Prep Baseball Report

Fall Follows: 2025 Pitchers

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

This fall, the PBR Missouri staff traveled across the 'Show Me' state to host multiple fall events at various different locations. We greatly expanded our player base as a result, and this year's fall showcase calendar provided our staff an ample opportunity to deepen our knowledge on all of the state's current high school classes (2024-2027).

Now, with the off-season rapidly approaching, our staff will spend the next few weeks highlighting a multitude of players that impressed at our events across this most recent fall circuit.

Last week, we highlighted a handful of uncommitted 2024 grads that caught our attention this fall, which you can find HERE.

We then turned our attention to the state's 2025 class, highlighting more than 30 current junior position players in Missouri that came away as winners from this year's fall calendar. You'll find that story, HERE.

We'll put the finishing touches on Missouri's 2025 class today by taking a look at a handful of arms that impressed at our events this fall. Continue reading to learn more on 15 standout pitching prospects from this fall.

Drake Gawer RHP / Sullivan, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...came away from Atkins Field on Sunday afternoon as a high follow prospect in the state’s current junior class. Standing at long, lanky, and lean-limbed 6-foot-6, 181-pounds, Gawer’s a controlled mover downhill at his size with a loose, fast arm to pair. His fastball played at 86-88 mph with carry at times, averaging 17 inches of vertical break, reaching 20.4 inches at peak. Gawer turned to a tight, bullet-like slider at 76-78 mph often, spotting it around the zone with confidence and pairing it nicely with his fastball. He also showed a 70-72 mph curveball and flashed fade on a 79-80 mph changeup, too."

Brody Kleffner RHP / Fatima, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...has considerable upside on the mound to pair with a loose, lively 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame. Kleffner’s fastball played at 84-86 mph, touching 87 mph, from a fast, explosive arm that should only continue to add velocity as he gets older. He grabbed whiffs at the top of the zone, spinning at upwards of 2400 RPM with rise (17.6”) and run (19.4”) at peak. Kleffner showed real feel for a 76-78 mph changeup that played with late arm-side action, thrown at arm speed. Still developing his curveball (71-73 mph) and slider (74-77 mph), the latter showed upside with tight lateral spin from a similar arm angle to his fastball." 

Calen Jones 1B / Helias Catholic, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...popped to our staff at the Top Prospect Games this summer after a noteworthy showing on the mound, and the 6-foot, 175-pound junior has only ticked up since that look in June. Jones pumped the firmest fastball of the entire event, touching 87.8 mph on his firmest bullet, while sitting at 85-87 mph during his lone inning of work. His arm works fast and easy with arm speed out front, and he creates natural carry up in the zone on true four-seam fastball that averaged 18.2 inches of vertical carry. Though he’s still developing full feel for his breaking ball, he did flash late lateral break on it at times at 71-74 mph. Jones enters the fall and winter seasons with an arrow-up next to his name and is definitely one to follow as his junior year continues."

Trent Gallagher RHP / Knob Noster, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...a live-armed athlete with raw arm talent and live stuff to boot. The 5-foot-10, 145-pound Gallagher’s fastball played in the low-to-mid-80s, touching 86 mph, and averaging 2478 RPM, breaching the 2600 RPM mark at peak. He threw a power curveball at 74-78 mph with conviction and fastball intent, spinning it for strikes and also burying it beneath the zone for whiffs at 2400+ RPM."

Braden Ray LHP / Francis Howell, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...was another arm that impressed in our trip to Columbia on Sunday. The sophomore southpaw filled up the zone with his fastball, challenging hitters often at 82-84 mph, while peaking at 86 mph on his firmest bullet, averaging 17 inches of vertical break. Ray spun a short wrinkle slider at times in this look in the low-to-mid-70s, too."



Owen Nesslage LHP / Kirkwood, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...has a considerable ceiling on the bump and is starting to gain more comfort with himself downhill. Nesslage works with some deception, stacking his arm behind his back hip, pitching at 78-81 mph with his fastball. His bread-and-butter pitch appeared to be his breaking ball, which showed downer spin and some sweep in the mid-60s, averaging 2600+ RPM."

Adam Streicher RHP / Windsor, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...threw well in his lone inning on the hill, showing a polished three-pitch mix. Streicher’s fastball played in the low-80s, he spun his breaking ball at 69-70 mph (T2565 RPM), and he faded a firm changeup beneath the zone, too."



Garrett Anderson RHP / Lees Summit West, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...stands at a long, lanky 6-foot-2, 160-pounds and hurled his fastball in the low-80s, touching 84 mph, with a curveball (68-69 mph) and slider (75-76 mph) mix."



Jackson McDonald RHP / Park Hill South, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: " 6-foot-3, 165-pounds, has a live, loose arm that figures to tick up in the near future, presently pitching in the low-80s with his fastball."



Connor McCoy RHP / St Louis University, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...McCoy, at 6-foot, 175-pounds, touched 81 mph with his fastball and landed his curveball at 66-68 mph at upwards of 2400+ RPM."



Drew Timp LHP / Kirkwood, MO / 2025

From 9/18/23: "...lanky 5-foot-11, 175-pound offers more projection, and both his raw fastball (T2332 RPM) and breaking ball (T2592 RPM) spin were amongst the event’s best."



Cooper Pumphrey RHP / Ozark, MO / 2025

From 9/26/23: "...couldn’t have left a more positive impression on our staff as a result. Pumphrey has professional size, boasting a 6-foot-6, 200-pound frame with present strength and room for more. Still learning how to get down the mound in rhythm, Pumphrey’s raw arm strength showed almost immediately, as he touched 90.4 mph with his heater, pitching in the upper-80s throughout. He showed some feel for a bendy, high-arching low-70s breaking ball that averaged 2430 RPM, reaching as high as 2529 RPM, per TrackMan. Pumphrey’s current ability, synced up with his future talents and sheer size, are certainly intriguing, and he’s definitely a high follow name in the state’s junior class."

Mason Lee 1B / Pattonville, MO / 2025

From 9/26/23: "...was a member of Team Missouri at the Future Games this past summer and is a lean-bodied 6-foot-2, 170-pound athlete with upside on both sides of the ball. On the mound, Lee’s arm works clean and easy from a ¾ window, pitching at 83-85 mph with his fastball while generating natural arm-side run (13.6” HM) as well. Lee’s best off-speed pitch is an upper-60s slider with subtle sweep that he throws from the same arm angle as his fastball, and he’ll show a changeup that he’s comfortable spotting down in the zone at times, too. Offensively, Lee swings a loose right-handed bat that flashes barrel feel and sprayed line drives to the middle of the field throughout his round of BP."

John Hilpert OF / Belleville West, IL / 2025

From 9/26/23: "...Hilpert’s fastball played at 83-84 mph, though his bread-and-butter is a 75-76 mph slider that he’ll spin in for strikes at 2500+ RPM."

Wyatt Doak LHP / Galena, MO / 2025

From 9/26/23: " a clean, athletic 5-foot-11, 175-pound southpaw with an 82-83 mph fastball and feel to spin a low-70s curveball."