Prep Baseball Report

Indiana Scout Blog : Week #1 Scrimmage Notes

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Our first scout blog of the season comes with notes on (4) of our current Top-15 ranked 4A teams. Stay tuned for our scout blog to be continously updated thoughout the spring season.

Noblesville vs Westfield

Beckett Doane, LHP, 2026, Noblesville

Doane entered in the final inning of the scrimmage, offering an ultra-high upside look. A 6-foot-5, 200 pound southpaw, Doane uses a fast-paced, high leg kick before a controlled stride down the slope that lands slightly crossfired. The arm circle works uninterrupted to a funky, 3/4 slot. Doane works from the 1B side of the rubber, and his ball appears to come from a RCF angle. The uncommitted southpaw looks to attack, working fast with a four-pitch mix. In this look, Doane struggled a bit with command in his first three batters, working fast to the plate causing the arm to sync up late. However, he settled in for the rest of his outing and looked the part of a true prospect. Doane worked 84-87 mph on his sinking fastball, and was able to get outs with the heater. He showed a sweeping, 75-77 mph slider and an upper-70s split against RHH, and used the slider and a softer, 72-73 mph curveball against left-handed hitters. A Future Games alum, Doane was up to 90 mph at the Preseason All-State and is currently one of the top-ranked uncommitted arms in the sophomore class. 

Trevor Corbett, INF, 2025, Noblesville

Corbett had a solid night at the dish to start his junior campaign. The calling card for Corbett is his right-handed bat, and he collected two hits on this night, jumping all over a fastball that he took off the LF wall for a double, and later singling over the shortstop on a 2-strike single. I love the pre-pitch rhythm in the setup, a controlled waggle that flows to his launch position. The barrel turns on an ideal path, on-plane early and staying there to extension. Corbett has quick hand speed and present above average bat speed. A high school 2B, Corbett's lack of lateral quickness likely moves him to 3B or LF at the next level, but his arm is a tool that works with strength (91 across the infield). 

Brayden Hibler, SS, 2024, Westfield

Hibler started this one with a bang, turning around a fastball to the LF wall for a 3B in the first inning. The wiry, athletic, 6-foot-2, 170 pound shortstop was a strong performer at our Preseason Preview, showing improvements in his overall ability to control his body at the dish, as well as turning the barrel on a tighter path. Hibler turned in quality at-bats the rest of the night, out front on an F9 and working a pair of walks. Hibler was outstanding in pre-game IO, looking the part of a next-level shortstop, and he translated it to gameplay. Hibler's arm is a real tool (92 across the infield) and so is the glove. The bat taking a step up is an encouraging sign and the Central Missouri recruit played with all-kinds of confidence in this one. 

Joe Glander, RHP, 2025, Noblesville

After an injury-plagued sophomore season, it was good to get a look at Glander early in his junior campaign. The projectable, 6-foot-2, 180 pound Notre Dame recruit appears to be back in the swing of things, showing very well in this look. The arm works fast with a loose whip to a high 3/4 - OTT release point. The delivery is athletic and he moves down the slope with a fast pace. His fastball worked at 85-88 mph in this cold weather look, a number that will likely tick up as the weather warms. The fastball was commanded at an above average clip, and I really liked his 74-77 mph slider. The slider has taken a step up since my last look at him, a sharp, sweeping pitch that has out-pitch upside. Glander rounded out his three-pitch mix by flashing a low-80s straight change.

Aiden Reynolds, INF, 2026, Noblesville

Reynolds began his sophomore campaign by picking up a pull-side triple and working quality at-bats throughout the night. An Indiana recruit, with a lean, athletic, 6-foot, 180 pound frame, Reynolds played 3B for the Millers on this night. Reynolds works low through the baseball and throws the ball across with above average arm strength. The carrying tool for Reynolds is the bat - the RHH sets up in a relaxed stance with a small lift of the hands to begin the swing. He controls his weight as he makes his forward move and the barrel works with easy, impactful flick. Reynolds projects for all-fields power, with present gap power, and his barrel is as accurate as anyone in the sophomore class. 

Eli Hall, RHP, 2027, Noblesville

Hall worked a brief outing in his varsity debut. A lanky, high-waisted, 6-foot, 175 pounder - Hall maintains balance throughout a controlled delivery and his arm swing works clean with some whip to a high 3/4 - OTT slot. Showing above average arm speed for the class, Hall pitches with a lower intent level that allows him to command a four-pitch mix. Hall located an 81-84 mph fastball in this cold weather look, with his best offspeed pitch of the night being his upper-70s cutter, a firm pitch with slider properties that induced groundball contact. Hall also flashed a low-70s curveball, and showed a firm changeup in warmups. The freshman righty is an upside follow in the class - a strike-thrower with above average stuff and a frame that projects for more. 

Owen Swinford, RHP, 2025, Westfield

Swinford was a solid watch, a lanky right-handed arm that showed the ability to control the strike zone. There is plenty of room to add mass to his 5-foot-11, 170 pound frame. Swinford uses a quick lift before getting down the mound with pace, and his arm swing works compact with some arm speed. Swinford showed the ability to pitch backwards, and leaned on his 66-70 mph breaking ball with runners in scoring position. His ability to pitch backwards allowed his 83-85 mph fastball to play up later in counts. 

Mooresville vs Cathedral

Hudson Devaughan, RHP, 2026, Mooresville

Devaughan offered an ultra-powerful look in a six batter set. A 6-foot-4, 195 pound Alabama recruit - Devaughan came out at 94 mph on his first pitch and held 91-94 throughout his outing. The state's top-ranked sophomore showed the ability to manipulate his fastball, showing a carry fastball that gets above barrels and a sinker-type fastball that he can run into RHH and away from LHH. Hudson looks to attack with the fastball, but also spun a tight, sharp, slurvey shaped breaking ball at 78-81 mph, a pitch with wipeout upside. To round out his arsenal, the Alabama recruit showed a straight change in the mid-80s. The delivery is simple, a quick, repeatable lift with a slight inward turn, and he stays in-line throughout. The arm works with all-kinds of arm speed to an over-the-top slot, and he reaches low-to-mid 90s on his fastball with a controlled intent. 

Hogan Denny, C, 2024, Mooresville

Denny took a professional round of pre-game batting practice, showing the ability to work gap to gap with plus-strength. The stocky, 6-foot, 205 pound Indiana recruit delivers a heavy barrel due to ultra-quick hands and works behind the baseball to create natural lift. Denny let a couple loose towards the end of his round, showing big pull-side juice with multiple homers clearing the scoreboard. In game, Denny worked two walks and picked up a Sac Fly. 

Brendin Oliver, RHP, 2024, Mooresville

Oliver started the scrimmage for Mooresville and looks primed for a strong senior season. Uber-projectable in a wiry, athletic, 6-foot-3, 185 pound frame - Oliver worked 88-90, touching 91 mph on a fastball with heavy run/sink. The fastball pairs with a sharp, late-breaking, 77-81 mph slider, a swing-and-miss pitch. To provide a different look, Oliver also used a short, 83-84 mph cutter. The arm works with loose sling, showing very quick arm speed to a 3/4 arm slot. Oliver leans on his slider at times, a pitch that he can really command, and it allows him to get inside on RHH with the running fastball. 

Bryce Brabender, OF, 2024, Mooresville

Brabender took one of the more impressive rounds of batting practice that I've seen from a high school prospect. The ultra-twitchy, 5-foot-11, 170 pounder creates advanced bat speed with standout rotational capabilties and fast hands. The barrel works direct, optimizing his ability to backspin the ball at the front of the hitting zone. Brabender showed range in the outfield, a plus-runner that glides underway. In game play, the Lincoln Trail recruit got beat with offspeed and was out-front most of the night. 

Ethan Dorsey, RHP, 2025, Cathedral

Dorsey was very solid on opening night and worked a clean, efficient frame. A proportional, 6-foot-2, 190 pound uncommitted righty, Dorsey showed a strong fastball at 84-86 mph with heavy arm-side run. The fastball sets up his offspeed offerings, specifially his tumbling, low-70s splitter, a swing-and-miss pitch that falls off the table as it approaches the plate. The splitter is a real weapon and Dorsey shows the ability to get to the glove-side with his fastball and his 72-75 mph breaking ball. The breaking ball shows average properties, but he sets it up well with his other two pitches to keep hitters off balance. Dorsey lifts to a tall, inward turn at balance point and his arm circle is long and full, releasing from a 3/4 slot. Dorsey is an uncommitted arm to watch that should tick up more as the weather warms. 

Eli Sinsabaugh, SS, 2026, Cathedral

Sinsabaugh was a winner at our recent Preseason All-State, the best runner in the state at the moment, turning in multiple 60s measured at 6.25. The feet are a real weapon and Sinsabaugh took a clean round of pre-game I/O. The feet are ultra-quick, carrying him in the infield, and there is real bounce and twitch in the way he dances around the infield. The hands are sure and there is solid glove-to-hand abilities in a quick release. The arm is a solid tool, working with a quick and loose whip. At the dish, Sinsabaugh struck out, got hit by a pitch, and turned in a 3.9 H-1st on an attemted push bunt in this look. He sets up in an athletic stance and uses a quick leg kick stride paired with a 'pull-back' load of the hands. 

Jackson Reeves, RHP, 2024, Cathedral

Reeves is a very interesting uncommitted senior arm for Cathedral. Reeves has grown since looks last season, now standing at a projectable, athletic, 6-foot-4, 185 pounds. Reeves uses a slow-tempo lift to the top of his balance point, before a slow, controlled move down the slope. The arm action is longer and uninterrupted, and he gradually builds intent throughout the delivery. The fastball worked with some cut at 84-86 mph, and he showed a 75-77 mph slider that flashed late bite. Reeves should tick up as the weather warms, and he is an uncommitted arm that could be a solid late addition to a recruiting class. 

Connor Christiansen, RHP, 2027, Cathedral

Christiansen closed for Cathedral in his varsity debut and is a freshman to follow within the state. An athletic, 5-foot-10, 165 pounder - Christiansen moves with athleticism in a well-sequenced delivery, allowing a quick arm to work to a 3/4 arm slot. The freshman righty sat 83-86 mph on a fastball with arm-side run, paired well with a slurvey breaking ball at 73-74 mph. Christiansen flashed a splitter in the mid-70s, as well. The arm talent is solid for the class, and Christiansen had success on this night by attacking the zone with his heater, racking up 3 strikeouts in his inning of work. 

Tyler Denny, OF, 2026, Mooresville

Denny is an interesting sophomore from Mooresville. An undersized, gamer, standing at 5-foot-8, 155 pounds, his feet are the carrying tool, a 6.67 runner at the Preseason All-State. Denny shows feel to hit from the right-side of the dish, turning the barrel on a loose, level plane with above average barrel accuracy. Denny showed off his foot speed by singling into LF, and proceeding to steal 2B and 3B in the matter of 6 pitches. 

Liam Delp, SS, 2027, Mooresville

Delp was very impressive in pre-game BP and I/O. A twitchy, 5-foot-10, 155 pounder - Delp showed the ability turn a quick & accurate barrel during batting practice with a swing geared towards gap-to-gap, line-drive contact. The hands are quick and he showed no problem against velocity during gameplay. Delp shows outstanding body control in the infield, working with fast, athletic feet, soft hands, and smooth actions. The arm is a future-tool and works with loose whip, showing the ability to use multiple arm slots. Delp showed no issue adjusting to the speed of the varsity level and his dynamic capabilities make him one of the top prospects in the state for the freshman class.