls way over the right and right-centerfield fences while producing the best exit velocities of the day (Max 96.9). The Glynn Academy outfielder ran one of the best 60s of the day in less-than-ideal conditions while also topping 93 from the outfield with accurate frozen ropes. All-in-all it was an impressive performance for the 15 year old, who just continues to get better.

Brett Hickson, Second Base
You add strength in the winter and that’s exactly what Brett Hickson did. After an impressive fall with Georgia Burn and at Georgia Southern during campus tours, the Brunswick infielder showed up this weekend with improved physicality while maintaining impressive athleticism. Already exuding present bat-to-ball skills, there’s now real power projection starting to develop with a strong, on-plane swing that creates backspin and line-drives with carry. Smooth actions up-the-middle in the dirt with soft hands and accuracy in a strong arm. Hickson looks ready to create havoc this upcoming spring and yet another reason for our staff to see more of southeast Georgia in 2024.

Kenny Pickens, Catcher
Long County has a true barrel machine in Kenny Pickens. Loose hands with premium bat speed (Max 79.8) and ability to create easy loft allows Pickens to pepper the gaps at will. Real impact in the frame and the barrel, creating exit velos up to 95. Strong defensive profile behind the plate with consistent pop times 1.9 to 2.0 with on-target throws and some athleticism in the crouch.

Ben Fussell, Infielder
The 2022 Junior Future Gamer continues to improve in multiple facets of his game. Fast hands and bat through the zone while staying on-plane allow Fussell to find impact in the barrel with ease in a gap-to-gap approach. Starting to flash some ability to turn on the ball and can drive it pull-side with carry. 7.0 run in the 60 was three-tenths of a second improvement since the summer and that comes with some added muscle on the frame. Actions in the dirt continue to look fluid with the arm strength to stick on the left side. Coffee Boyz are slap full of gamers and Fussell fits that to a tee. Expect the sophomore to play a big role in 2024.

Nolan Sikes, Catcher
With a handful of 2027 prospects in attendance, Nolan Sikes made sure to make himself known. Lean 5-10 frame with loads of projectability remaining, the Appling County freshman showed strong bat-to-ball skills with easy barrels from the right-side. Sprayed the ball to all fields with some ability to drive the ball pull-side with authority. Consistent sub 2.1 pop times for the freshman with some present arm strength that plays up with accuracy. Athleticism is easy to see and there’s a chance for significant power potential as he matures physically. Appling County continues to churn out high-level talent and Sikes looks no different.

Connor Stewart, Infielder
The 2025 Infielder out of Coffee county stood out at the plate during his BP round. Stewart was consistently barreling up baseballs with the ability to put balls in the gaps. He showed good patience at the plate and kept both his upper and lower half in sync. Stewart showed off some flashes of power with a 91.5 exit velo. His actions on the infield were clean as well showing athleticism.

Conor Nix, Catcher
Nix is one of the many intriguing young talents out of the ‘27 class at this event. The backstop impressed at the plate with his ability to hit to all parts of the field. The physical 5”11 frame used his legs well in his swing, and stayed on plane through contact. Nix showed well behind the plate with a top pop time of 2.16. Nix will be fun to watch grow throughout his high school career at Berrien.

Michael Strickland, Right-Handed Pitcher
Standing at 6-foot-1 170 pounds Strickland will be an imposing figure on the mound this spring for Coffee. He has just finished rehabbing an injury, and looked to be in mid season form. The fastball was 84-85, topping out at 86. The delivery is well paced with a smooth and effortless leg drive that gets him really good extension. The off speed was sharp, and threw it in the zone. Strickland will be a big piece for Coffee to make a playoff run this year. We could see him start getting into the upper 80's soon with continuing to add strength to the frame. 

Gavin McElroy, Short-stop, Right-Handed Pitcher
McElroy will be a two-way prospect to get close tabs on down at Coffee High School. He should see time as a freshman, which should kick start his varsity career. On the mound he was up to 83. The delivery is raw, with a naturally strong arm. He will continue to fill out the lanky frame, which will bring him into the mid 80’s.


Mason Diamond, Catcher
Diamond earned time as a freshman at Benedictine last season, and we will be keeping close eye on the back stop from South Georgia. He is a work horse behind the plate with some of the best throws of the day. His pops were smooth and consistent at 1.9-2.07. During BP he posted a max exit velocity of 92 w/ effortless barrel control through the middle of the field.