Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Underclass - '26 Position Player Notebook

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

On Sunday, March 3rd, we held our Preseason All-State event for underclassmen at Pro X Athlete, on the campus of Grand Park, in Westfield, Indiana.  Over 100 of the state's top sophomores were in attendance, with plenty of players building positive momentum for themselves as we enter the spring. Recruiting will once again open up for players in this class on August 1st, read along to find out which players stoodout with strong perfromances at the All-State, with more names to follow at the bottom. 

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Dylan Bowen SS / Hanover Central High School, IN / 2026

Bowen stole the show as the top position player in attendance. The highly-touted uncommitted shortstop has added strength to an uber-athletic, 6-foot, 185 pound frame over this offseason, nearly 25 pounds since his appearance at the 2023 Future Games, and still turned in a 6.66 60 yard dash. Bowen has dynamic capabilities in every facet of his game, and his arm strength has also increased, touching 93 mph across the infield. Dylan put together one of the best batting practice rounds of the day, as well, peppering the back wall with backspun liners and his best ball left the bat at 99.3 mph. Bowen holds five tool upside, a dynamic shortstop with real foot speed, plus arm strength, and a direct, accurate barrel. He will, undoubtedly, be one of the most prized recruits in the country come August 1st.



Desmond Francis SS / Park Tudor, IN / 2026

Francis has really elevated his game and finds himself amongst the top uncommitted bats in the class. An ultra-athletic, twitchy, 5-foot-9, 160 pound MIF/CF - Francis has added strength over the offseason translating to more impact at the dish, posting one of the top exit velocities of the event (99.8 mph), while averaging over 90 mph throughout his batting practice round. Francis uses a hover-type stride, paired with a compact hand load, before turning the barrel on an upward plane. The run tool has never been in question, but Francis turned in one of the top 60 times in the class with his 6.40 60. His feet are extremely impactful, and he is a glider-type runner underway. Francis is a middle of the diamond defender that can play in the middle of the infield and in centerfield, and his arm strength (85 INF) is an above average tool, as well. 



Trent Gill SS / Valparaiso, IN / 2026

Gill swung one of the most accurate barrels at the event, placing fourth in average exit velocity (90.5 mph) despite his peak being 94.5 mph. On the sweet spot at a 70% clip, Gill used a short, connected swing to hit backspun liners from gap to gap, flashing pull-side strength and consistently getting the barrel to the front of the zone. We have seen this approach translate to gameplay, as Gill has built a reputation for being one of the better in-game hitters in the class. A twitchy, athletic, 6-foot-1, 175 pounder committed to Indiana, Gill turned in a 6.74 60 time, another strong tool. 



Eli Sinsabaugh SS / Cathedral, IN / 2026

Sinsabaugh is a real 80 grade runner, who turned in a 6.25 60 at the Preseason All-State, and actually ran twice for good measure with both times coming in at a sub-6.30. We've seen his feet impact the game in a major way during gameplay, and should see much of the same during his sophomore campaign. Sinsabaugh is a real weapon on the basepaths and his foot quickness translates to range in the middle of the infield. The bat is becoming more impactful, reaching a peak exit velocity of 90.9 mph, and Sinsabaugh has added rhythm and athleticism to the swing compared to looks last season. The arm is a solid tool, as well, reaching 88 mph across the infield. One of the twitchiest movers I've seen in my time with Prep Baseball - the feet are game-changing and Sinsabaugh profiles as a table-setting MIF/CF at the collegiate level. 



Lannon Nicoloff SS / RHP / Harrison , IN / 2026

The profile Nicoloff offers is a valuable one - a switch-hitting infielder that can really play defense. Lannon has added strength to his 6-foot, 185 pound frame and shows next-level shortstop traits with soft hands, body control, and arm strength to pair (87 across). At the dish, Nicoloff loads in a similiar fashion from both sides, a slow, controlled gather that allows him to get to an ideal position at heel strike. The strength gains have translated to more bat strength, with his exit velocity peaking at 93.6 mph. The path works direct, and while he flashes some gap power, the swing is geared more towards line drive contact. Lannon also doubles as a right-handed pitcher with command and a mid-80s fastball. 



Beckett Suh SS / RHP / University, IN / 2026

Suh had a solid showing at the All-State with his bat strength taking a step up. The 5-foot-11, 180 pound two-way performer hits from both sides, showing more strength from the right-side and a more fluid operation from the left. He works short to the ball from both sides, and reached a peak exit velocity of 96.2 mph. Suh is a fluid defender with body control - likely profiling as a 3B/2B at the next level. On the mound, Suh showed a fastball at 82-84 mph with a low-intent, controlled delivery. The arm swing works freely to a 3/4 slot, with some whip at release, and his ability to spin the ball is the separator. Suh spins two distinct breaking balls - a sharp, sweeper at 75-76 mph (2645) and a curveball with two-plane shape at 73-74 mph. Holding upside on both sides of the ball, Suh is a body-control athlete with exceptional movement patterns. 




Colt DeHart OF / RHP / Indian Creek, IN / 2026

Dehart holds significant upside in his 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame full-of lean strength. The bat is becoming more impactful - reaching a peak exit velocity of 96.2 mph - and he produced high exit velocities with a low-effort swing, a trait of a future-power bat. The swing works with easy flick to optimize accuracy, and a good run tool (6.85 60) adds another layer to the profile. The arm is a tool, as well, and Dehart holds two-way upside (up to 87 mph on the bump w/ command). There is ample room for strength to be added to his projectable frame, and the run-producer's profile that he holds should garner the attention of recruiters as August 1st nears.  



Rob Czarniecki OF / Chesterton, IN / 2026

Czarniecki was a winner from this event and has already built a reputation as one of the best game hitters in the class. A muscular, 6-foot-2, 195 pounder - the toolset is one of the loudest in the class as well, holding 4 tool upside. The swing works direct with innate accuracy and the ability to leverage. There is significant barrel strength (99 mph exit velocity) that allows the ball to jump off the barrel, especially when combined with the fact that he posted some of the best bat speed numbers of the event. A 6.71 60 time adds excitement to the offensive profile, and Czarniecki profiles as a true power / speed threat the college level. The arm is a tool, as well, as the physical outfielder reached 89 mph from the outfield during defensive evaluations. 



Hudson Stewart OF / Center Grove, IN / 2026

Stewart is an interesting prospect that hits from the left-side with a strong, 6-foot-1, 185 pound frame. His hands load to a strong position at launch, allowing a tight barrel to turn, with significant strength at impact (99.7 mph exit velocity). The front foot gets into the ground early and I really like the way the hands / upper body works within the swing, as he turns the barrel on an ideal path. An average to slightly above runner (7.13) - Stewart looks the part standing in the left-handed batter's box and the bat strength he owns makes him an intriguing sophomore follow.  



Corner Infielders 

Jake Winger  3B / RHP McCutcheon High School, IN / 2026

Winger looks the part of a real prospect and has added significant strength to his 6-foot-3, 210 pound frame over the offseason. I love the mechanical adjustments that Winger has made this offseason - toning down his high leg kick to a now controlled, toe-tap stride. This allows Winger to be on-time with his forward move more consistently, and this showed with 60% of his swings coming off the bat at 90 mph or better. Winger turns the barrel on an ideal path, working on-plane early before the barrel works on a slightly uphill path through the hitting zone. A 7.04 runner - Winger's exit velocities peaked at 97.3 mph and he holds upside as a real power threat. WInger also provided an upside look on the mound, running his fastball up to 88 mph with easy-effort arm action that suggests even more velocity is in the tank. 



Gavin Jackson 3B / Our Lady of Providence, IN / 2026

The loudest batted ball of the event came off the bat of Gavin Jackson, as the sophomore infielder reached a peak exit velocity of 101 mph. The bat strength is outstanding and the swing works short and direct. Jackson is another prospect that we have seen produce on a consistent basis on the circuit, and the compact, broad-shouldered, 6-foot, 195 pounder shows no signs of slowing down with innate confidence at the dish. Jackson has the ability to use the whole field, and owns significant pull-side strength.  



Peyton Gray 3B / RHP / Hertige Hills, IN / 2026

Gray holds legitimate two-way upside as a left-side infielder and right-handed pitcher. A high school shortstop that will likely transition to 3B at the next level, Gray has one of the best infield arms in the class, reaching 92 mph, and he plays wide & low with soft hands. Gray has steadily grown into bat strength, reaching a peak exit velocity of 95.6 mph, and his long-levered frame helps him leverage the baseball. The swing is simple and repeatable, and there is still room for added strength. The high-waisted, 6-foot-2, 185 pounder showed easy command of a three pitch mix, highlighted by an 84-86, touching 86.6 mph fastball. The arm works with a loose whip and the Western Kentucky recruit spins a tight, 73-75 mph curveball with depth, and flashed feel for a mid-70s changeup. 



Aidan Creasbaum 3B / Hanover Central High School, IN / 2026

Creasbaum is another sophomore that has shown the ability to consistently produce in a game setting. His best tool is his bat, and the compact, broad-shouldered, 5-foot-11, 205 pounder stays behind the baseball with an uphill path that is geared towards pull-side lift. Strength in the lower half allows for impact, reaching a peak exit velocity of 98.6 mph. Creasbaum is running better than he has previously, turning in a respectable 60 time of 7.05, and his arm strength is a solid tool (88 INF Velo), as well. 



Luke Arnett 1B / Bloomington South, IN / 2026

Arnett is an interesting sophomore follow that showed well at the All-State. A run-producer's profile, standing at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds and hitting from the left-side, Arnett was on the barrel, often, with over 50% of his batted balls coming off at 90 mph or better. Arnett peaked at 98 mph, with his furthest batted ball traveling 375'. The swing works uphill with above average bat speed and Arnett should be an intriguing follow during the 2024 season. 




Reed Robinson C / OF / New Prairie, IN / 2026

Robinson is one of the top uncommitted hitters in the sophomore class and was outstanding in his batting practice rounds at the All-State. A strong, compact, 5-foot-10, 185 pounder with plenty of strength in the lower half - Robinson had some of the loudest Trackman metrics of the day. His exit velocity peaked at 100.9 mph (2nd at event), while averaging 92 mph (event-best), with 76% of his batted balls leaving the bat at 90 mph or better (2nd at event), and his furthest ball traveling 376' (event-best). Robinson shows easy bat strength from both sides with an accurate, heavy barrel. We've seen his offensive prowess show in-game consistently. Robinson is a switch-hitting catcher with a solid run tool (6.91), and the run tool allows for defensive versatility. Reed turned in pops that ranged from 1.95 - 2.05, and was up to 87 mph from the outfield. The sophomore class has a solid group of uncommitted bats near the top of the class and Robinson continues to establish himself amongst that group. 



Jace Watson C / Castle, IN / 2026

A muscular athlete standing at 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds. The left-handed hitting catcher showed the best bat speed of any hitter at the event, averaging 81.3 mph, and his exit velocity peaked at 94.4 mph. Watson's bat works flat through the zone with easy wrist flick. The uncommitted backstop has a chance to develop real power as he continues to add strength, and he's added rhythm and athleticism to the swing since our last look. 



Parker Osteen C / Hamiltonsoutheastern High Schoo, IN / 2026

Another strong, switch-hitting catcher with a strong showing - O'Steen shined in batting practice showing one of the heaviest barrels at the event. It's a low-effort operation from both sides, as Parker shows a slow-tempo, controlled gather and keeps his hands back as he makes his forward move to create stretch. The compact, 5-foot-11, 185 pounder reached 98.8 mph in his batting practice round and was on the barrel at a 65% clip. His receiving abilities have improved since looks last summer, and his best pop registered at a 2.00.



Mekyel Almond C / McCutcheon , IN / 2026

Almond showed the best catch & throw metrics of the weekend, including from the Upperclass event, with an 85 mph arm from the crouch and pops that ranged from 1.85 - 1.95. The 5-foot-8, 170 pound frame is full-of twitch and the arm is a real weapon behind the dish. Almond is an above average receiver, and also showed more impact at the dish with an exit velocity of 94.8 mph. A handsy hitter that swings the bat on a loose, level plane - Almond's arm talent is outstanding and he will trend upwards as long as the bat continues to trend in the same fashion. 



Tristan Yerman C / Center Grove, IN / 2026

I really liked Yerman's ability to receive during bullpens. A mobile-hipped, athletic, 5-foot-8, 170 pounder - Yerman shows soft hands and looked extremely comfortable handling premier velocity. The flexibility that he possesses allows him to steal bottom of the zone strikes and he showed a fast exchange during catch & throw evals, with pops ranging from 1.96 - 2.06. The right-handed hitter sets up in athletic stance with a loose pre-pitch rhythm, before using a small leg lift stride that works on-time with his hand load to create stretch. Yerman was on the barrel in 90% of his swing, reaching a peak exit velocity of 93.6 mph. 



Matthew Berry C / Frankfort, IN / 2026

An undersized, gamer - Berry showed well in multiple facets and continues to impress our staff. A 5-foot-9, 155 pounder, Berry has a compact swing, turning the barrel on a slightly uphill path to optimize hard contact. Berry is more impactful at the dish than the frame suggests, with his max exit velocity reaching 94.5 mph. He is a solid receiver behind the plate with above average mobility and sure hands. An instinctual player that we have seen show a strong ability to keep runners at bay in a game setting, Berry turned in pops that ranged from 1.98 - 2.05, with a 77 mph arm from the crouch. 



Other Notable Performers