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Top Prospect Games: Player Analysis Pt. 2


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director

Dylan Jaeger C Northwest 2018
Jaeger is a strong, right handed hitting catcher. At the plate, he has an athletic and slightly open setup with a vertical bat and weight preset in his backside. He utilizes a quick leg kick and minimal load. His bat flattens out has his front foot approaches the ground. His barrel works level and long through the zone. He gets some extension and displayed gap power. He has solid bat speed and could turn into a power threat as he continues to fill out his frame. Behind the plate, he has average actions as a receiver as he has a lot of unnecessary movements. He has an average transfer while not gaining much ground with his first step. He can improve by staying lower.

Justin Johnson OF Bowie 2018
Johnson is a wirier right-handed hitting outfielder. At the plate, he has a balanced and square setup. He loads and separates at foot strike. His barrel is level and short through the zone with minimal extension. In the outfield, he has an efficient first step with ability to set the ball up well with his feet. He utilizes a pro step and smooth arm action to delivery accurate throws that have some carry.

Patrick Krack OF Loyola Blakefield 2018
Krack is a left-handed hitting outfielder. He has a projectable frame with room to fill out. At the plate, he has a solid set up and utilizes a short leg lift to load into his back side. His bat drags long through the zone while staying inside the pitch. He generates some extension with the help of aggressive hip rotation. In the outfield, he has average actions to go along with decent footwork. He utilizes a pro step in order to get throws off quickly. His ball has some fade on it with minimal carry.

Cameron Kutchey SS Smithsburg 2018
Kutckey is a projectable right-handed hitting shortstop. At the plate, he has a simple setup with some rhythm. He has a leg kick and feel for coiling well into his back hip. His hips fire and launch the barrel with easy on a path that matches the trajectory of the pitch. He generates a lot of extension and remains balanced when he finishes. In the infield, he has advanced footwork and rhythm throughout whole fielding process. His hands work well and are in sync with his feet. Rushed a couple of throws but was on the money when he stayed under control.

Phillip Lyons LHP Rising Sun 2018
Lyons is a poised left-handed pitcher with an easy delivery and free arm action. He has a clean and effortless motion that culminates in a high ¾ release point. His fastball topped at 80mph with some jump out of the hand. He consistently located to his arm side and down in the zone. Additionally, he throws a breaking ball with 11/5 shape and had no trouble throwing in any count. Lyons showed a changeup that needs development but had a little bit of fade out of his fastball arm slot.

Kevin Madden SS St. Pauls 2018
Madden is a strong and athletic right-handed pitcher and infielder. At the plate, he swinger with quick hands and solid bat speed. He utilizes a unique toe-tap, leg kick combination but seemed to have no trouble barreling up anything thrown at him. He has a grasp for using his lower body and should add more pop as he learns to stay in his backside a little longer. In the infield, he has clean glove work and smooth actions. Takes efficient routes to balls on either side of his body. He has the arm strength to play on the left side. On the mound, he has an uptempo delivery with some effort to go along with a long arm action and high ¾ release point. He features a fastball and breaking ball mix. His fastball has life and topped at 87mph. His slider, while having inconsistent command, showed sharp bite and the potential to be a plus pitch.

Nicholas Mallus 1B  Quince Orchard 2018
Mallus is a lengthy right-handed hitting first basemen. He has an open and narrow set up before employing a violent leg kick and long stride. He has rhythm with the barrel and launches it through the zone on a level path. He generates some extension and should add some gap pop if he learns to stay into his back side. At first base, he has efficient footwork despite lacking footspeed. He made accurate throws the bases and picked two balls during the game.

Josh Mann RHP River Hill 2018
Mann is right-handed pitcher who features a fastball, breaking ball, slider and changeup. His delivery starts slow before gaining momentum as he begins his descent down the mound. He has a clean arm action with average arm speed and a ¾ release point. His fastball topped out at 82mph and had fade. His breaking ball showed a 11-5 shape with depth. Command can be added to this pitch if he finishes over his front side better. His slider had late bite with a 10-4 shape. Bottom falls out of his changeup and he threw it out of his fastball slot.

Jalen March OF Archbishop Curley 2018
March is a built outfielder and left-handed hitter. He has an athletic setup and generates rhythm throughout his smooth stroke. He employs a small leg kick and is able to consistently barrel up the ball. He is able to get the bat on plane with the pitch early and it stays in the zone for a long period of time. He gets tremendous extension and uses his lower half well. In the outfield, he has a quick first step and average footwork. He utilizes a pro step to get the ball out of his glove quickly. His long arm action gives him a little bit of carry on throws that were fairly accurate.

Xavier Marmol LHP Mt. Airy Christian 2018
Marmol is lengthy, unique left-handed pitcher. He has a clean and efficient delivery with minimal effort. His arm action is long and loose before releasing the ball from a low ¾ slot. His fastball had significant life and run in addition to command to either corner of the plate. His breaking ball had a 10-4 sweeping shape that consistently finished low in the zone. Marmol showed pitchability and feel for getting right and left handed hitters out.

Joey Merril SS Montgomery Blair 2018
Merril is an athletic mid-infielder who hits from the right side of the plate. He has a slightly open and upright setup before getting his foot down. His barrel works toward the catcher before coming through the zone on a level path. He generates minimal extension as he a tendency to finish around his front side. His hips work well but can add some lower half involvement. In the infield, he has clean footwork to go along with average hands. He has ability to catch and release quickly while putting throws on target consistently.

Kamau Moody OF Bishop McNamara 2018
Moody is an undersized yet fundamental outfielder and right-handed hitter. His swing has continued to improve in terms of efficiency and his ability to make adjustments. He hits from a wider set up with a simple load at the plate. Quick hands with a level path, gets out of balance in the swing.  He will add pop as he fills out his frame. He already uses his lower half and generates adequate extension after contact. In the outfield, he has clean footwork and an effortless arm action that gives him carry on his accurate throws.

Nathan Moore LHP Quince Orchard 2018
Moore is a left-handed pitcher with an up-tempo delivery and effort throughout his motion. He has a sound arm action and high ¾ release point to go along with minimal lower half involvement. His fastball topped out at 72mph. He showed a breaking ball with 11-5 shape and some depth. He also displayed a changeup with inconsistent command. Has more in the tank as he adds to his frame and begins to pitch with more intent through lower half.

Silvio Morisi OF Perry Hall Christian 2018
Morisi is a lengthy right-handed hitting outfielder. At the plate, he has a wide setup with a slight rock back as a load. His barrel works through the zone on a level path and finishes strong after extension. He uses his lower half and can work to stay into his backside even longer. In the outfield, he has average footwork to go along with an average catch and release. His throws were on target with minimal carry.

JP Murphy OF Calvert Hall 2018
Athletic, physical specimen at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds. Hits from a square set up at the plate with hands in strong position. Short rock back load with stride. shorter, direct path to the baseball with uphill finish and extension through contact. Nice balance throughout, fills the gaps during BP with power to all fields. Exit velocity of 96 mph. Active feet in the outfield, works thru ball well and showing increased strength in his throws with a position velocity of 89 mph. Athletic, quick arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Can get rid of quickly with carry on throws.

John Narvaiz RHP Bethesda Chevy Chase 2018
Narvaiz is a built right-handed pitcher. He pitches out of the stretch and utilizes a clean and relatively effortless delivery. His arm action is long and clean before releasing the ball from a high ¾ slot. His fastball topped out at 80mph with some cut. He showed a commandable changeup that he could throw in any count. His breaking ball was loose and had a 11-5 shape. Overall, Narvaiz got down the mound well after average hip load. Finishing over his front might add some arm speed and life to fastball.

Derrick Newman 3B Avalon 2018
Newman is a strong, athletic third basemen and right handed hitter. At the plate, he has an advanced setup and swing. He utilizes a bat tip and leg kick combination that gives him rhythm and the ability to get the barrel on the ball. He does not get cheated as he swings with the intent to do damage. He has some bat speed and extension and showed capability of putting the ball deep in the gaps. At third base, he has efficient footwork to go along with strong glove work. He has a solid transfer and loose arm action that allows him to put the ball on target consistently. Newman will provide depth to whatever program he joins.